Solidarity offence : in Greece also

It is not only in France that the Solidarity offense course. In January (see here, here and there), Greece also saw police checks, arrests and prosecution of people who active in solidarity with exiles. 1,157 more words

Non Classé

Exiles Gameplay: Core Mechanics

Let’s pop the hood and have a gander at the core mechanics that make Exiles tic.

Exiles uses what we like to call a “declare/resolve” game system. 309 more words


Inside the Secretive and Fearful World of the Chinese Exile Community in Thailand

Wang Yiliang worked as a super in the Bronx, toiling 10-hour days in a 10-floor building. Before that, he washed dishes in San Francisco’s Chinatown, as well as mounds of hotel sheets in Queens. 1,529 more words

What's in a Persona...Pack?

Choosing a Persona is the most important thing about making an Exiles character.

A Persona tells you what kind of character you’ve got, whether it’s a fancy… 417 more words


What Can I Buy?

That’s a damn good question!

The Exiles product line is based on variations of three basic products: Personas, Campaigns, and Encounters. 459 more words


No Place Like Home

The other day I needed to buy a board. I went to Home Depot. I realized that if someone went into this store, not one item could help you build a home. 303 more words