In Calais, when empty houses speak

Calais, people on the street on one side, empty buildings on the other: houses, warehouses, old industrial buildings, a sign of the deindustrialisation and crisis (see… 51 more words

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Winter break for camps: lure or reality?

The law of 27 January 2017 extends to all settlements the guarantees of the winter break, a French law that protects buildings from being evicted in winter time if the inhabitants would be homeless other way. 130 more words

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With the solidarity offense, the offense of informing

The arrest last 15 February of Haydee Saberan, journalist at Liberation, is not an isolated case. Whether it is the destruction of the Calais shantytown or the repression of solidarity at the Franco-Italian border, the arrests of journalists covering events are multiplying, where the government does not want witnesses. 274 more words

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18 February: demonstrations of support for exiles

Saturday 18 February, as planned, demonstrations took place in several cities in France, in solidarity with the exiles, possibly organized with them.

Besançon :

Manifestation at 2 pm in place Pasteur… 915 more words

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Calais: journalist Haydée Sabéran, Secours Catholique employee and seven minors arrested in front of the showers

As if the prefect of Pas-de-Calais wanted to celebrate his promotion as a prefect of the Normandy region (http://www.lavoixdunord.fr/119050/article/2017-02-15/la-prefete-fabienne-buccio-quitte-le-pas-de-calais), after a Sudanese deported to Sudan and the risk of deportation to Sudan of an Eritrean, a police operation that combines the hunt for minors, the hunt for solidarity people and the hunt for journalists. 374 more words

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The exact number of the second captivity (Jer 52:29-52:29)

“In the eighteenth year

Of King Nebuchadnezzar

He took into exile

From Jerusalem                                                                         

Eight hundred thirty-two persons.”

This appears to be around 587 BCE, about the time that King Zedekiah revolted. 36 more words

Alert: deportation to Sudan this morning + risk for an Eritrean to be deported to Sudan

A Sudanese migrant arrested in Calais was deported this morning to Sudan from Oissel detention center, near Rouen.

Why Oissel? Presumably because the administrative tribunal of Lille has a jurisprudence to repeal the Obligations to Leave the French Territory (OQTF) without country of destination, or with Sudan as destination country, because of the risks of torture and inhuman and degrading treatment if back there (following Article 3 of the… 292 more words

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