Warning: risk of imminent deportation to Sudan - flight scheduled tomorrow

Mr. Naji, a Sudanese exile who was arrested in Metz, refused to embark on a first attempt to deport him to Sudan at Charles de Gaulle airport, and was then locked up at the Mesnil Amelot detention center, has a new flight scheduled tomorrow Wednesday at 21:20 to Doha, where he has to take another flight to Khartoum, by Qatar Airways. 180 more words

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CANCER WARD: "Either Tyrant or Traitor or Prisoner"

Cancer Ward (1968) by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

          At certain moments in a nation’s history, the body politic can become irrevocably sick. They catch a fever that spreads across the country by invading the moral fiber of the populace, turning individuals against each other, and then multiplying and dividing like so many cancerous cells. 534 more words


Exiles in Balkan's winter: a petition from Amnesty International

Winter highlights the conditions of reception in Greece, especially in the hotspots of the Greek islands, created in the framework of European policy, and where the exiles sleep in tents under the snow. 62 more words

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Benson's Favorite House Rules - Trading Items

Sometimes people say to me, ‘Benson, there’s no rule saying Characters can trade items during a game’.

Yep, that’s true. There totally isn’t. 384 more words


Warning: risk of imminent deportation to Sudan

A Sudanese migrant arrived at the Mesnil Amelot detention center after refusing to board on a flight for his deportation to Sudan. He was arrested in Metz and confined in the detention center of this city. 479 more words

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East Wind

Albanians are not the only people from eastern European countries who found themselves stranded on the British border, and especially in Calais, but they are the most visible and well-identified group (even if, what do we mean with “Albanians”? 583 more words

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Albanian Exiles, the inconsequences of European policies

The shantytown of Calais had attracted all eyes, and thus invisible what was happening elsewhere. The persistence of small squats and encampments in Calais until April 2016… 448 more words

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