War of the meals in Calais: the State takes on the harassment done by the municipality

Faced with the “arrêtés” taken by the town hall of Calais to prohibit the distribution of meals to the exiles on the outskirts of Calais, food distributions had started this Monday outside the hangar Paul Dévot, near the center of Calais (see… 300 more words

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Alert: deportation to Sudan happened today

As we have previously alerted, the expulsion of Mohammed Moussa to Sudan was expected to take place this morning.

“Despite the mobilization of 4 passengers and 1 steward, the flight… 1,173 more words

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Like a restart

For the people who knew Calais before the creation of the slum under the pressure of the public authorities in March – April 2015, the scene looks familiar. 212 more words

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Death during an attempt to cross

An Afghan exile died following an attempt to cross this Saturday. He had jumped off a truck that was going in the wrong direction, and lost consciousness while trying to go back to the Grande-Synthe refugee camp near Dunkirk. 33 more words

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CNCDH questions the Prime Minister

The National Consultative Commission on Human Rights (CNCDH) is an independent authority whose role is to advise the parliament and the government on matters of fundamental rights and civil liberties. 144 more words

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Alert: risk of deportation to Sudan

Mr M. was arrested in Calais on 31 January. An Obligation to Leave the French Territory was issued against him with Sudan as country of destination. 257 more words

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