Malibu COAs

I’ve been looking for these for a while … signed books that were issued with certificates of authenticity from Malibu. So far I know of nine: 54 more words


City Plaza Hotel in Athens changed into self-organised refugees accomodation center

Since April 22, the abandoned hotel City Plaza in Athens was occupied and turned into a self-organised accomodation cener for refugees by the Solidarity Initiative for economic and political refugees. 977 more words

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Greece : the Watch the Med AlarmPhone reports

Watch the Med Alarm Phone is a hotline number which is communicated to the exiles who want to undertake the crossing of the Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe. 132 more words

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Greece: Amnesty International denounces the non-fosterling

With the closure of the Balkan route, 46,000 exiles are left blocked in Greece. In September 2015, The European Union has committed itself to relocate in other Member States 66,400 asylum seekers. 69 more words

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Greece : support the self-organised PIKPA center in Lesbos

Since 2012 the self-organised center PIKPA on the island of Lesbos hosts refugees. In connection with the Agreement between the European Union and Turkey, the authorities want to close it, and generalize the policy of refugees confinement in detention centers. 380 more words

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FRONTEX : French unions oppose recruitment

The French customs authority issued a notice entitled “Call for applications for provision for the European agency Frontex of DGDDI monitoring agents to assist the Greek authorities in the readmission procedures to Turkey” . 72 more words

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Secret Wars!

This is D.C., and today’s throwdown will be on something I was very much looking forward to reading:

Marvel Comics’ Secret Wars of 2015, as opposed to the 1984 iteration (I’ve not read that one, but you best believe I will someday). 1,151 more words