Fidel's ashes.

(My parents at Varadero Beach in Cuba in the 1940s, blissfully unaware of the upheaval just ahead.)

My parents were ordinary, middle class people. Not wealthy. 619 more words


Fancy Holiday Fun Time!

Yippee ki-yay motherfuckers! It’s Seasons Times!

Being as how this is the season for giving, I thought I’d give you an idea about what the fuck we’re planning to release throughout the rest of the year. 254 more words


Alert expulsion to Sudan: deportation for one, prison for another

Things have gone faster. Barker received a negative answer to the asylum claim he made yesterday afternoon while in detention, he was taken away handcuffed this morning at 6am at Charles de Gaulle airport, without having time to appeal to the National Court of Asylum Right, a call which would have anyway not stopped the process. 200 more words

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Paris: a inhumanitarian camp

Paris is sometimes considered as the suburbs of Calais, from the point of view of migration to the United Kingdom. More precisely, a place where one arrives due to the centralization of the transport network in France, where one can inform himself, orient a bit, make contacts, await a opportunity to leave, sometimes also choose to stay in France . 710 more words

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Being the Fucking Governor - Part 8: Timing is Everything

You’ve read all seven parts of this series, obviously, so you already know it’s a Governor’s job to set the tone of a game. 337 more words


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Towards a dispersal of crossing ?

There are many similarities between the closure of the Sangatte Center in 2002 and the destruction of the Calais shantytown in 2016. A media operation aimed at making people believe that a “problem” was being solved, while all that had been done was to hide it. 424 more words

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