Chapter 8 - Lights

Rachael walked with her head held low, as the lights from the cars washed over her in the darkness. Far below her feet the trains thundered on, a low rumble reverberating upwards through her body. 4,280 more words


Embrace By Jessica Shirvington


Author: Jessica Shirvington

Series: Book One of the Violet Eden Chapters

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance

Pages… 841 more words

Chapter 7 - Shadow

Rachael sat on the rooftop, huddled in her jacket, staring out over the city with dead eyes. Barely visible through the wall of cloud, the sun was just beginning to descend towards the horizon. 3,743 more words


Chapter 6 - Circle

With her father’s sending stone held loosely in one hand, Arsha paused at the foot of the stairs and took a breath. Once again she repeated the lie that she’d been carefully rehearsing; that she’d found her father’s stone where he’d left it on the bathroom sink. 4,044 more words


Chapter 5 - Scaffolds

“This looks good,” Justin said.

A fence had been erected around the construction site, metal bars slotted into concrete feet, but there was space enough between a pair of un-braced sections for the both of them to squeeze through. 3,763 more words


WildStar: A Possible Future of Housing

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

Last week, I saw a fan-made video that was released to YouTube by Kelzam Duskthorn, a member of the WildStar community. Viewers of the video were introduced to one of WildStar’s core features, Housing. 1,442 more words

Game Design

Chapter 4 - Tracks

A door stood in front of her, the blue paint long since peeled and faded to an awful grey. Plastic numbers barely visible, the gold painted finish all worn off. 4,060 more words