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East Wind

Albanians are not the only people from eastern European countries who found themselves stranded on the British border, and especially in Calais, but they are the most visible and well-identified group (even if, what do we mean with “Albanians”? 583 more words

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Albanian Exiles, the inconsequences of European policies

The shantytown of Calais had attracted all eyes, and thus invisible what was happening elsewhere. The persistence of small squats and encampments in Calais until April 2016… 448 more words

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Winter in the European Union's refugees campings

While the European Commission plans that asylum-seekers can be returned to Greece again under the Dublin III European Regulation, winter highlights the real conditions of reception. 157 more words

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Other welcoming policies are possible

While most European countries are progressively closing their borders, Portugal is ready to receive its quota of refugees from neighboring countries of Syria, as well as Italy and Greece, under the European relocation programs. 135 more words

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"Letter to the president: solidarity is not a crime"

The proliferation of prosecutions towards people in solidarity with the exiles, especially in name of the article 622-1 of the CESEDA (Code of the Entry and Residence of Foreigners and of the Right of Asylum) which charges up to five years of prison and a fine of € 30,000 for “facilitating or attempting to facilitate the illegal entry, movement or residence of a foreigner in France”, arouses indignation and mobilization. 896 more words

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Onitsha: Home of Exiles, Place of Dreams by Chimezie Chika


I emerged from the big Diamond Bank branch where I had gone to withdraw a token for my mother and went towards the overpass (or crossover, as some people called this bridge that did not cross the road horizontally but followed the road’s vertical trajectory). 1,794 more words