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After the No Borders, the Catholics

Once upon a time, for both the Mayor of Calais and the representatives of the State, there were the No Borders, presented as dangerous extreme-left activists sowing disorder and desolation all around Calais (see, in French, … 477 more words

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Frontier Survival Guide - Part 4: Revival Dogs

Exiles may seem like a simple little minis game, but beneath its carefree, slapdash exterior is a deeply strategic skirmish game that can be a merciless bitch if you aren’t prepared! 330 more words


Calais: minors under the snow

Every weekend is the same situation over and over again: minors ask for a shelter, and a number big or small of them are left to the street. 561 more words

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Calais: the hunt for the child

A group of eight Afghans turn round the corner of the boulevard. The oldest might be eighteen years old, the others look fifteen or less, hard to say, the road shapes the body and chisels prematurely the faces. 312 more words

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CAO, asylum, Dublin, mobilizations - the sequel

The multiplication of people placed in Dublin procedure amongt those in CAO (Center of Reception and Orientation – see here, here, here and… 335 more words

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CAOs for minors: Another speedy closure, another account

On January 31st; partial closing of the CAOMI (Centers of Reception and Orientation for minors – see here, here, here and there). The testimonies which date back present a similar situation; a new announcement some days before, young people sorted between “recognised minors” and “recognised adults”, no access to independent legal support allowing them to challenge the decision they are subject to, people scattered everywhere, friends, relatives separated. 1,718 more words

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