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You can see the Japanese text of the lyrics on Rock Lyric. The romanization is below, or you can jump to the English translation… 614 more words


exist†trace — Feel

Earlier this month, Archangel Diamond revealed in a tweet that copies of World Maker purchased through them would include an English lyrics card. They certainly get an A+ for thinking of this and adding it to the CD. 1,177 more words


exist†trace — Imagination

For this song, there are several places where the lyrics as presented on Rock Lyric differ from what’s actually sung. However, due to the nature of the differences, I don’t believe these to be typos (save for maybe the extra “wa” in the first line); these are probably cases of the the sung & written lyrics differing on purpose. 849 more words


exist†trace — Just One

This track is actually harder to translate because of the way it mixes Japanese and English. After reading miko’s blog about it, I’ve chosen to interpret it as for the most part the English words are about the unnamed “you” confronting the woman (the singers). 1,309 more words



I love how Jyou is almost doing the GACKT “Mizerable” dance in this video.

Anyway, I’ve been relying on the website Rock Lyric for the Japanese lyrics to exist†trace songs, as… 1,445 more words


exist†trace — WORLD MAKER

Classes have ended, so I’m on summer vacation for now. Whew! I’d like to get a lot of stuff done on Warped Frost this summer. To that end, I decided on a posting schedule for exist†trace song translations. 1,274 more words


exist†trace — Spiral Daisakusen

Perhaps the only thing I like more than art is making fun of art. It comes from a place of love. ♡

When I was looking for skeleton keys for a piece (which ended up in… 1,369 more words