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The Honest Serving Men

The first verse of  Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “I Keep Six Honest Serving Men” goes like this:

I keep six honest serving men

(They taught me all I ever knew); 93 more words

A Limitation of Language

From Linda Hogan’s, Dwellings

“…we do not even have a language to speak words deep enough, strong enough to articulate what it is we truly desire.”


The Cleaner Fish and the Dust Mite

What have I done

My ugly skin did not kill

Your friend, you say, was a goldfish worthy

Of all praise

Before the cat got her… 226 more words


Who Are You, Really?

The question “Who am I?” is not one easily answered at the drop of a hat. Not truthfully. Not thoughtfully. I used to think that the answer was simple, that I was completely aware of whom I was and that, for me, was enough. 445 more words



Black tears,
From the empty heart
Promise of hope
And never be apart.
The heavenly white smile
And the look in your eyes,
Cold blooded feelings… 80 more words


My Compass

My Compass by Maria Fokas

The scent of hello(s); the cry in goodbye(s)
The melody of lyrics; in pictures and words –

Sonnets drawn on misty moments of forgotten first ideas… 75 more words

Maria Fokas

Throw Your Cares To The Wind

“I’m throwing everything to the wind – all my hopes, my cares, my dreams, my ambitions. I am no longer concerned about what will happen in the future.” These are my words. 627 more words

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