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On those dark white days.

When you can’t see you’re already home.

The sun will still be shining on itself.

There may be no path through the ground clouds, just pause to notice what lives you and all else.


Short story: Are You Alienated (twelfth)

Her mother-in-law had experienced a merging of attitudes.  Mrs. Castelberry could not accept Emmett; nonetheless, she could not persuade herself that he was a criminal.  On the other hand, she understood—although she could not fathom it—that Minta liked Emmett.  389 more words


When you are defined by science

Think about yourself.

You are one person. Try to envision each of these things in turn…


You're Alive!

A few days ago we lost a cultural icon and a great man by the name of Leonard Nimoy, and millions will mourn his passing. At times like this I’m reminded of something I learned the hardest possible way this year. 259 more words


Devotion is a specific attitude towards life and existence!!!

“Devotion does not mean only chanting praise and singing glory of God,
nor fasting and offerings made to God. Devotion is a specific attitude towards life and existence.” 8 more words

Life & Living


A poem only becomes poetry when its structure
is made not of words but forces.

The force is poetry.

Everyone knows what poetry is, but who can say it?

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She belongs to the wind that blows across the river. She belongs to the water that flows down the falls. She has no boundaries to her existence, wandering through the essence of the world.