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This Present Moment

Sometimes the notion of my existence in this present moment is almost more than my mind can manage. To be and to know that I am—and that I am now, but was not anything at all once—is a mental acrobatic feat I cannot attempt too often without straining something. 460 more words

Everyday Life


If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. ~ African proverb

Many of us today tend to reject our community and instead rely on some warped vision of individuality. 519 more words


Nowhere Man

I was the one who was always angry without knowing why.
I was ‘faking up a rampage’ to create a safe distance between myself and everyone else.

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Making a mark is changing the world in a good way. This mark will change humanity for the better but people ask themselves, how can I make my mark on this world? 372 more words

One Word

Within the Season

touching the lingering night;
cool exhales on the glass,
catching the thoughts of
an insomniac.

deeply rooted within the season;
a spirit grieves in turmoil, 6 more words


Egg shells

‘Increasingly, in this age of rapid growth, accelerated population and massive habitat destruction, as we eradicate the last of the large land mammals, replace ocean life with plastic waste and the microbiology of the planet is forever changed, we find ourselves tiptoeing around the sensibilities and fallacies of a large majority who are as sleeping children. 79 more words


The True Qualms Of Existence

A couple years ago, a philosophy professor of mine advised our class to never think about how suddenly we could all die. In fact, she urged us not to as we’d eventually go mad. 1,090 more words

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