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When you have found yourself in the dark

You have finally experienced the divine radiance

Aware of the warmth in the coldest time

Finding your way sure-footed amidst the traps… 58 more words


Go ahead, divorce your wife. A funny thing will happen.

I was flipping through my favorite book, when all of a sudden, all the words became, “Elizabeth.” “Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth,” they read. 563 more words

Selfies In the Dark

Studying you for a while,
I see pain in that smile.
I see thoughts of regrets,
with a will to let go.
A self you refuse to accept. 246 more words

Mind Vault


Birds sing in the gray mornings

Of my existence. Rainy summers

That never make sense

Cry outside


Poetry & Lyricism


In this graceless age I exist
Ever the eternal optimist
Yet so full of rage and despair
For the life I have led
And the future I dread… 112 more words


The Martian Theory

I’ve never felt like I totally belonged here on earth.

I’ve always been slightly bemused, and felt alien towards most of life’s game rules. As a result I’m often puzzled, frequently amused and mostly lost (but not always in a bad way). 274 more words

X Marks the Spot

Wandering without a destination in mind leads to nowhere in particular. It could be good or it could be bad. But is that where we want to end up — in a random location? 305 more words