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CONTINUUM ( 2016 )

I here the ticking of the clock

It speaks to me, “tick-tock, tick-tock”

The time is slow, for time is vast

As lives slip by, all image passed. 34 more words


It's Never Been Laziness

When the existential and the lazy meet,

Boredom fleshes out the freed.


Wrong Ideas

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Daily Beacon.

Dear Rich, what if you’re wrong in your ideas about life?

Dear reader, I’ll simply live out the rest of my life, blissful in my ignorance. 170 more words



Some more about my insights of LIFE-experiences.

AIKIDO takes a big part in my life.

The founder of Aikido said:      Aikido   is LOVE.   It is! 29 more words


Speak up your mind

You are never told enough about the importance of saying what is in your mind. Although many of us live in countries where we have the so-called  522 more words

Momentary existence

Thursday will come, and
thursday will go; and,
before you know it,
the world will go on.

A cup of coffee, a
cup of tea; refreshing drinks… 171 more words


The Circle

In this arc that is life
We are born
We breathe
We eat
We cry
We love
We hurt
We’re hurt

We learn to speak… 146 more words