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Part 4: About Time

The times they were together were too few, too short, and too far apart. But every time he was with her, his world came to a complete halt. 846 more words

Short Stories

Remembering… Should we care?

How does heightened attention improve our mental capacity? This is the question tackled by a research, which reveals a chemical signal released across the brain in response to attention demanding or arousing situations. 137 more words


Negation of Existence

If words are the only thing you have,

In the moment of silence the world ceases to exist.


Moments like that make me alive. I’m bursting with joy as my inner-self is swirling around in the mesmerising beauty of positive vibrations.


Paul's test.

“Just sit up for a moment before you speak, back straight, feet flat. Can you do that for me Paul?” Forsyth asks quietly. He gets out his little mallet and penlight, approaches Paul softly as Paul eyes him suspiciously and takes the requested position. 516 more words



If it is you, or maybe you, in someone else’s perception of you trying to be yourself without much appreciation from the inner self. I will address that you, the reflection which I seek beyond those unnecessary layers trying to hide the reality of you. 115 more words


A Pathway

Out of nowhere you are put into the game, you won’t remember signing up for this. You have no memory of what the color of door was.

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