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Paul's reverse-engineered Neocortex.

“You’re not going back yet. We got you.”

What the hell was Lasetter doing here? “What the hell are you doing here?”

“This is the perfect place to talk. 773 more words


Dark Masterpiece

I want Time to make me quiver and gasp, I want Infinity to send ripples down my spine and I want the Universe with Omnipotence and Cosmos and Galaxies to take turns with me all the way up to a pinnacle – The Pinnacle – of pleasure and contentedness and release.  807 more words

Poem #63

When we’re smiling through their rain

We make them go insane

Because we aren’t going through pain

All they want to do is drain

They’re letting trojan horses into your brain… 53 more words


The World is on Fire

Like the meeting of an ember on bare skin, a sensation of burning flesh can most aptly characterize the world at its present moment. From blackened skies ashes reign; of hardened oaks, a kindling fate. 552 more words


Stumbling in the dark

My path at night is dark and gloomy,

It’s hard to see without a light.

The roots that trip and things that claw me,

surprise my heart and I take flight. 122 more words


|’The World at my feet’|

Did you have, when you were little a world of your own? A tin orb on which were imprinted the continents and oceans and polar ice? 280 more words

Midnight Musings

We Ourselves Cannot Give Life To Ourselves

That distinct appropriation is this, that the Spirit so moves creatures that we come to be animated, to be alive: the life of creatures is the gift of the Spirit. 135 more words