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Paul simply meditates. A repost.

Man’s ego cries out to verify our existence. We insist we exist. The ego cannot comprehend the reality that we come and go in nanoseconds compared to the infinite time and endless nature of the Universe. 191 more words



Skin is kissed,
And it’ll sweat,
Or it’ll shudder,
It’ll transmit,
Through fragile nerves,
Feelings inherent of this world.

It’ll give back, 
In various ways, 52 more words



What’s pre-planned??

The simple answer is everything. Each and single details of our life is pre-planned by Allah Almighty. Then why we as a people worried about our future??  145 more words

I miss being in love

I miss being in love; inlets blush at every ebb of the sea like its lover was retreating. One recalls how love adorns nature – wind caresses your skin as felines rummage through nooks. 28 more words


my religion

i think we’re as spiritual
as anyone else
right here
human but,

a sign on our front yard

that sings

love first
love always


The Burden of Existence

A very poor attempt at poetry. An attempt, nonetheless. (Somebody help me with the punctuation, please!)

The burden of existence
The pain of survival
Each fresh breath… 58 more words


When I overcame my suicidal ideation several years ago, I knew that I had worked too hard to end up succumbing to a depressive episode in the future. 273 more words