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What is Faith?

What is faith? Is faith believing in God and trusting that He will make everything alright (alright being whatever it means to you)? Is faith believing in God to guide you to do what you need to do to make everything alright? 70 more words


Day 4 : time and timing

We question so many things, but never question the true existence (or non-existence) of the concept of time. Time is a mere human invention in order to attach existence and ultimately control what is not controllable…  seconds, minutes, hours, days, the calendar are clever artifacts but do not represent the essence of progression, or do they ? 74 more words


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 8:59am

Silver on The Water

Silver in The Sky

The Thermometer is low

The End is (nearly*) Nigh

I am wide awake… 17 more words

The Invention of You

Today I am too busy

So tomorrow I will have to

invent you

I’m busy with painting my dreams

and hanging wallpaper men

By the dozen… 116 more words


1:01 PM, 4th October, 2015

One of the consequences of prolonged loneliness is that I begin to erase the line between a dream and reality. Having finally woken up for once and for all, my body reeks of desire for a woman and also of  a frustration that has no rational explanation except for the lack of a woman to fuck. 157 more words


The Existence of God

‘To come to this question of the existence of God: it is a large and serious question, and if I were to attempt to deal with it in any adequate manner I should have to keep you here until Kingdom Come, so that you will have to excuse me if I deal with it in a somewhat summary fashion. 206 more words


Walking by your side.

The power of the heart drives me forward but makes it had to go.

You have given me the fuel to chase dreams, all of you. 52 more words