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Choose Without Knowing

Pit a yeoman and a journeyman

In a contest proving

That he plies his trade

With a handicraft and sturdy labor

Which will best exemplify tyranny of conscience… 84 more words



Monsoon – droplets
fall into a puddle;
cease to exist.



I am a wolf

lacking clothes.

Without a pack

I run alone,

yet I still call

without shame

upon the power

of the moon.

What matters?

The world is a dream or am I a dream – dreaming, of my own existence.

If everything is a dream, then what is real? 98 more words


Age and the Loss of Innocence

There are those exceptional moments in life when you experience crystal clarity in thought and purpose, when all is as it should be, when all is right and good with the world. 289 more words


The tree

Just like a tree

Categorised only by

The fruit it yields.

Just like this tree

Soaking sunlight

Standing still

Kissing rain drops

Swinging with winds… 29 more words


times pass

visiting old haunts
new kids play in the river
leaves drift on the ebb