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Lovers Tango

Staring at nothing eternally

The infinite and finite don’t belong

They can only hold eachother

Without remorse

Digging in unsharpened claws

Scraping away at the blood… 28 more words


Some say rain settles the scattering heart
Some argue it enrages the wandering

The rains have started and things are as they should be
The floods have come for my roof which was built to last… 643 more words


Naked Face

I am trying to discover the woman I want to be

By washing off my make-up,

leaving clean, bare skin (pores, wrinkles, spots, hair),

By pulling my hair back into a ponytail – 219 more words


Giant Rock, Truth, and the Big Picture of 'You'

On my way back from Ontario, California to Phoenix¬†this week I took a side trip¬†to Giant Rock, in Landers. It’s out in the middle of nowhere, somewhat like the… 2,067 more words


I don’t know what it is with me. I feel like nothing is gonna go right, but at the sam time, I feel like everything is gonna be okay. 310 more words



I need to feel, need to deal,
Love, joy, hate or pain.
Moments of treasure,
Time of fame.

Flame of fame, make me sane,
Notorious shadows, 104 more words

The Journey Begins Today..

I am going to be 22 this coming October, I feel old but wisdom is still a far cry. There is lots of confusion and a little apprehension. 322 more words