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Origin [noun] the point or place where something begins, arises, or is derived; beginning, start, origination, genesis, birth, dawning

When he arrived at the beginning of all things
the snow was on fire, sweeping the grounds clean
from the nothingness that held them
and above she waltzed, her feet bleeding ashes from stars… 63 more words



The moon shines afar,

as its aura dances,

over the shadowy stage of the boundless night,

illuminating the paths of strangers

that tread through the paths trite… 110 more words


Apologizing for Existing

I’ve been a little paralyzed to write since the utterly unexpected popularity of my “Depression is a Trip” post. How do you follow something that seems to speak to so many people? 686 more words

Who am I? Some thoughts on identity

This is a collation from a Facebook thread on the topic of identity:

<<Ultimately, I am not who others say that I am. I am not even who I say that I am. 230 more words

Even Now

Why does it seem
like a faraway dream
of only a minute ago?
Time on the wing
is a relative thing;
a concept you can and can’t know. 35 more words



It just doesn’t work,
the sun, the streets,
scented and alive
with human mouths,
and old women
burdened with cardigans
and shopping bags full of… 261 more words


In The Beginning There was L.O.V.E.


This is my first blog and I thank you for taking the time to read this initial entry. I’ve been a writer most of my life, but have had few readers share in my experience of self-expression. 274 more words