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Find that Spark in Darkness

Lo, in the darkness, with no love, light, support, nor a single shred where the world would acknowledge my existence.

Shrouded by that which could not love, nor pity, nor do what is right. 165 more words


The Origination of The World

“And what is the origination of the world?

Dependent on the eye & forms there arises eye-consciousness.
The meeting of the three is contact.
Dependent on the ear & sounds there arises ear-consciousness. 77 more words


The Impresario Part Eight

Tortu has done no wrong

He lays his lute upon the ground and plucks

A melancholic melody with his toes

A lilting air flutes o’er this, as serpentine… 157 more words


Dimension of Mind

Dear Rich, I want to immerse myself in the unreality of reality, any suggestions?

Sure dear reader, in fact I was just doing this very thing by watching a bunch of episodes from the Twilight Zone. 268 more words


Do We Matter?



broken bodies

know time

broken clocks

know of space

all are passing

in fits and in starts

ragged ratchets

of movement

irregular rates

mark erratic… 78 more words


People of the Mist 14

8:40 AM

Tim headed for the mescal sellers who inhabited little shops in a long line over by the market and went straight to his favorite stall. 750 more words


Motion Picture Soundtrack

Sometimes the world feels staged,

Like in a theater 

Where we i am the actor

and the onlooker,

The observer who partici… 101 more words