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Cleansing the Stream

A writer’s brain is something like a mountain stream. It rollicks downhill, cascading in gouts of churning white foam over razor sharp rocks. It meanders dreamily around lazy bends in the riverbed. 597 more words


One must imagine her happy

“A door, you said?”

“What must I do? How do I open it? What’s behind it? How will I get to it?”

Before she knew, it had all begun. 433 more words


I Can Build My Own Dystopia!

What IS the fascination with dystopias, anyway? I mean… I’m totally into it to, so no judgement here but why are we so interested in everything falling apart? 1,124 more words


Mad Men s4e4: The Rejected

“You can’t tell how people are going to behave by how they have behaved.”

ATTENTION! I have an urgent and horrifying news story: Don continues to be entirely obtuse. 1,291 more words

TV Reviews

Existential dread: One day at a time 

It will never, ever completely go away, I’m almost certain by that. But I’ve just found some ways to alleviate this dread! (Ten exclamation marks wouldn’t cut it!!!!!!!!!!!!) … 690 more words


Existential Dread of TV

I saw this exchange on facebook this morning…

Person 1 – Been waking up in the middle of the night out of a sound sleep for weeks now. 811 more words


My Latest Existential Crisis

Surprisingly, I was greatly affected by the news of Carrie Fisher’s death. As it stands, I am getting over the resulting sadness, but it is only being replaced by existential dread. 455 more words