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I Like How Chimichangas Refuse to Fill This Infinite Void

I’ve tried it all: sex, drugs, music, better drugs, alcohol, really good drugs and top shelf alcohol, scaling a mountain with a spiritual advisor and then six days later requiring medevac rescue via helicopter to remove my unresponsive body from the summit after I ate my advisor’s legs and blacked out under the compound result of guzzling a ton of small batch hooch-juice, inhaling several dozen bumps of the finest Peruvian wizard dandruff and engaging in aggressive sexual congress with no less than seven inanimate mounds of snow and ice. 348 more words


New painting, and my first video!

I finished a painting two days ago, a small abstract composition called “Man in Rocking Chair” (super awesome title, right?).

It is 12″ x 16″ and painted in oil on canvas. 335 more words

Harry Crews on true love...and asses

“‘But true love,’ he said, ‘godddamn true love is taking it out of you ass and sticking it in your mouth.'” – A Feast of Snakes… 857 more words

Moving House, Materialism

I moved house last week, well sort of, my situation is far too complicated for me to bother explaining in a 308 word blog post. 290 more words


Dirty Walls

The wall wasn’t anything special, and neither did it have written on it anything of worth. Most comments were slashed onto the white plaster surface with sharpie or washable marker or pencil. 405 more words