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Little Reminders

There are few spaces on the web that help you declutter. If this isn’t the dawn of a Brave New World then I don’t know what it is. 720 more words


Other Lives, Other Selves

It’s easy to forget that people have entire lives that don’t intersect with yours. It’s easy to watch your parents mold their lives around yours and forget they had jobs, other thoughts, and other people to occupy their time before you were ever born. 761 more words

Mad Men s1e11: Indian Summer

Fun fact: I loathe unseasonable warmth. Hate it. The irony that I live in Los Angeles, a dusty city in the midst of a 5 year nightmare drought, is not lost upon me. 850 more words

TV Reviews

Mad Men s1e5: 5G

There’s a lot to unpack in this episode, but first we go from the metaphorical Who is Don Draper to the .. wait .. hold the goddamn phone, Who… 743 more words

TV Reviews

Mad Men s1e3: Marriage of Figaro

This episode opens on the train, Don staring at that ironic Volkswagen ad in his Playboy. He gets called Dick Whitman by some schlub rando, and he’s visibly rattled. 571 more words

TV Reviews

Author Status 1 - Pressure to Produce

In this modern, social media obsessed world, beginning authors are constantly warned that they absolutely must have social media – which they must keep constantly updated – in order to get noticed and Make It. 723 more words


Night Time Thoughts

So here I sit at my desk at 4am. The screen is open. I’ve been wanting to write a continuation of my fictional universe for some time, but the words refuse to follow. 960 more words