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The individual in the mob, going on a Witch-hunt in the 21st Century

You are a kid, running around the fields with wide open eyes, letting all the lights and colours and happiness to pour in through those windows to your soul, enriching it, making it fuller. 540 more words


March Seventh, Two Thousand and Eighteen.

Remember that getting out of bed always helps you shake the existential dread, and spicy stir fry and laughs with your flat mate make going to bed a little lighter.

Nowhere Man

OK, I will stay out of your conversation.

When I come in and L is there, we exchange perfunctory ‘good mornings’ and then, perhaps some brief weather talk and that’s it – silence, punctuated by the soft tapping of computer keys. 471 more words

Mental Health


I love questions. Puzzles motivate me and make me excited.
I have a tendency to find curious people attractive.
I mean in the end it is the people with curiosity who make us humans evolve. 168 more words

Poem |The Sunsets Rippled the Graves

There is something kind in the way
she snaps my arms using her broken fingers.
She tosses my humerus away in an effort
to force me to finally let go… 290 more words


Why I love coffee

I love coffee because it allows me to have my daily existential crisis with a perfectly clear mind.