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The 3 Stages of Life

As with any other thought, opinion or truth to which we give voice, this one is also subjective. Should it be “The 3 Stages of my Life”, but that is redundant. 897 more words

Thwart Em Thoughts

It's Okay if You're Not Having Fun Yet, Part Two

When I was a first-year, feeling alone and afraid, I read a very helpful article that made me feel like I could maybe do, even enjoy, college. 782 more words



I have a lot on my mind today.

Although I have been working out and lost weight, I am experiencing periods of lightheadedness and shortness of breath doing light work, like waxing the car. 835 more words


Just Keep Sweeping - Or, Why Existential Dread Is The Worst Thing Ever

I don’t think I need to list out all of my anxiety issues again. If I did, it would take a while. I have pretty much stopped counting all of the phobias and conditions I’ve acquired over the years. 687 more words


what a morning 

dealing with my existential panic attack while also dealing with the dishwasher repair guy


10. Highlander - Kinda Transcript/Kinda Notes

Listen to the podcast here: http://notyourmom.libsyn.com/11-highlander

Highlander (R) – 1986
70% rotten tomatoes

Yet another movie that has us questioning ourselves, because we’re more attracted to the feckless bad guy than the steadfast hero. 1,212 more words


The Mid-Life Crisis Darkness of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Princess Leia Organa, Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker. I grew up with these guys. Star Wars was the first movie I saw in a theater. I was five. 1,661 more words

Existential Dread