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Solitary Man

There’s a movement that’s been active for a number of years to get rid of solitary confinement. There are prisoners in America that are put in solitary for years and years. 637 more words


Sopranos Existentialism

Sopranos shows us that only if those people ,who are living the most accomplished of lives in fileds where they are confronted by the existentialist suffering of existence much more acutely than the rest of the population, could have the insight and the vision, or develop one to become self realized enough to become aware of their “condition”, then the idea is presented with much more authority and rigoiour than when being pontified by a pot smoking, pot bellyed virgin, nobody , who lives a miserable existence.


Working on Fear of Death

I just wrote an update post and thought I had nothing of note to say, but I just realized I was wrong.

A couple years ago, I wrote about my crippling fear of death. 539 more words

Mental Health

To Live is To Fly

Another meditation and mortality and what constitutes a well spent life, inspired by another Townes Van Zandt song. Like Phil Ochs, he’s just another gift that keeps on giving, even long after he is gone.   6 more words

Existential angst

Do you ever just have a moment where you’re so fed up with everything that you can’t even motivate yourself to get up? 571 more words


Family and population

My daughter is pregnant. This is a much wanted and hard-fought-for baby, and the prospective parents are very happy. I wish then all the joy in the world, and the best outcomes for their baby. 726 more words

Starting to fuck w/ mostly-ready-made ‘toons.