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Kangaroo Pouch 

In Which We Explore Darker Corners of the Mommy Brain
Sometimes I feel like Charlie isn’t real. In the first few days after we brought him home, I spent a fair amount of time smelling him, I think to make sure I wasn’t making him up. 252 more words


moving forward while standing still

How important is it to nudge the process
like bottle feeding pigs or
force-feeding ducks to the point of implosion
for the most flavorful, lusty bits… 83 more words



I don’t think I’ve truly seen

What it is I’ve opened up.

Terrified, I don’t see me.

They told me I should open up.

I step backwards, step by step. 136 more words


We're All Little Astronauts! Except Maybe Not In A Good Way.

Existential dread creeps up on you when you become aware of your own mortality.

Basically, you know that you’re going to die, one day, and you do not want to die because you want to remain conscious and because you do not understand death and what it means, so you get scared. 812 more words

Thoughts On Life & Existence


A question, death gave me.

A question that changed me.

How did I answer the howl of death?

I understood my eyes to be new. 149 more words


...the universe speaks through traffic signals...

is it a warning –
each light turning yellow as
i sail beneath it?


I Like How Chimichangas Refuse to Fill This Infinite Void

I’ve tried it all: sex, drugs, music, better drugs, alcohol, really good drugs and top shelf alcohol, scaling a mountain with a spiritual advisor and then six days later requiring medevac rescue via helicopter to remove my unresponsive body from the summit after I ate my advisor’s legs and blacked out under the compound result of guzzling a ton of small batch hooch-juice, inhaling several dozen bumps of the finest Peruvian wizard dandruff and engaging in aggressive sexual congress with no less than seven inanimate mounds of snow and ice. 348 more words