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Need Great Advice? Watch This Video

For most of my life I had a valued, trusted advisor, Babe, my wife. When she passed, I entered a vacuum, I trusted Babe to give me honest, objective advice. 68 more words


We Cannot Live Without Meaning

Men and women can bear hardship, poverty, physical hunger and pain, but there is one thing which they cannot bear very long, and that is meaninglessness. 46 more words


Finding Meaning in our Suffering: The Alternative to Escaping Suffering

(A Philosophical Musing)

All of us suffer. However, the degree and duration of suffering vary. Some people suffer only for a short time while others are trapped in the prison of suffering, literally or figuratively. 1,507 more words

Meaning, Happiness & Knowledge Are Positively Correlated Variables

It all starts with a thought experiment involving our friend Caesar the ape. Yes, I am referring to the same Caesar from the “Planet of the Apes” movie, before he, so recklessly, became addicted to IQ steroids. 583 more words