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War's Questions

Life is a universal experience. Across time and geography, individuals find themselves in different cultures, under varying economic and political systems, identifying with different creeds and faiths. 3,106 more words

Boxes and Prayers

Moving, packing and unpacking are what I consider to be three of the most unpleasant experiences in life. I have had the misfortune of doing so 15 times in my lifetime and the older I get the more cumbersome it becomes. 918 more words


I want to see Nirvana

You think all the time. Not planning but engaging in the masturbatory discipline of self-reflection. In the 19th century some bores not called Harambe even devised a philosophical theory around it. 1,039 more words


Jotted Thoughts: Sounds of a Playground, Fading

So there’s a trend amongst us human beings which I think needs to be more closely examined. See, we start out young and full of wonder and curiosity and enthusiasm, and over the course of time we abandon that, or it is taken from us. 577 more words


Making Life Better

Roughly about two days ago I went with my family and some friends to see a one-person play by Anna Deavere Smith at the American Repertory Theater, and it was the first one-person play I had ever seen (professionally I mean, apart from the prose dramatization pieces we used to do for practical assignments, which was at amateur level probably). 986 more words

Wednesday Motivation