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the end of the world as we know it

some crazy wackos are saying the end of the world is nigh. they say it will end tomorrow to be precise. if you’re curious you can click here:   130 more words

Controlling vs Being

For a long time now, i’ve been feeling acutely disconnected for…everything. It’s not a depression, more of a hyper awareness of  me, here, in the world, ageing. 471 more words


Contra Progress: We have made the modern world, but the modern world is not made for us

The United States is a place full of oddities and contradictions, much like the rest of the world. Our greatest contradictions exist within the workplace. We leave a house that we hope to sell (in order to move into a bigger one), drive in traffic that we hate onto the way to a job that we deplore, take orders from a boss we despise, and spend 7-8 hours (on average) in a building we’re working to eventually escape, only to fight that same hated traffic on the way home. 1,176 more words


Now Chooses Then

all that lies ahead
were once choices to be made
from now comes the then