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Find Your Desert Space

As I’ve begun to study the mystics in recent years, I’ve naturally been drawn to the idea of solitude as a method of prayer and meditation. 802 more words


Blurb: Catharsis on Paper

A writer describes her experience writing 

People who read what I write probably think that I’m dark. Sometimes I feel that way. But most of the time I enjoy thinking deeply, which can bring a person to dense topics. 134 more words

The Lost Red String of Fate

The thing I want exists somewhere in this world. Somewhere, somewhere in this vast blue planet (and I dare not think, maybe even beyond that), it is waiting. 172 more words


Random thoughts conceived in idleness

In an alternative world,
I could have been you;
you might have been me.

Before birth,
as we curled in our separate wombs,
we could have taken in each other’s places. 100 more words


cherish everything

to live fully
and peacefully
wisely and lovingly
to be here, now
in this moment
to end the tyranny
of the loop of stories
that run endlessly… 139 more words


Criminal Outsiders

Steven Greenleaf has written a very insightful review of my first book, a collection of  essays on Wilsonian themes that Colin Stanley at Paupers’ Press… 151 more words


A Doves Cry

Hey loves, after the lightheartedness of my Bio and the rough brashness of my introduction post, I thought it would be good to show you some soft sorrow. 106 more words

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