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The Human Condition

Human life is bound by

an effortless struggle

between the moment of birth

and the realization of a

life driven by death.

We are doomed to decay on earth, 49 more words


The Outsider

Mersault: From the Muted Existence to the Liberated Presence in Authenticity

As an exponent of existentialism and nihilism, Camus introduces the key ideas of existentialism into the popular culture (Stewart 186); and  1,355 more words



At this moment, and for all the time in future, I will continue in the same way I have done till now. I have moved on the path of my survival instincts. 295 more words


Linear Regression, poem

The world is black, the world is white. If we didn’t have some certainties the world wouldn’t make any sense at all. We know that we are and that we exist in the world. 1,209 more words


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You pat yourself down before you leave-wallet, key fob, phone. You have all your pocket rectangles. The rectangle is utilitarian, to be sure, and the least sexy of all shapes. 199 more words

I Remember...

I remember…
The day I met you.
You and your charismatic smile
So self assured you would get my attention
Either through the music of your friend’s guitar… 518 more words