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“March 9th, 2012. Alexandra dies at the age of 22. The girl dies from accidental overdose on antidepressants in her home in Grand Haven, Michigan” I’ve heard it on television, seen it in newspapers, and heard it from person to person on the streets. 524 more words


Americana Imaginarium (The Wolf Fables Volume One)

The madness subdued to a feeble gurgle, allowing the moment to peek in. Eating sacred mushrooms in the woods, hiding from the frenzied lust of corrupt masters… he slept at the base of a rotting redwood whose bleeding hearth provided solace while the worms and the carrion became eternal. 482 more words

Eco Poetry

A Few of My Favorite Atheists: Nietzsche

 I originally wrote this series, “These Are A Few Of My Favorite Atheists”, for the Mockingbird blog.

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 – 1900)

Eastern Orthodox theologian David Bentley Hart, in… 1,081 more words

Personal Narrative

That Was Like Totally 'Meant to Be'

What phenomenon is someone trying to express when they say that something like finding a suitable relationship partner, or being heartbroken was ‘meant to be’? Of course every event that happens on the micro or macro-scale is ‘meant to be’, thanks to a long string of prior causes stretching back to the singularity at the Big Bang. 107 more words



Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Sun and birdsong envelop me this morning, and I feel grateful that I am not alone as I balance on the edge of the clif that life has led me to. 510 more words

Voicing The Sacred

Guilt of Existence


In the sense I am currently writing, guilt is synonymous with shame, and is an attribute that stems from paranoia. Guilt is the trash compactor of my brain. 1,113 more words