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My therapist told me to stop obsessively thinking and

said, “Whatever happens is out of your control.” Her

rational advice to my endless scatter

made me feel an urge… 158 more words



The importance of writing is not in being read. It’s in the action of writing. It doesn’t depend on any outside eye or ear to see or hear it. 575 more words


A Meditation on Life: Awakenings

And so I spent years at the mercy of my elders for my survival and tutelage… for better or worse. 159 more words


On Lovers

“Lovers live the carnal bond as a fleshed supplication. Each risks being violated in their otherness. Each asks to be received by the other in their vulnerability. 49 more words


A Meditation on Life: Seen and Not Heard

For the most part, I was invisible to the adults who defined my world… parents, relatives, teachers, neighbors, and clergy… until I broke one of their precious rules…  172 more words


A Meditation on Life: The Caste System

And as I experienced more of my world, I learned that we are not all created equal. 111 more words


Borne Fruits

I was born in the beginning of the dark.

Maybe, I would see the end

of this hundred year night. Maybe, I said.

Shoving away mortality as only mortals… 82 more words