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When You are Happily Absurd

There is an idea that happiness is found in absurdity, which is the thin line of realization that a man is apart from and together with the world. 679 more words

A Meditation on Life: School Days Revisited

If I could go back in time as my own teacher, what would I hand myself… 11 more words


I May Die Laughing and Crying

All we really know is
This one moment in eternity
This raw uncensored experience
That lasts for a breath in
And a breath out
And then… 87 more words


On Life, Death and Happiness

Citations from War and Peace – Leo Tolstoy (1869)

Who’s right, and who’s wrong? No one. You’re alive — so live: tomorrow you’ll die, just as I could’ve died an hour ago.

772 more words

Excursion into 1950s' Nihilism

Pick-Up (1955) By Charles Willeford

Nihilism threads through most noir novels. It’s not often, though, when it dominates the plot and characters completely, as it does in Charles Willeford’s terrifically pulpy, frequently salacious, and thoroughly (in a good way) depressing tale of a death wish thwarted. 482 more words


Existentialism is overrated

We’ve all come to a point in our lives where we have to confront the question, “What is the meaning of life?”, or maybe something simpler, “Why am I alive?”, or “Why should I keep living?” 866 more words


Paradise Lost

Something about returning reminds me of a broken mirror, where the face is recognizable but the picture is shattered. You know it is you, but only by letting the brain fill the gaps between the pieces you can still put together. 146 more words