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Alebrijes or Inspiration

 Alebrijes or Inspiration

 Are they half-grasped dreams
that wake, wide eyed, to a new day’s sun?

Or are they alive and thriving
when they fall from the tree? 934 more words


Being and Time

Being and Time, by Martin Heidegger, represents an attempt at “fundamental ontology” (34), which is the study of Being. Moreover, Being and Time is an inquiry into the fundamental question of Being via employment of a method known as phenomenology, which involves the reflection upon and interpretation of every day experiences to reveal its underlying meaning and structure. 2,572 more words


Three Parts of the Night

The smoke from the neighbors was so intense when I had gone back to bed in the morning after having a mostly sleepless night. I dreamed that I drove my car. 457 more words


Buddhism’s Four Noble Truths

“Some Western philosophers and theologians find it difficult to accept Buddha’s refusal to present a theology or system of metaphysics. But Buddha’s goal was existential and pragmatic.”

46 more words

Beauty Spots of the Mere Existence

Different from other animals, we have both an exciting and a threatening ability to question our existence, our consciousness, and our self, all at the same time. 355 more words


Oh My Dog: An Untitled Work of Fiction

Many months ago I started writing some fiction. It follows the horizontal line below. I didn’t know:

  • what I was doing;
  • actually, that’s it. I guess I didn’t need a list.
  • 2,119 more words

1000: Even deeper than I thought I'd go

I began blogging on FetLife (a kinky social media site) close to three years ago. Today I reached the milestone of my 1000th post there (many of which began crossing over to this blog about a year ago). 874 more words