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Radical forgiveness & freedom

Documenting yesterday’s most important session with a client, this video is about the actual practice of freeing your own emotions from creating your own suffering by learning to forgive another person, at some point, no matter what. 13 more words


I don’t even care whether people last forever. The most amazing things are temporary. That’s why beautiful sunsets are always a little bit sad. Mortality is a lot of the reason humans can be so beautiful; we’re tiny and short-lived but tough, like little plants that sprout out of cracks in the pavement. 26 more words


Figuring Out Fear

I’ve become aware of various levels of fear in my life, as an underlying factor in my insomnia, anxiety, and general apprehension in just giving myself a chance, taking a risk, and so on. 771 more words


Edification of My Divide Between Religion & Spirituality

Religion is weird, but spirituality is important. At least to me. My journey to religion has been a long one that started with defiance for the sake of fitting in with other rebellious teens. 573 more words

Green Witch

Bonnaroo Bound

Two weeks is a long time to really find something better than

using “really” or “very” to express

yearnings that awake the soul and contemplation… 224 more words

Bemused Musings

“There is an individual and therefore comfortable reality within.”  Andre d’Aquino