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A Quick Explanation Of Godard

Anna Karena, the ex-sow of Godard. Her eyes so reminiscent of a silent star. Or just the makeup? Louise Brooks was alas too old and as now in so may wasps too dead. 217 more words


September 25th, Monday - In control

I never knew how to start something. Does every single thing have a clear beginning? I always thought I overthink this, like everything else. I mean, I am overthinking about overthinking right now. 436 more words


Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind

Is he really awakened or is he slowly succumbing to darkness of depression? A lot of people agree so much to the profound and philosophical interviews Jim Carrey has given recently. 460 more words


CM Podcast 122 - Longshot Miniseries

It seems like the 80s are all the rage today.  You have Stranger Things which is set in the 80s and Stephen King’s It which originally came out the 80s and the 2017 movie was based in that decade. 201 more words


Existentialism in Design: Motivation

There has been a lot of recent work on the ethics of digital technology. This is a broad area of inquiry, but it includes such topics as: 1,589 more words

Helen Nissenbaum

natural method

natural method

resolve, to capture

the renegade story,

the “r” that drops without effort;

hum an imprecise self,

hover above a wood floor as a… 31 more words


Theater of Nothing

Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett, first English language version published by Grove

Press, © 1954.

Samuel Beckett, Nobel winner for literature in 1969, wrote, in a feverish 5 year period of creative over-achievement, immediately following the end of WWII, his most consequential plays and novels:  … 223 more words

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