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Real Talk: I Cry Ugly

It can’t bode well for my mental health journey that my initial evaluation with the first therapist I’ve made an appointment with since 2011 stood me up. 689 more words

Avicii And The Myth Of Sisyphus

Such sad news breaking today – Swedish DJ and musician, Avicii (Tim Bergling) has died.  His music was unique and had an existentialist flavour to it; he dealt with themes of meaning in work/life, relationships and self-worth. 258 more words


Nary a thought

I had not oft questioned my earthly path

Until I found the road came to an end—

Not just an end, a cliff before me then— 48 more words


Who's Minding the Store?

I’m living in a world where my thoughts are my constant companion. Not merely to take note of the weather, the time, what I must accomplish that day. 1,649 more words

"You're Not One of Them,"

said my brother.

“Yes, I am,” I chanted in my zombie state.

Except I wasn’t, not really. I was reading Jose Garcia Villa and thinking, this resonates: 298 more words

The Beautiful Sadness of Optimistic Nihilism

I have, on multiple occasions, been a firm believer in the absurdist school of philosophical thought. But lately, as my news feeds get filled with more of the same political drama and I hear more from friends being dragged down by the weight of the world, I’ve been falling back on my absurdist thoughts. 796 more words


BogPo under construction. Long Essay: Are we alone in deep time?... Back you go, then... GW: feels like makin' history...

“It wasn’t just racists who voted to leave Europe…. Cunts did as well.” – Comedian, Stewart Lee, 2016

Long Essay

Are we alone in deep time?

3,482 more words