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Where are the Humans in NieR: Automata?


Regulars of With a Terrible Fate know that Nier is near and dear to my heart because it was the game that first motivated me to write analytically about video games, even before my work on… 8,837 more words


I’d love to return to
find a way back somehow
of moments with people
in space, time
me, you, us
sitting in the sun on the grass… 86 more words

The E word

One must be consciously aware of the tendency to regress into a repetitive distress-state whenever existence emerges out of its all-encompassing cloak to stand forth and stares you in the eyes. 143 more words


dusk, served the way you like it

Out and about on Broadway,
there are hordes of defeated ghosts,
half-chilled in the half-light
of an inconstant
and hungry season.


I duck into a coffee shop, 183 more words


I'm Scared

So it turns out- i’m scared.

I’m probably going to delete this blog post… but we’ll see.

I’m scared of a lot of things- spiders, insects, snakes, holes, failure, judgement and a life in general. 334 more words





no exit
from open-doored rooms

no bars
like the cage of the mind

no death
worse than living

no hell
worse than thinking

no pain… 49 more words