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An Ordinary Life

There is a quotation somewhere at the back of Tallow’s mind. He remembers it from a book, he remembers the large, gold letters, that glimmered in the sun when he could still sit by windows. 732 more words


So that Others may be Drawn to Them by Matthew T.-S.

In Their Darkest of Times

I see you there

Huddled all alone

I will come for You

I will take You by the hand

I will lead You to Your Home


The Answers We Seek by Matthew T.-S.

The Beginning

“My Son, My sweet baby boy.”

Thrust so unceremoniously into being

This new world so well defined in its mystery

many questions to be asked… 688 more words


Captain of My Ship by Matthew T.-S.

As i sail through the cosmos

I stand upon the bow of this great ship

Made of plant and stone

I cast my gaze to the heavens… 100 more words


Our Greatest Motivation by Matthew T.-S.

Our Greatest Motivation by Matthew T.-S.


Oh the worlds of men

How majestic your creations

How great your perceived differences

How brutal your squabbles… 158 more words


Finding The Leader Within

Enrolling in this course of Leading Social Change, I have been provided many opportunities to explore concepts which helped me realize the process of social change on both a micro and macro level. 2,684 more words


Sleep's Over

The winter will not relent.

I challenge it to box
in the sliver
of my one good eye.

There are some that say
is too civil a place… 25 more words