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When I'm Gone: My Limitations

by Devina Gunawan

Featured image by Johannes Karundeng

We are social creatures. We are bound to rely on others, to fear, to love, to hate, to trust, to lie, and to be social. 316 more words


Possessed or Possessor

Get out of my head

Or am I in your head

looking through your eyes




or do I just imagine what you feel think and touch


A bed of nails

I hate stepping on nails

I mean


I slur

slightly drunk on a lovely grassy Sauvignon Blanc


oh I cringe as I hear and feel the crunch… 20 more words


The Possessed

Whose dream are you chasing?

Whose  life are you living?


A Great Day

A great day.  Lots of things were resolved, work was absorbing, my new cargo shorts arrived to replace shorts I’ve been wearing since 1997, I cleaned my car, did some laundry, picked up my bride from the train station, took home some pizza and together we watched a couple episodes of Three’s Company from season two ( Larry Dallas has just entered the picture ). 8 more words



I’d say I’m falling apart,
But I was never put together.

How then to convey this occurrence,
This odd phenomenon?

Perhaps I’m like the rings of Saturn: 292 more words


What Do You Consider "Art"?

Lately, I’ve been asked a lot about my painting. You’re probably sitting there thinking, “I thought she was a metalsmith?” Yes, yes I am. But I am an artist and before finding the fabulousness of pounding metal with a hammer, I did a variety of other art forms – drawing, painting, ceramics, photography. 276 more words