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Lady Oz

I seem to have been born with my head slightly tilted to the right and forward with enough momentum to nod whenever anyone starts to speak. 181 more words

Song Review

Having seen this world beautiful
in every sphere,
in every arena,
in every movement,
in every conjuncture,
in every posture,
every dimension has its own ability to beautify… 126 more words


Short Story - The Mountains

            The village was set in the foothills of a mountain range. It was a quaint little thing, a few mud houses with thatched roofs set about a central square harboring three larger buildings, this time made of wood. 2,747 more words

Short Story

The Fragrance Left On My Pillow

At night you remembered something

In the morning you hummed the sweetest ghazals

“It’s the sun playing hide-and-seek again” you told  the fog on the horizon… 77 more words


The Room (部屋, Sion Sono, 1993)

Though the later work of Sion Sono is often noted for its cinematic excess, his earlier career saw him embracing the art of minimalism. The Room (部屋, Heya) finds him in the realms of existentialist noir as a grumpy hitman whiles away his remaining time in the search for the perfect apartment guided only by a detached estate agent. 618 more words

The Grand Cosmic Fuck, or, The Secret Art of Reading Tarot Cards

You don’t need superconductors, financial advisers, or tarot cards to discover the secret to Life.

The Keys to “Why?” and “How?” can be found in the song of the yellow birds, dust lofting through the afternoon light of your window, rainbow radiating from an oil slick, color of your mom’s hat, pinstripe suit, bloody lip, dew in the grass, throb of a black eye, child digging through trash, smell of seagulls, waxing moon, the time of death of your cousin George, shape of the staircase you ascended when you finally realized the inferences of Schrödinger’s equation. 786 more words

The Everyday