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Dmitry Karamazov

Dostoevsky is known for the dramatic monologues that characters give or dialogues they’re engaged in, rants that can go on for pages. If Lovecraft fans like to quote and imitate the hyperbolic prose of the man, then Dostoevsky fans probably have a certain glee in these rants. 620 more words

How To Be A Diva (as dictated by my cat)

My dwarf Persian cat Champagne may look like an adorable ball of fur, but she is every bit the CatDiva and is getting better at it by the day! 393 more words


Gorilla Drives the Zoo Bus

Gorilla Drives the Zoo Bus

Gorilla drives the same zoo bus all day, every day,
same starting time, same finishing time, same route, same stops, 507 more words


Techno-optimism and existentialism

Here’s a lovely little article, which will be of interest to those doing cyberethics (i.e. all of you) and those doing ‘existence’ (A level students). Take the time to read it slowly and you will understand a lot about Gordon Graham’s “Theories of Ethics” too (which is also in your syllabus, Intermediate and A level). 7 more words

Inkling Anime Review: Serial Experiments Lain

The overarching narrative of Serial Experiments Lain centers around a shy and soft-spoken girl, Lain, who isn’t very engaged in the domain of social media. On one cataclysmic day, Lain and her fellow classmates begin to receive E-mails from a student named Chisa… Who committed suicide a couple of days ago. 935 more words


Heart of Winter*

*The fifth and last part of the ED BANNISTER series. Extract from my Photography blog, Through Frog Eyes. Each month a guest photographer is featured and a short story is woven around a set of photographs.  684 more words


Nervousness, Sex, and Literature

Sex is the gorgeous monster waiting by the gates of full intimacy. The fascinating thing about this particular monster is that it makes you feel small, inconsequential, and full of inadequacies. 435 more words