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Review: "eXistenZ" (Film)

Well, it’s been ages since I last reviewed a film, so I thought that I’d re-watch an interesting cyberpunk movie that I haven’t seen in years. 1,077 more words


Let's Be Evil review

By David Dent

And you thought that Virtual Reality was killed off as a cinematic concept by 1992’s execrable The Lawnmower Man? Think again – twenty odd years on the idea has now acquired some retro cache. 267 more words

In a world where the only thing you know to be real is that nothing in that world is true, when do you start to lose sight of reality? 388 more words


Nerve is a teen techno-thriller from the directors of Paranormal Activity 3 and 4, which I didn’t even realise had directors. 

Based on Jeanne Ryan’s novel, the film revolves around an app called ‘Nerve’, a social media game in which ‘Watchers’ challenge ‘Players’ to complete dares for money. 304 more words


I still stand by the System Shock 2 comparison, as it did have two organic firearms made from human and alien tech, one of which is referred to as “semi-sentient” (though for the life of me I can’t find a decent picture of either one).  131 more words

eXistenZ - Odd

I have never really seen such creepy acting until I watched this movie. Jennifer Jason Leigh’s character in particular, there is something about her that just screams creppy, maybe it was when she was fingering Jude Laws’ bioport, or perhaps it was her random facial gestures and bad dialogue. 364 more words