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eXistenZ (1999)

Taking up where Videodrome left off, David Cronenberg once more tackles the subject of the human condition and our relationship with the media.

The main problem with eXistenZ is that the plot is so divorced from reality that it has no logical progression; instead it’s just a series of events that have no narrative cohesion at all, which destroys any drama or suspense it may have had. 102 more words


Die Frage

An seinem Geburtstag werde ich meinen Vater fragen, was in seinem Leben wichtig war. Das habe ich mir vorgenommen und es könnte sein, dass die Atmosphäre des Familienfests eine Delle davonträgt. 498 more words


Helpless - Powerless

Ambitions to conquer the world, to secure the future may not help. Desire to be happy, the need to work to live, to live to work may not fulfill. 477 more words


Os HuNanos e o Desejo da Penetração

Deus no Ventre Materno

Foi na alvorada dos tempos, na sequência natural da evolução do Animal para o Homem, que este último terá ganho aquilo a que milhares de anos depois foi chamado Razão. 1,738 more words



Plato’s metaphysics is tested every day in our everyday world. The arts, he says, is mimesis or representational. None of it is real. It all appeals to emotion and messes with our minds and connections to what he considers the real world. 373 more words

17. Videodrome

17. Videodrome (1983). James Woods plays a sleazy cable station producer looking for the most shocking, horrific, pornographic content he can find—something that can wake up his jaded and desensitized audience (himself included). 86 more words