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Why NASA Is Right to Hire a 'Planetary Protection Officer'

The invasion is nigh! You knew it would happen eventually — that the Roswell aliens would not only turn out to be real, but that they’d one day return to finish their job of Earthly conquest. 691 more words

Fossil-Fueled Life

Humans aren’t the only users of fossil fuels. In many parts of the ocean, natural gas (methane) is constantly bubbling out of the sediment. These areas are known as cold seeps and are often a marker of productive fossil fuel reservoirs in the crust underneath. 663 more words


The Martian Archives ... by Alice B. Clagett *

Dear Ones,

Here is a summary of my archives on the Martian Bacterial Colonists of Earth. The most recent blog is at the top of the list … 308 more words

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Scary Martian Comes to 'Life'

Hey, we saw a cool science fiction movie yesterday, a nice and scary one–Life, which we rented from amazon.

The ideology of unbelief dictates that life be found on other planets. 319 more words

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A whole new world

The latest buzz in the search for life away from our own small blue planet comes from new observations made by the Cassini probe as it orbited one of Saturn’s moons, Enceladus. 197 more words


NASA Reveals New Hints of Life in Space

It was always clear Enceladus was up to something strange. From the moment astronomers began closely observing the small Saturnian moon, they noticed an odd bulge in the planet’s outermost ring — the E ring — that seemed to be following Enceladus through its orbits. 754 more words