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Peak Life

Something about which I had long speculated, but until recently had no answers to, was when ‘Peak Life’ would be attained in the universe and where terrestrial life sat in relation to it chronologically – i.e. 462 more words


Microbes Could be Right at Home on Saturn’s Moon Enceladus

Enceladus could harbor alien life, at least in the form of microbes, according to a new study, examining how microbes react to conditions thought to exist on this small moon of Saturn. 496 more words


The Science of Exobiology

So you want to introduce a new lifeform in your fiction. There are many reasons to do so. A sentient humanoid can provoke your reader’s sympathy and relatability, while a vile, brainless, and flesh-eating slug can put your readers on edge. 2,639 more words


Alien Viruses - Will the Human Race See the Andromeda Strain Play Out Here on Earth?


Viruses from space could be the first forms of extraterrestrial life humans encounter. But, will this finding, when it occurs, be a bane to mankind, or a boon? 375 more words



Author: How do you prove that something is of extraterrestrial origin? How do you prove that it may not be a threat?

I was called from the Heiman Institute on Domain to investigate the finding of a possible alien artifact on Alpha Calypso 5. 3,627 more words



So there I was, sitting under a tree and then I thought to myself l, “The universe is a huge place. We are not alone.” The burning question now is, where are aliens? 386 more words


Okay, I don’t think evolution is fully appreciated. Aliens aren’t supposed to look anything like humans. Or insects. Or anything else you see crawling, creeping or cruising around this Earth or any other. 1,663 more words

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