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It Came From Element-Rich Galaxy Cosmos Redshift 7

When the intergalactic exploration team called Snapback made humanity’s epic first visit to the coveted target of Cosmos Redshift 7, brightest of distant galaxies where first generation stars once produced the chemical elements that made life possible, they made a completely unanticipated discovery. 651 more words

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Yes, There Is Life in Space—Deal With It

No one has ever discovered life in space, and given the enormity of the universe and our tiny, modest place in it, it’s entirely possible no one will—either in our lifetimes or for many lifetimes to come. 346 more words

Venus "Astronaut" 1st To Visit Earth

Pressure, temperature and atmosphere inside the Stellar exo-suit equals that on the surface of Venus, meaning a tremendous power exists within it. When released under control, the results can be catastrophic for any target. 418 more words

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The 1960s was the last decade when storytellers and UFO evangelists could effectively use Venus as the world that our alien conquerors were coming from. 549 more words

Science Fiction

The Creature From The Ominous Oort Cloud

The black sky permeating the universe is filled with strange unknowns. Those that happen upon our planet mostly do no harm. Others are not so benign. 300 more words


Surprisingly The Unexpected Does Happen

Looking to the future for hope seems futile when the world’s insurmountable problems are viewed by diminished veterans of disappointment. Like Han Solo they’ve watched their soured… 286 more words

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First Look At Humanoids Of Venus As They Get First Look At Stars

Devil’s Applicants

The Fourth Vortex swirling above Venus was so large that the scopes of the Midnight Star could only see the curvature of one part of the huge whirlpool as they came around in orbit above it. 491 more words