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What a 4-Billion-Year-Old Organism Says About Life in Space

You may or may not know someone named Luca, but you owe your life to a Luca all the same. What’s more, so do we all. 717 more words

July 22 - Too Darn Cold

Today’s factismal: The lowest recorded naturally occurring temperature on Earth was 128.6 °F below zero; it happened at Vostok Station in Antarctica in 1983.

Right now, most of North America is in the grip of a record-setting heat wave. 533 more words


Goodnight, Good luck, Goodbye...

Isn’t magic just technology without mechanics?

Something’s pushing me from behind. I’m in the midst of a red nebula. I’m moving fast past galaxies on my way to the blackness of space. 991 more words

Science Fiction

Occupy Earth!

Earth invaded, aliens win… 

I hear the noise of electronic humming. The steady drip of liquid. Slow, labored breathing. My eyes open – one of them anyway? 893 more words

Science Fiction

Kepler Telescope's New Planets Discovery Boosts Odds for Life in Space

Planet-hunting is not exactly a growth industry in our solar system. The last time we spotted a new world orbiting our sun was in 1930, when amateur astronomer Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto—which wore the planet designation only until 2006, when it was busted down to a mere dwarf planet. 663 more words

Here Are the Three Planets Most Likely to Harbor Alien Life

There shouldn’t be a reason in the world for you to care about the star known as Trappist-1. Located a comparatively close 40 light years from Earth, it’s a so-called brown dwarf—a Jupiter-sized object that’s so dim it can’t even be seen in the visible wavelength and that burns so feebly its temperature rarely tops 4,400º F (2,400º C). 685 more words

Yes, There Is Life in Space—Deal With It

No one has ever discovered life in space, and given the enormity of the universe and our tiny, modest place in it, it’s entirely possible no one will—either in our lifetimes or for many lifetimes to come. 24 more words