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What if Earth is a Really Atypical Abode for Life?

Recent space missions have raised some interesting ideas about exobiology for me. The Galileo and Cassini results on Europa and Enceladus, respectively have revealed evidence for liquid water oceans under their surface ice, providing a remarkably clement environment for life to originate and evolve, perhaps. 725 more words

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What Are We Looking for When Looking for Alien Life?

This post originally appeared on The Latest.

How exactly did life emerge here on Earth? Is there life anywhere else? If there is, how common is it? 481 more words


5 Things That Could Kill Us All

5. Climate Change

Climate change is the change of the Earth’s weather patterns over a long period of time. When we say ‘over a long period of time’ we can be talking about 5 years, a decade, or hundreds of years. 565 more words



Religions everywhere, and throughout the time they have been part of humankind’s history, have been strict on how life began. In one way or another, some deity created it. 1,662 more words


Researchers Say Venus' Atmosphere Could Support Extraterrestrial Life

It’s not likely that you’ll ever be offered the opportunity to visit Venus. But on the odd chance you are, you might want to decline. The temperature on the surface of the planet is around 870° F (465° C)—hot enough to melt lead—and the atmospheric pressure at Venusian sea level (not that there are any seas) is 92 times what it is on Earth. 642 more words

Peak Life

Something about which I had long speculated, but until recently had no answers to, was when ‘Peak Life’ would be attained in the universe and where terrestrial life sat in relation to it chronologically – i.e. 462 more words


Microbes Could be Right at Home on Saturn’s Moon Enceladus

Enceladus could harbor alien life, at least in the form of microbes, according to a new study, examining how microbes react to conditions thought to exist on this small moon of Saturn. 496 more words