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A Tardigrade.

We believe that water is an essential ingredient for life; all living things we know of need water to some extent; we are somewhere between 50% and 65% water (depending on age and fitness) whilst the Tardigrade (or Water Bear) the most resilient creature known can survive with only 3% of its body mass as water. 664 more words


What a 4-Billion-Year-Old Organism Says About Life in Space

You may or may not know someone named Luca, but you owe your life to a Luca all the same. What’s more, so do we all. 717 more words

July 22 - Too Darn Cold

Today’s factismal: The lowest recorded naturally occurring temperature on Earth was 128.6 °F below zero; it happened at Vostok Station in Antarctica in 1983.

Right now, most of North America is in the grip of a record-setting heat wave. 533 more words


Goodnight, Good luck, Goodbye...

Isn’t magic just technology without mechanics?

Something’s pushing me from behind. I’m in the midst of a red nebula. I’m moving fast past galaxies on my way to the blackness of space. 991 more words

Science Fiction

Occupy Earth!

Earth invaded, aliens win… 

I hear the noise of electronic humming. The steady drip of liquid. Slow, labored breathing. My eyes open – one of them anyway? 893 more words

Science Fiction

Kepler Telescope's New Planets Discovery Boosts Odds for Life in Space

Planet-hunting is not exactly a growth industry in our solar system. The last time we spotted a new world orbiting our sun was in 1930, when amateur astronomer Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto—which wore the planet designation only until 2006, when it was busted down to a mere dwarf planet. 663 more words

Here Are the Three Planets Most Likely to Harbor Alien Life

There shouldn’t be a reason in the world for you to care about the star known as Trappist-1. Located a comparatively close 40 light years from Earth, it’s a so-called brown dwarf—a Jupiter-sized object that’s so dim it can’t even be seen in the visible wavelength and that burns so feebly its temperature rarely tops 4,400º F (2,400º C). 685 more words