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Okay, I don’t think evolution is fully appreciated. Aliens aren’t supposed to look anything like humans. Or insects. Or anything else you see crawling, creeping or cruising around this Earth or any other. 1,663 more words

Science Fiction

Scientists Have Discovered a New Planet Close to Earth. Here’s Why It's So Exciting

If life is lurking somewhere in space, it’s done an awfully good job of hiding itself so far. But the jig may be up now that we have a better idea of where to look. 715 more words

Breathtaking Goodbye to an Amazing Mission #Cassini #Saturn

Cassini’s last transmission arrived on Earth at 1146 GMT on September 15 as it plunged to a fiery end in Saturn’s atmosphere. The spacecraft had run out of fuel, but only after orbiting the ringed planet for an incredible 13 years. 308 more words

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The Healing Power of the Song of the Leonids ... by Alice B. Clagett ..

The November meteors . As observed between midnight and 5 o’clock A.M. on the night of November 13-14 1868. (Plate XII from The Trouvelot Astronomical Drawings 1881-1882) … from Wikimedia Commons, … 203 more words

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Why NASA Is Right to Hire a 'Planetary Protection Officer'

The invasion is nigh! You knew it would happen eventually — that the Roswell aliens would not only turn out to be real, but that they’d one day return to finish their job of Earthly conquest. 691 more words

Fossil-Fueled Life

Humans aren’t the only users of fossil fuels. In many parts of the ocean, natural gas (methane) is constantly bubbling out of the sediment. These areas are known as cold seeps and are often a marker of productive fossil fuel reservoirs in the crust underneath. 663 more words