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What the Modern Presence of Water on Mars Means

Mars may be the solar system’s most tragic planet. It once had a dense atmosphere; it once fairly sloshed with water; just one of its oceans may have covered two-thirds of its northern hemisphere. 812 more words

My otherkin

Therian cryptid identity
when I was six while watching
an exposé on El Chupacrabra.
I remember this well.
I have an excellent memory.

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Science Fiction

Who Are You Calling Exo?

exosciences (also xenosciences) (n.): Including exogeology, exogeography, exoclimatology, exobiology, exoecology, exosophontology, exomemetics, etc.

An archaic series of terms referring to the various sciences when applied to off-planet phenomena, usually used with reference to the speaker’s homeworld. 167 more words


Life in Space? The Odds Just Went Up

If ever there was a time to disobey HAL, the coolly sociopathic computer that stole the show in both 2001: A Space Odyssey and the… 819 more words

Greater Minds: Freeman Dyson says let's look for life in the outer solar system

  • NASA’s New Horizons probe is approaching the Kuiper Belt.
  • Freeman Dyson suggested Europa and the Kuiper Belt as habitats for life in the solar system.
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Wednesday Pontification

Three cool things

Loving astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti.  Looks like a pic straight out of Voyager!


Awesomeness!  If I had the talent I would love to dedicate the rest of my life to exobiology.   60 more words


The Poetry of Life

(co-authored with Erica F. Tellez Zepeda)

One of the most fascinating research topics concerns the origin of life. For a long time, people believed in several kinds of spontaneous generation of life from inanimate matter – an idea that was already present in ancient Greek philosophy, through the contributions of thinkers such as Anaximander, Parmenides, Anaxagoras and Aristotle, among others. 2,470 more words