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Who Are You Calling Exo?

exosciences (also xenosciences) (n.): Including exogeology, exogeography, exoclimatology, exobiology, exoecology, exosophontology, exomemetics, etc.

An archaic series of terms referring to the various sciences when applied to off-planet phenomena, usually used with reference to the speaker’s homeworld. 167 more words


Life in Space? The Odds Just Went Up

If ever there was a time to disobey HAL, the coolly sociopathic computer that stole the show in both 2001: A Space Odyssey and the… 819 more words

Greater Minds: Freeman Dyson says let's look for life in the outer solar system

  • NASA’s New Horizons probe is approaching the Kuiper Belt.
  • Freeman Dyson suggested Europa and the Kuiper Belt as habitats for life in the solar system.
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Wednesday Pontification

Three cool things

Loving astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti.  Looks like a pic straight out of Voyager!


Awesomeness!  If I had the talent I would love to dedicate the rest of my life to exobiology.   60 more words


The Poetry of Life

(co-authored with Erica F. Tellez Zepeda)

One of the most fascinating research topics concerns the origin of life. For a long time, people believed in several kinds of spontaneous generation of life from inanimate matter – an idea that was already present in ancient Greek philosophy, through the contributions of thinkers such as Anaximander, Parmenides, Anaxagoras and Aristotle, among others. 2,470 more words


Fly Like a Beagle

They’ve found it!

Launched in June 2003, Beagle 2 was a robotic lander designed to look for signs of life on Mars. Named after the ship… 735 more words


Cousins of Earth Found Deep in Space

When NASA scientists declared the planet-hunting Kepler telescope hopelessly crippled in the fall of 2013, the mission’s founding father and principal investigator Bill Borucki pointed out that its useful life wasn’t necessarily over. 713 more words