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The Lord Will Fight For You

When Pharaoh chased Israel in the desert after the Exodus, the Israelites became furious with Moses and asked why God would bring them out to the desert to die, rather than leaving them to serve Pharaoh.  439 more words

Marc Kinna

Shemot Thirty-Eight: Meritocracy in Ancient Israel

Bezalel continues his work. He makes the altar, which is of acacia wood, and all of the ritual vessels. He makes pillars, and wall hangings, and and screens for the gates of the court of the tabernacle. 291 more words


Cue the Theme Music

If you’ve ever been recommended a book or a movie by a friend, you’ve probably asked them, “What’s it about?” What they tell you is going to give you a frame for when you read or watch it. 528 more words

Reading The Bible

1 Kings 20-22: Israel Vs Syria

The history turns from that of Elijah to recount two wars in the campaign between King Benhadad of Syria and King Ahab of Israel at Samaria. 982 more words


Testament and Exodus ticket give away

Thrash metal fans cannot miss the Dark Roots Of Thrash II Tour when it brings both Testament and Exodus to the Fillmore Silver Spring on… 391 more words