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#blogExodus - Day 6: Tell

Exodus is all about telling – mostly God telling Moses what to say, and Moses parroting it. God directs Moses to tell Pharaoh, “Let my people go,” and then hardens Pharaoh’s heart, so that the Israelites are not released – until after the 10th plague. 318 more words


Shemot Twenty: 10 Commandments

Mount Sinai is full of fire and smoke and thunder and lightning, and now, God begins to speak to the people. The words that He chooses to say to them are the ten commandments. 337 more words


#blogExodus - Day 5: Hide

It feels to me like there’s a lot of hiding going on in the beginning of Exodus. Moses’s mother hides Moses from the Egyptians, who would have drowned Moses in the Nile. 350 more words


Pathcode #Lay Review

The next EXO member to be featured in the “Pathcode” teaser is the kind-hearted Lay. 356 more words


Lay gives life with new teaser [PHOTOS/VIDEO]

EXO’s unicorn, Lay, brings life to a dead flower in the latest ‘Pathcode #EXO’ teaser. 175 more words


Exodus 16:1-36

Yahweh turned the bitter waters of Marah into a sweet drink for his people after leading them from Egyptian bondage into the wilderness. They should have believed many times over, but it wasn’t to be: 2,784 more words


Battle of the Gods

This week, we look at the first nine plagues that happened in Egypt in Exodus 7-10. The question up until now in the book of Exodus has been “who is the LORD?” But from Moses’ point of view, and especially from the people’s point of view, it seems like the LORD has been all talk and no action. 1,569 more words

Preparing For Worship