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Pollution Sucks!

Planetary Stewardship is the Responsibility of the Tenant.

Thanks! ~MGMT

Whale Song

We build a sense of unity

That draws new spirits in

And before you can say Doomsday

The species is all-in

I made my choice at Eternity’s Dawn… 23 more words

The Warp-Zone Less Traveled...

A Worm-Hole split two ways in Deep Space…

I took the warp Zone less traveled.

The Terraforming Question...

To Terraform… or not to terraform… That is the question!

How to terraform Mars:

Ping Wins

Black Hole Breathing

My Black Hole inhales Stars and exhales X-Rays

Alien Poetry by Ping Wins

Ebook lands January 1st, 2020

Paperback arrives January 20th, 2020.


High Star - An Alien Poem by Ping Wins

I live on a High Star

From city streets, away and far

I see some tragic struggles down below

Apparently these struggles help you grow… 84 more words

Ping Wins

Light Speed Yoda

Attain Light Speed, or Do Not Attain Light Speed… There is no try!