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Review: Outcast Season 1 Episode 6 "From The Shadow It Watches"

This is a phenomenally well-directed episode, capturing the incredible unease that each character feels while portraying striking imagery to reflect the writings clear thematic argument about religion and ideologies, as Reverend Anderson’s inner conflict and conflict with his beliefs provides some brilliant character development that influences not only the narrative but the actions of Kyle and Patricia, while the numerous subplots all seems to be working towards a dark reveal, with the writing creating a suspenseful tone that is answered with a haunting ending. 9.5/10


A Slow Start

It’s been a leisurely start to this transplant process so far. I’ve had my first dose of chemo: fludarabine. So far no side effects and it’s generally known to be a mild drug. 402 more words


Demons do not exist in the way you think they do.

This is a short post about demonic possession, and how it has been misunderstood.
What is demon possession to you? What Hollywood has shown you? If so, it isn’t true, it is all misinterpretations, and something only to cause fear. 340 more words

The Truth

Demons and Possession - A Primer

Demons are thought to exist only in mythology; icons used to scare children into behaving “better” but not given any real consequence.  In early 2002 I was asked to do some work on a friend’s son who had been acting out.  4,102 more words

Demon Possession

Open for business...

So here it is.  After many years running a blog detailing my journey into religion, philosophy, the occult and the practice of magic — I finally venture forth and make myself available for the purposes of research into the paranormal and to assist those who have need of my skills and knowledge. 302 more words


You Get What You Ask For

Ask, and it shall be given you – Mt 7:7

I just listened to a very interesting, and somewhat terrifying, interview (here https://athanasiuscm.org/2015/04/22/interview-008-fr-chad-ripperger-phd/ )  with Fr. 363 more words