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Bathtime Exorcist

Global Game Jam 2016. I guess you had to be there. The theme was “Ritual”. We made a game about exorcising your posessed buddy by substituting magical ingredients with the black & gold variety from around the house. 37 more words

The White Hart

He lay on his back, staring up at the burning building as the flames fought against the darkness of the night. He winced against the pain of his broken leg, and remembered the horrors that drove him from the window. 390 more words


The Fear of Love and Pleasure by blindmanshooting

A woman comes to grasp her situation with her status in her marriage. Her resistance to her husbands desires brings on the possible disgrace of her parents, and disownment of her family. 214 more words


Greg Boyd on Casting Out Demons

So I was listening to the Woodland Hills Podcast the other day where pastor Greg Boyd was speaking on spiritual warfare and delivering demonized people, and he shared a testimony about an exorcism that blew me away. 137 more words

Signs & Wonders

Rev. Richard Grund: Two year-old Caylee Anthony sexual - "mercy killing"

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Rev. Richard Grund, the occasional caregiver of murdered child Caylee Anthony said during interviews that Caylee was becoming an exaggerated form of her mother, Casey Anthony, and her grandmother, Cindy Anthony. 131 more words

Guilty of a Pretense | seductivevenice

We hear about the Venetian women cloistered in convents against their will, sequestered by families who couldn’t afford their dowries, who thought they were unmarriagable, or who wanted to protect their chastity. 50 more words