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Twin Star Exorcists Episode 8


Best friend and fiancée having a squabble. Check.

Strange guy from the past who is super powerful showing up. Check.

Strange guy turns out to a mentor but also has a really bad attitude. 85 more words


Twin Star Exorcists Episode 7


As the series moves on I’m not liking it any more or less. I’d really love this show if it would stop focussing on forcing to young people into an artiifical relationship and if it would spend even a few minutes developing any of the support cast, and it would be fantastic if maybe we could learn more about Exorcisms and their foe. 72 more words


Fox tv fall 2016-17 Schedule

8-9 PM — Gotham
9-10 PM — Lucifer

8-8:30 PM — Brooklyn Nine-Nine
8:30-9 PM — New Girl
9-10 PM — Scream Queens… 4,862 more words


Because liking yoga and liking the Exorcist are not mutually exclusive interests.

Twin Star Exorcists Episode 6

An overview can be found on my previous review.


Rokuro is still loud and annoying. Benio is still laconic. The other exorcists are still completely useless. 76 more words