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#2: The Rite (2011)

#2: The Rite

Exorcists are fascinating. However, there are few riveting movies dealing with exorcisms. It may be that critics unjustly compare every exorcism movie to the classic, … 272 more words

Sir Ian McKellen is The Exorcist's demon

Sir Ian McKellen will be playing the voice of the demon in the new stage production of The Exorcist.

Jenny Seagrove will be playing Chris MacNeil, in the play at the Phoenix Theatre, directed by Sean Mathias and adapted by John Pielmeier from William Peter Blatty’s novel. 54 more words


Back Yard Haiku Number 209

Shaman, warlock, or

an exorcist: anything

to stop my coughing.

© 2017 John Christian Hager

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Spoopy movies and books! OCTOBRE EDISIION

Oh hello there.. Its been awhile.. How are you?? Since it being October and all I thought I would share my current top 10 horror movies and books of all time. 155 more words

Binge Season 1 of The Exorcist (2016)

Binge Season 1 of The Exorcist (2016)

Season 2 of the critically acclaimed TV series The Exorcist started last week on FOX. Catch up on the first season now streaming on Hulu. 119 more words

An Open Letter to the Real World Book Thief

You know who you are.

You know you have that book you borrowed from your friend and just never got back to returning it. It’s sitting there on your shelf. 397 more words