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The Terror Test EP 12 - The Exorcist & Insidious

THE TERROR TEST podcast is a conversation between two horror fans to weigh the merits of films and decide whether to admit them  into our sacred horror canon.  194 more words


Welcome to The House of Exorcism by blindmanshooting

An exorcist stands at the door way for devil release.
Thank you for following the series.

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Family Gathering by blindmanshooting

The flame rises and in creases, They are ready to being the release of diamonds which interrupt their lives.

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Book Review: A Head Full Of Ghosts By Paul Tremblay

If you’ve ever read a Stephen King novel, you know that the author is a much better storyteller than he is a writer.  King is no James Joyce, but he is able to frame our worst fears into relatable, frightening storytelling.   397 more words

Anime Rec: Ao no Exorcist

Ao no Exorcist is a fantasy action anime about a teenager, Rin, who was raised by an exorcist. His human father is murdered, and Rin learns that he is actually a son of Satan. 10 more words

Righteous Hands: Webcomic #1

This is my new webcomic Righteous Hands. Art by James Emmett.

Hard Coal Studios