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Extreme Exorcism, Exterminating Ghosts On PS4 & PS3

Extreme Exorcism is a game about a haunted house and the woman hired de-hauntify it.

You play as Mae Barrons, a medium with an unconventional way of dealing with ghosts. 112 more words


Anne Bell - The Spirited Prankster

The only residents remaining in the small town of Miners Hill are spirits. Humans don’t go to that side of the town for the fear that something ill may befall them. 190 more words

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The Pot Calling The Kettle Black-The Paranormal Exposer Evan Jensen Exposed! Part 3 updated with new info

Since my last Blog on Part 3 came out this morning Even Jensen once again is lashing out. First with a comment to my blog which I did not allow to post only to give him the further attention he seeks. 267 more words

Evan Jensen

Pot Calling the Kettle Black-Paranormal Exposer Evan Jensen-Exposed! Part 3

Well here we go on Part 3.  Thinking with all that I have seen and experienced for exposing Evan Jensen that I could write a book on Frauds and him….lol So let move on to Evan next lie and fraud to those in the paranormal world. 720 more words

Evan Jensen

Horo Diary part 45

Lớp Anh là lớp cuối cùng của dãy, cũng là lớp có số lượng đông nhất là 18 người (mà Kim Ngưu nghi ngờ rằng sẽ còn giảm nữa, căn cứ vào bộ mặt chán nản của mấy nhỏ 9/2 ngồi ở mấy bàn sau cùng). 2,022 more words

Horo Diary

The Top 10 Exorcism Scenes

Written by: David Blackthorn

One of the most terrifying concepts in horror movies is the idea of demonic possession, and an exorcism segment normally adds an intense climax to the story.  1,153 more words

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second episode of "Waugh and Coker plugged in"

Here it is horror fiends. the second episode of Waugh and Coker plugged in starring yours truly and doug Waugh. this episode we try to watch and review the incredibly bad Exorcist 2 the heretic and boy did we have a trouble with this one.