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Devotional # 59. Acts 19:1-41

Devotional # 59. 11/5/13. A Demon Beats Up Some Exorcists and Demetrius Starts a Riot.

This week’s Reading: Acts 19:1-41.

Introduction. This chapter has three famous stories in it: Peter’s sweatbands heal people, a demon beats up a bunch of exorcists and Demetrius is worried about his business and wants Paul to quit preaching. 1,191 more words

TSOM Episode 12: Bang Your Head...The Metal Show

For this episode, the TSOM panel gets pummeled by a five fingered death punch of metal. They are joined by Jeremiah Wehler who speaks fluent metal. 431 more words


Exorcism and the Catholic Church

Although there are several types of exorcism, the one most commonly imagined in popular culture is the solemn or “major” exorcism, a ritual to rid a possessed person of the demon or demons that inhabit their body—not merely a prayer for spiritual healing.

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Those Karmic Itches.....

When someone tells you, even promises you, that they have found the perfect “solution” for those karmic itches, those moral twinges, do you believe them? Perhaps you go along with it for a while, just to keep the peace? 298 more words


What is Horror?

These days, far too many films are categorised as horror when they are in actual fact, something completely different. Gone are the days of suspenseful scenes that have you hanging on every eerie second of silence, in are the countless takes, depicting graphic mutilation and needless gore. 901 more words


The Exorcist

Bit of a long break there, back to work!

In keeping with the spirit of this blog, and considering how Halloween is over i thought i might as well review something that was topical, so lets go for the so called “scariest movie ever made” shall we? 705 more words