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Nightcap - August 31

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Spiders Molting Exoskeletons

Like other arthropods, spiders have a protective hard exoskeleton that is flexible enough for movement, but can’t expand like human skin. Thus, they have to shed, or molt, this exoskeleton periodically throughout their lives as they grow, and replace it with a new, larger exoskeleton. 246 more words


Emptying out the mailbag and clearing the history #8

Other mailbags can be found hereKeep in mind a lot of this is email conversations, comment replies, or some random interesting things I’ve found. 1,503 more words



The profound nonsense
inherent in the soul-tears of leaves
harrows my skin
and tips me
into the melancholy
of summer steak night

Chase the owl… 25 more words

Sigourney Weaver's exo-suit from "Aliens" may soon be real

While we don’t have interstellar spaceships, the ability to terraform other planets, or know of any bloodthirsty aliens bent on our eradication, there may soon be one sci-fi thing we’ll have from James Cameron’s “Aliens:” exo-suits. 250 more words

Hackaday Prize Entry: Soft Orthotics

Nearly a million people in the US suffer from CP, a neurological disorder that causes spastic motion in the limbs. One of the biggest quality of life factors for CP sufferers is the ability to use their arms, and that means an expensive and clunky orthotic around their elbow. 161 more words

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