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You say cicada, I say locust

Back in Missouri where I grew up, we had an insect about the size of the end of your thumb that folks called locusts.

The proper name for these critters was “cicadas,” but for me, they will always be locusts. 248 more words

25 Years of the ADA

In 1990 I was a three-year-old bundle of energy who was just beginning to understand the world around me. My personality was starting to show, which included taking joy in terrorizing my big sister (she wanted to flush me down the toilet – true story).   823 more words

Muscular Dystrophy

Macro | Not Death, Rebirth

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Description From Photographer if Any:

This is a sun-bleached molted crayfish carapace (exoskeleton) on a mudflat in the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge. 29 more words


The Exoskeletons Are Coming

A powerful prototype exoskeleton is being developed by a Panasonic subsidiary, ActiveLink.

Even if you lack the resources of Tony Stark, you can obtain a high-tech suit to enhance your natural abilities, or at least help you avoid a backache. 527 more words


[ARTICLE] A passively safe cable driven upper limb rehabilitation exoskeleton - Full Text PDF


BACKGROUND: When using upper limb exoskeletons that assist the movement of physically weak people, safety should be the most important index.

OBJECTIVE: In this paper, a passively safe, cable-driven upper limb exoskeleton with parallel actuated joints, which perfectly mimics human motions, is proposed. 518 more words

Upper Limb