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Mechanical Menagerie #1: Exoskeletons

Bionic Boot

Credit: Keahi Seymour

The Bionic Boots are an invention by Keahi Seymour that you wear just as any boot but which allow the user to run at speeds of up to 25 mph. 524 more words


Golden Tortoise Beetle Larvae Feeding

When it comes to ingenuity, the Golden Tortoise Beetle (Charidotella sexpunctata) larva has all others beat! Instead of discarding its feces, it collects them and uses them as a means of chemical protection. 104 more words

Exoskeleton Market Analysis Report, Share, Trends, and Forecast, 2017-2024

Exoskeleton Market trends are analyzed from recent past with an eye on coming years in this report that also offers projections for Exoskeleton industry targeted at helping in business decisions. 856 more words

Should the U.S. Create Trans-human Warriors?

The concept of the United States Military creating a “Trans-human Warrior,” is one fraught with controversy and ethical quandaries. The American public, and in all probability the world at-large, would react adversely to the idea of modifying human physiological condition for the purpose of advancing war-fighting capability.   441 more words


Exoskeleton Market Revenue Growth Predicted by 2024

The term exoskeleton stands for rigid, strong and inflexible external covering which is meant to protect the body of some of the invertebrates, especially arthropods. The exoskeleton acts as protecting cover the animals with weaker body parts. 737 more words


A week ago or so, I found a cicada floating in the goats’ water tubs.  I rescued it, and then we had a great photo shoot.  60 more words


The Hackaday Prize: Exoskeletons for the Masses

While medical facilities continue to improve worldwide, access to expensive treatments still eludes a vast amount of people. Especially when it comes to prosthetics, a lot of people won’t be able to afford something so personalized even though the need for assistive devices is extremely high. 132 more words

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