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Exoskeleton Designed for Children

Exoskeletons are demonstrably awesome, allowing humans to accomplish feats of strength beyond their normal capacity. The future is bright for the technology — not just for industrial and military applications, but especially in therapy and rehabilitation. 168 more words

Medical Hacks

Dexta Robotics' exoskeleton hand the Dexmo

Dexta Robotics is developing next gen technology to allow users to interactive within VR worlds. The company working on an exoskeleton glove called the Dexmo… 160 more words

Immersive Technology

Shedding our skin

It’s mid-August and the cicadas have taken refuge in the big oaks in my yard, having dug their way out of the hard earth below. As the sun sets each evening these homely red-eyed creatures sing their songs in the heat and humidity of summer. 359 more words


So Japan Has Cyborgs Now?

Kunihiko Miyahara loved to surf. His wife, Kaori, points out photos of her husband catching waves as her fingers wander through an album filled with images of the couples’ history.   568 more words


Paraplegics are learning to walk again with virtual reality

The chances of recovery for paraplegic patients were once considered nearly nil. But in 2014, 29-year-old Juliano Pinto, who faced complete paralysis below the chest, literally  514 more words

Brain training with exoskeleton and VR spurs recovery for paraplegics

(Source: arstechnica.com)

With brain training, paraplegics can once again move and sense their limbs despite having spinal cord injuries that were previously considered irreversible, an international team of researchers reports Thursday in Scientific Reports. 525 more words


EMF damages chitin – the missing link to bee deaths and monarch butterfly declines? Will the Smart Grid, 5G, and Project Loon finish the bees?

Steep recent declines in bee and butterfly populations have alarmed biologists and the public. Parasites have caused recent devastating impacts to bees.

Why is chitin important? 3,217 more words