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Cool Tech on Cold Days: CES '17

Here in DC, we’re bundled up against some seriously arctic temperatures. But this chill is nothing compared to the level of COOL on exhibit at the… 436 more words


Harvey's Suit

His nervous system wasn’t working anymore, so they had to give him a new one.

Harvey Lincoln was 59 years old when he was diagnosed With… 3,237 more words

Short Story

Accessive Living

Accessive Living is a disability empowerment community — working to increase available opportunities for individuals to become self-autonomous in their communities, in order to enable them to represent their own interests in a responsible and self-determined way, acting with their own authority.

Walking again: Hyundai's exoskeleton helps paraplegics move on their own

LAS VEGAS – At the same time Hyundai brings autonomy to driving, the company is bringing walking to paraplegics. Soon, people who have use of their arms but not their legs can strap on H-MEX, the Hyundai Medical Exoskeleton. 1,178 more words


An Exoskeleton For The Elderly

Almost a third of adults age 65 and older report difficulty walking just three city blocks. But a company called Superflex has raised $10 million to build a solution—and it doesn’t involve wheels. 789 more words

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Bug Skeleton

I have been working on learning how to create photo backgrounds with bokeh and blur. As I was looking through photos for one to use I came across this one that I had taken and managed to capture both effects with the camera! 9 more words