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Cultural factors: the why's and the how's

What brought about the creation of the Exoskeleton? Why did we need it?

Initially, the exoskeleton was designed as a suit to assist in walking, running and jumping. 266 more words


Technology that makes up the Exoskeleton

What fascinates me is the combination of multiple technologies that have converged to create the Exoskeleton suit:

Beginning as a science-fiction concept designed by Russian inventor Nicholas Yagn in 1890 (using compressed gas as energy) the idea became popularised in modern media by Marvel’s “Iron Man”. 272 more words


Technological Determinism? What is it and how is it relevant?

Technological Determinism? What is it?

In general terms: Technological Determinism is the theory behind how much our society is affected by technology.

However the real question is: 418 more words


More than just Normal.

Does the name Alastor ‘Mad – Eye’ Moody ring any bells? Harry Potter? Yes, are we on the same page? Awesome. If you’re a die-hard Harry Potter fan (like myself) you’ll remember that Professor Moody was considered to be the most famous Auror (dark wizard catcher) of his time and he had the scars to prove it. 1,783 more words


Nika Danielska

Another designer whom I stumbled upon by utter chance is Nika Danielska, and if I am honest she is my favourite artist/designer at this moment. Nika’s work is phenomenal! 137 more words

Artist And Designer Research

The Brazilian World Cup inspired our next #strokerecovery & technology Tweetchat! Spread the word & RT!

If you cast your mind back to the Brazillian World Cup, what would be your abiding memory?

The now infamous (and vicious) Suarez bite, the best player of the tournament – Thomas Muller (perhaps?), the winning team (Germany-  if you’ve forgotten)- or the off-the-pitch news stories of widespread brothels (or zonas), the cheap and seemingly widespread child prostitution, the spotlight on the world’s biggest crack market, the new (but un-shocking) FIFA corruption allegations, the carnival atmosphere, or other? 442 more words