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Clint Eastwood movie screening tonight to support vital spinal research

A B.C. man who broke his spine during a fishing accident is now joining forces with Clint Eastwood’s movie: The 15:17 to Paris, to raise funds to support spinal research. 413 more words


Powered Exoskeleton: The Most Interesting Medical Device

The literal translation of the word Exoskeleton defines it as an external skeleton to protect the body inside. A natural example of an exoskeleton is the shell of a tortoise or a crab. 364 more words


Mechanisms: The Lever, It's Everywhere

Levers are literally all around us. You body uses them to move, pick up a pen to sign your name and you’ll use mechanical advantage to make that ballpoint roll, and that can of soda doesn’t open without a cleverly designed lever. 1,435 more words


EPFL’s FlyJacket: Fly Drones More Intuitively

FPV (First Person View) cameras, VR headsets and UAVs have all individually changed the way in which we are able to interact with our surroundings. The convergence of these technologies are providing practical opportunities to experience and explore the world in whole new ways. 560 more words


Learning Software In A Soft Exosuit

Wearables and robots don’t often intersect, because most robots rely on rigid bodies and programming while we don’t. Exoskeletons are an instance where robots interact with our bodies, and a soft exosuit is even closer to our physiology. 128 more words

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That Feels Good ~ I Can Breath Again

Exoskeletons Can Be A Tight Fit

This macro shot is a grand total of four sq. centimeters

ISO 100 ~ Shutter Speed 1.6s. ~ F/16 ~ Natural Light… 8 more words


Exoskeletons gain momentum in preventing ergonomic injuries

By Delia Treaster, PhD, CPE, BWC Ergonomic Technical Advisor

Exoskeletons are here! Formerly found in science fiction or action movies, exoskeletons have made the transition from fantasy to reality. 336 more words

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