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Baby mangoes?

An aunt of mine came back from a vacation in thailand recently and gifted some baby mango fruit thingie to us. It tastes like unripe persimmon. 21 more words


Kid Friendly Exotic Fruits

Do you struggle to get fruits into your little ones diet? Are they running and hiding away from the banana, apples and oranges that you chase them around the house to eat then tell them with your best super hero voice ” It will make you strong and healthy” We have all been there… 417 more words


DID YOU KNOW: Growing your own #fruit is


Growing your own #fruit is one of the best ways to get your nutritional fix. Not only are you feeding your #body plenty of #health-giving vitamins, you’re also boosting your #soul into the bargain. 118 more words

Exotic Fruits

Tasting Durian

Durian is also called king of fruits.  I was strolling around the streets and my attention caught on a fruit which resembled jackfruit though small in size and round in shape.   328 more words


Sipping On Avocado Wine at Schnebly Redland’s Winery

Located deep in the heart of the Redlands you will find two of South Florida’s treasures. The first is Schnebly Redland’s Winery. This gem is a family run business that was started in 2003 when the couple starting experimenting with fruits by making wine. 651 more words


Heart Healthy Fruits

Eating more fruits is good for your health. Overall, tropical fruits have been known to reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease. On top of these benefits, a diet rich in tropical fruits ensures that you will have improved digestion and GI function. 312 more words

Exotic Fruits