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Jack of All Fruits

As the title mentioned Jackfruit is also known as The Jack of All Fruits. Why? Unlike many other fruits, you can cook entrée dishes and eat its both flesh and seeds. 108 more words

Exotic Fruits

Queen of The Fruits

Let me introduce you to Mangosteen! A juicy, sweet, and tangy edible flesh found under dark purple-brown, hard exterior skin. Its skin may look tough, and leave your fingers stained, but this flavorful treat is widely known in Asia as The Queen of The Fruits. 49 more words

Exotic Fruits

King of the Fruits

Have you heard of Durian?! It’s a type of fruit from Southeast Asia, also known as “The King of the Fruits”. It has an intimidating look and an unique intense aroma. 29 more words

Exotic Fruits

Where to have an air-conditioned break in Cartagena

An insider guide to Cartagena certainly can’t exist without tips on how to survive the brutal heat! So the key is knowing about the nice quiet cafes where they don’t try to get rid of you and there’s no pressure to move just because there are too many people waiting. 187 more words


A botanical bounty

THAILAND’s superb year-round climate and rich fertile soil enable local famers to cultivate an unbelievable rainbow of juice exotic fruits, crisp crunchy vegetables and fresh aromatic herbs that enliven the country’s dinner tables. 638 more words

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Look for the Bare Necessities

La Tuna – Prickly Pear

Opuntia ficus-indica

The Prickly Pear is a Peruvian favorite, known here as the ‘Tuna’. The exotic fruit is plucked from a Cactus, and stocked in wheelbarrows along the sidewalks of Trujillo. 593 more words