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This is Mauricio’s favorite fruit. Grown in the states of La Paz and Cochabamba of Bolivia.

The cherimoya looks to me what I’d imagine a dragon egg would look like. 211 more words

Exotic Fruits


In my last post I promised to write a series of posts about the foods here in Bolivia. This is achachairú, a fruit. And so far, it’s my absolute favorite. 230 more words

Exotic Fruits

"You can't grow Watermelons in the UK...... can you?"

If I was to tell you that I don’t actually like the taste of Watermelons, it would be a fair question to ask me just why I dedicated so much time last year to growing them and indeed, why I plan to do the same this year. 2,722 more words

Korean Pears

So obviously I didn’t “make these” but this is my mid-morning snack this week and for those of you who have never had one, I thought I’d introduce you to the Korean Pear, aka. 205 more words

Asian Fruits

Dragonfruit Coffee

Dragonfruit Coffee

Description: Our dragonfruit coffee comes in 4 variants for your to choose.

Exotic Fruits on glossy paper, full-color, 2-ft by 3-ft … Dragon Fruit… 29 more words


Analyzing Bathfitter.com

Bathfitter is a company found 1984 in Montreal, Canada. Their main goal for the company was to provide bathroom renovation services to commercial buildings in an easier, affordable, less time-consuming ways. 354 more words

Exotic Fruits

Prunus Salicina

Prunus Salicinas are commonly known as Japanese or Chinese Plum. They are originated in China. They are one of subtropical fruits that have success growth worldwide now, in low chilling season in American, UK, and many other places. 17 more words

Exotic Fruits