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Analyzing Bathfitter.com

Bathfitter is a company found 1984 in Montreal, Canada. Their main goal for the company was to provide bathroom renovation services to commercial buildings in an easier, affordable, less time-consuming ways. 354 more words

Exotic Fruits

2013 Maison Louis Latour Andeche Chardonnay

Maison Louis Latour is one of the most innovative producers in Burgundy whilst maintaining its traditional image. With a view to expanding the business in 1979, the valley of the Ardèche river with its limestone-based soils was chosen as the ideal location to produce top-quality vin de pays Chardonnay. 66 more words

White Wine

Prunus Salicina

Prunus Salicinas are commonly known as Japanese or Chinese Plum. They are originated in China. They are one of subtropical fruits that have success growth worldwide now, in low chilling season in American, UK, and many other places. 17 more words

Exotic Fruits

Jack of All Fruits

As the title mentioned Jackfruit is also known as The Jack of All Fruits. Why? Unlike many other fruits, you can cook entrée dishes and eat its both flesh and seeds. 108 more words

Exotic Fruits

Queen of The Fruits

Let me introduce you to Mangosteen! A juicy, sweet, and tangy edible flesh found under dark purple-brown, hard exterior skin. Its skin may look tough, and leave your fingers stained, but this flavorful treat is widely known in Asia as The Queen of The Fruits. 49 more words

Exotic Fruits

King of the Fruits

Have you heard of Durian?! It’s a type of fruit from Southeast Asia, also known as “The King of the Fruits”. It has an intimidating look and an unique intense aroma. 29 more words

Exotic Fruits