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Horned melons?! 

Came across these weird looking gourds in the supermarket the other day. They were labeled as kiwanos. A kind of cucumber/melon hybrid. Also known as horned melons.


Dragon Fruit, Guavas, and Pixie Tangerines

Who wouldn’t be fascinated with a food called Dragon Fruit?

I would love to try one of them, but the price is breathtakingly high, so I will content myself with watching YouTube offerings. 230 more words

Exotic fruits to try while you’re in Southeast Asia

It’s so weird to me that the fruits that I ate every day back in Vietnam are considered as exotic fruits in most countries around the world. 583 more words

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Krazy for Kumquats

Kumquats are ripe!

“For however many kumquats that I eat

I’m not sure if it’s flesh or rind that’s sweet,

And being a man of doubt at life’s mid-way… 334 more words


2013 Maison Louis Latour Andeche Chardonnay

Maison Louis Latour is one of the most innovative producers in Burgundy whilst maintaining its traditional image. With a view to expanding the business in 1979, the valley of the Ardèche river with its limestone-based soils was chosen as the ideal location to produce top-quality vin de pays Chardonnay. 66 more words

White Wine

Kuehne Mystique IPA


/unfiltered, slightly light shade

/good foam, rather fine and smooth

/this one is interesting because you do not realize you drink a wheat beer until you read it. 16 more words