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Ferrari F12 with some awesome wheels at Concorso Ferrari

I love when wheels are done just right. Different enough to be distinctive, but well short of tacky. This Ferrari F12 had a perfect look in my opinion, and it was the wheels that tied it all together.

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Team Salamone's Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster with Chrome / Purple TRON Wrap

We are huge fans of Team Salamone, and we always love photographing their car because it’s one of the wildest Lambos around. Here it is at Cars and Caffe last year. 26 more words

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Ferrari F12 next to a Prius in Greenwich, CT

Like Yin and Yang in perfect harmony, the fast and ostentatious Ferrari F12 sat side by side with the slow and humble Toyota Prius. Two very different lifestyles met to attend the same festival of Automobillia, the Greenwich Concours. 6 more words

Exotic Supercars

Baby Blue Porsche 991 GT3 RS at Cars and Caffe

The 991 GT3 RS is one hell of a track machine, and this is one of my favorite colors I’ve ever seen one in. Classic Porsche style.


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