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Sightings on Rapida Island Galapagos

one of the striking birds we saw on Rapida Island was the Galapagos Grey Heron. We also saw Penguins, and Pelicans that rest in the mangroves. 24 more words


Canyon Ranch - health and wellness focus

Surpringly sumptuous food is always on the menu. Canyon Ranch includes all meals and a long list of interesting activities. Portions are smaller than a normal restaurant – typically the meat or fish is 3 Ounces. 10 more words


Sacred Temples of the Far East

Borobudur, Java

Shaped like a giant lotus flower, the sacred symbol of the Buddha, Borobudur is the world’s largest Buddhist monument. Set inspiringly, amongst the lush rice paddies in the centre of the Indonesian island, the structure of the temple is unique. 1,013 more words


Dallas Escape Series: The Very Captivating Huatulco Near Oaxaca Mexico

It’s hard to resist writing up our regular Dallas Escape Series with several nods to the beauty of Mexico. Probably a fourth of all of our travel postings have been in or surrounding Mexico. 538 more words


Taking a Look Inside the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)

Sorry, I had this post stuck in draft mode for more than 6 months now. It’s time!

Photo: My DPRK tourist visa card.

So my journey began in Beijing, where I first met my group from Young Pioneer Tours (YPT) at the City Central Youth Hostel and first laid hands on my blue DPRK visa card. 3,497 more words


At this amazing paradise resort you can dine at the foot of a waterfall

The Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort is pretty much everything you’d expect a tropical dream resort to be. Delicious food, warm wonderful weather, and a restaurant at the foot of a waterfall where guests dine while water rushes under their tables. 313 more words