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Ritz Carlton Kyoto- a Japanese Jewel Box!

One checks in and gets an immediate sense of Kyoto. Japanese culture is on display in every corner. Rooms are luxurious with a floor to ceiling window view of the city. 38 more words


10 Of The Best Places To Go To Avoid Christmas

There are many places where December 25th is a day like any other. Make your own cheers this year and hop on a plane for exotic travel adventures to stunning destinations that do not celebrate Christmas. 596 more words


5 Reasons You Should Visit Almaty

Kazakhstan is a cosmopolitan place that borders the cultural crossroads between Asia and Europe. The vast country stretches from China to the Caspian Sea. It is one of Asia’s diverse cultures where Russians and Kazakhs border the Ukrainians, Tatars, Uzbeks, Germans, and scores of other cultures mix harmoniously. 557 more words



Enjoying an exotic and beautiful taste of finnish Lapland. Have a nice weekend dear friends!

Avnjuter en exotisk och härlig smak av finska Lappland. Trevlig helg på er alla kära vänner!

Northernmost of Finland - Lapland

Most peacefull place on earth must be here in the northernmost of Finland. And the autumn is so very wonderful season here. I just like spend some time in silence of the nature.

How to Stay Safe as A Single Female Traveler In India

In India, attacks on tourists have recently been on the rise, leaving one question the level of safety of women touring alone in the country. This has led to women taking safety measures to avoid “Eve-teasing”; the name used in India referring to sexual harassment. 567 more words


My Amigas

Sometimes if I can’t fall asleep I count all my women friends, strong, independent, smart, funny friends, some of whom I’ve known for more than 40 years. 325 more words

Bopping Around Tucson