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How to Stay Safe as A Single Female Traveler In India

In India, attacks on tourists have recently been on the rise, leaving one question the level of safety of women touring alone in the country. This has led to women taking safety measures to avoid “Eve-teasing”; the name used in India referring to sexual harassment. 567 more words


My Amigas

Sometimes if I can’t fall asleep I count all my women friends, strong, independent, smart, funny friends, some of whom I’ve known for more than 40 years. 325 more words

Bopping Around Tucson

Burma's Rising Capital

Naypyitaw, the roughly 12-year old nation capital of Burma, has been called many things since it was created. A ghost town, a post-apocalyptic suburb. Its 16-lane roads are vast and endless, and apparently unused by motorists or pedestrians. 677 more words

Traveling Solo

My Adventures in Bhutan

Bhutan – which translates as “the Land of the Thunder Dragon”- is a small landlocked country, hidden in the eastern side of Himalayas between the sprawling enfold of China and India. 670 more words



The current buzzwords in the tourism sector include “Eco”, “Eco-friendly” and “Eco-tourism.” But what do they mean? Eco-tourism can be defined as the act of responsible travelling to natural environment protection area that conserves the natural environment while increasing the living standards of the local people. 618 more words


Little Drops of Heaven – Green Island

Volcanic action formed one of the most peaceful and smallest islands in Pacific Ocean – Green Island. This tiny island is also known as “Fire Island” or “Fire-Burned Island”. 749 more words


Mongolia, a land of contrasts and blue skies

Last week I had the privilege to visit Mongolia, a country that I now know is blessed with beauty and kindness. I’m jumping ahead a bit, I have wonderful things to say about Punta Cana, Basel and Amsterdam as well, and stories to tell about Tunisia. 2,092 more words