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A Fancier Shade of Fail

Luxury isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. A perfect example of this is the Mercury LN-7. The LN-7 was an attempt to create an upmarket sporty coupe for Mercury dealers to sell to young, sporting and better-off people. 58 more words


Mother F-ing Fire this week. Love it.

Work was fun and confusing at time. I knew we had multiple servers but didn’t realize how confusing it was going to be one day. 153 more words


EXP #1.11

“Your mother was always in love with him, we all went to the same secondary school and started university in Nigeria before she got a scholarship to study abroad, I joined her a year later. 930 more words

Fast Archwing EXP

Mobile Defence
Neptune (Salacia)

This is my favourite place to level up archwings!


+700 EXP

This has been a productive week.

Tickets completed: 5
Major blockades taken down: 1
Total expereince gain: +700


I’m getting more comfortable navigating and searching through the bazillion lines of code. 210 more words


A Train to nowhere...

“I need to experience the juice of travel,”

I told a friend on the phone,who pleaded with me, to not take the semi rush hour train into town. 1,168 more words