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Penguin locations 24-30 june 2015

Here is a list of the penguins this week on world 60 (24th-30th september) for invisible ghost join friends chat “world60pengy” and if you are having trouble finding regular pengs join the friends chat “ 165 more words


"Why Anatomy?"

anatomy: (n.) the study of the structure of organisms and their parts

anatomy in the summer as an accelerated course that I chose to take without the knowledge of there being prerequisites: (n.) the most current anxiety-sparking, daunting situation that is running through my life right at the moment… 900 more words


"Summer... Time?"

Summer time. It’s refreshing to be surrounded by “free time”, something that rarely occurs when I’m busy with the typical five day school weeks. But with me growing up, with me seeking self-actualization, with me wanting to be busy, with me wanting to not waste my summer like countless times in my past… Are these two and a half months actually time for some genuine relaxation and rejuvenation? 1,657 more words


"Around the World of Prom"

Prom, prom, prom.

I’ve always had high expectations of the entire high school scene as a whole, but prom? That’s on a level of its own. 737 more words


Gypsum and coffee mix brick

A mixture consisting of 3/4 gypsum and 1/4 coffee residue was poured into a casing measuring 6 x 4,5 cm. The sides were cast out after 6 days in a 23-24 degrees Celsius temperature. 61 more words


[ExP] One Body - Many Souls (Story)

The cases of split personality aren’tĀ found so rare. Modern psychiatry calls it dissociative disorder. Meanwhile, every fourth inhabitant of the globe regularly hears in his head voices , and more than 40% experienced that phenomenon at least once. 1,323 more words