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QoS: Marking and Matching

The Rules where CoS, DE, CLP, or EXP can be used are:

  • Classification: On ingress only, and only if the interface supports that particular header field…
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QoS: WAN Marking

Frame Relay and ATM support a single bit that can be set for QoS but this single bit is actually intended for use related to drop probability.   56 more words


Oracle datapump Internals

In this series we’ll share the internals of the Oracle datapump, how to improve performance of a datapump job, how to monitor datapump jobs, how to read the header information from the dump file. 39 more words

Oracle datapump Architecture & Internals

Oracle Datapump was introduced with 10gR1 as a replacement to the classic export/import utilities. In this post we’ll go through the internals of Datapump to see how it works. 1,110 more words

National Treasure

Today’s topic is not about the movie nor local heroes I’m currently loving. It’s about making a wish come true. 2,224 more words

Ivan Chernov - Little Snail

Today let’s listen to a calm electronic sound made by Ukrainian musician Ivan Chernov. Track Little Snail has a special melancholy mood, reminds us that summer will come to an end soon. 8 more words