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I spend my entire day dreaming.

People always ask me what I’m thinking about, or why my expression is so vacant, and honestly, I have no clue. 820 more words

Bill could change tow law to unhook for more drivers

In order to stop a tow company from taking a car, the driver has to show proof of ownership or registration.

One state lawmaker says this has caused problems for drivers, especially tourists. 328 more words


What In The World Are You Doing?

Ya know, that is a question I get asked a lot, for fairly obvious reasons. Take for instance, this change for The Hillbilly Blogger. The number one most asked question, besides what am I doin’, is why am I doin’ it? 31 more words


Expand Your Living Room Style With Rustic Furniture

The rustic look is really a ideal option when opting to decorate a living room that opens out into a patio or lanai. Irrespective of the rustic furniture piece

Psalm 119: Part four

Verse twenty five starts with a human experience, and not a good one: my soul clings to the dust. I would say, that the writer, David, is experiencing death in his being; death that could be caused by anxiety. 543 more words

My Burgeon

EXPAND: Crazy Jewish Mom

Crazy Jewish Mom is an Instagram account that uploadsĀ the best text exchanges between a daughter and her mother.

We’ve collated ten of the funnier exchanges here in this light-hearted Monday post: 40 more words


Raising your vibration

Why do you want to raise your vibration? Is it because you are seeing messages saying you should do so? Or perhaps because you sense that will help you to be happier, more powerful, more effective, able to get what you want in life? 223 more words

Healing Message