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Watch Them Soar

I can watch them for hours as they coast on the air currents high above my head. They seem to play with each other…follow the leader, tag, red rover red rover won’t you come over… Some arrange themselves in perfect formation, vees of aerodynamic perfection performing intricate maneuvers in mid flight. 398 more words


Focus Forward

During lunch today I had a meaningful conversation with two of the women on retreat here.  Our conversation centered on our experiences of past traumas or abuses of one nature or another.  511 more words


Six word story #1

When opportunity knocks, open the door.



She stretches between

the shade of two continents

Vast and inviting

As her horizons expand

Her essence is in demand


How to expand your business’s global reach

(Source: e27.co)

With the advent of the Internet and digital revolution, “global” is an easy word for businesses to use. At the click of a button, businesses can make products or services available across hundreds of countries. 605 more words