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The Expanse: Season 1

Being a science fiction fan is what made me a television fan. It was great science fiction series that turned me into someone who compulsively watches series from start to finish and then starting over again, obsessing over details and characters. 661 more words

Science Fiction

Meetup 81: Expanse, Part 1

Hello people,

Some of you might already know about all the wonderful things that Write Club has come up with, as part of Dramatic December… 962 more words

Meetup Update

syfy, miller, the expanse, expanse, thomas jane, i aint sitting this one out, sitting out Gif For Fun

syfy, miller, the expanse, expanse, thomas jane, i aint sitting this one out, sitting out Gif for Fun at your Time


Research Point: John Virtue and the Urban Landscape

John Virtue and Urban Landscapes

John Virtue was associate artist in residence at the National Gallery from 2003-2005, and quickly fell in love with the rich and varied scenes of London. 2,514 more words


Project 4, Exercise 3: Aerial or Atmospheric Perspective

This exercise asked us to use tonal gradation to give the impression of distance. Perspective in its most basic form involves colours fading the further away they get, and more detail within the foreground than in the distance. 778 more words


The Expanse

I started watching a new series on Netflix last night called The Expanse. Based on the first episode, I was very impressed with it.

The premise of the programme is that humankind has colonised parts of space; there are communities living on Mars and in an asteroid belt, where they have mining operations. 109 more words


Project 4: Exercise 2: Angular Perspective

As it was not completely accessible for me to go out and physically view buildings, I decided to practice perspective using books. I stacked them up and used a light pencil and a ruler to slowly began drawing the books. 267 more words