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O Great Spirit

O Great Spirit, alighting in silence
circling slowly in my heart
wingtips trembling in the current
as you circle
spiraling through the expanse

– for Katie Reimer

© Meisaan Chan


Day Two Hundred Fourteen Morning #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Lyle writes:

The terrain has changed to a level expanse, running straight. (No place for a snake to hide and surprise the hapless passerby).

Studied my goal before closing my eyes. 18 more words

Diary Of The End Of The World


I love being
Where the sky is big
And the land is bigger

I love being
In a space bigger than I
Where I wade out into expanse 25 more words


Each word we speak

Each word we speak has a life of its own, a vibratory signature that creates waves into the expanse of the universe.                  ~ Unknown

Monthly Post 2016

Nature and Universe

“Growing up on a farm was the best.I remember loving that expanse of space. The sky at night was so clear, I could see every star.”-Abbie Cornish

Poem of the Day for June 1, 2016

The Man

A man said to the universe,
“Sir, I exist!”
“However,” replied the universe,
“The fact has not created in me
A sense of obligation.”

Stephen Crane


Five-Hundred Word Challenge 113: Mysterious Object and the Expanse Before it

Always at ten and across the green desert lies an object of distinct desirability.

Many people have come and tried to conquer the grand expanse that lies between them and this object, but none have been able to get anything that could be considered far. 514 more words