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if you were to look at an atlas of my town, it would be a flat sandy surface pressing against a brilliant blue that most days feels bottomless and endless. 59 more words

Shade Trails

A photo I took a few weeks ago when I walked from Coogee to Bondi that has quickly become one of my “All-Time Favorites… 115 more words


Mea culpa

I forgot to post yesterday!

Neither did the world end, nor did anyone of y’all complain.

Indulge in a nice picture

Why this one? Because the tv show the expanse is threatened with cancellation. 49 more words


#Save the Expanse


There are few things sadder than canceling a favorite show. However, there are few things more illogical than canceling a show that has 100 % Rotten Tomatoes rating from both critics and audience. 639 more words

TV Series

Meditation Revelation

I had a moment where I started to feel the immensity of the universe and just how infinitesimal I am.
I had to shut it off quickly and refocus. 51 more words


The Expanse Season 3 Episode 2 "IFF" Recap & Commentary


 A SYFY Original Series

Recap & Commentary

 Season 3 Episode 2


 Written for Television by Daniel Abraham & Ty Franck

Directed by Breck Eisner… 2,548 more words

Three Line Tales - Expanse

Many thanks to Sonya for Week One Hundred and Sixteen of Three Line Tales, part of her awesome blog Only 100 Words! 129 more words