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The Expanse is the best new science fiction series in years

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Warning: extremely light spoilers ahead.

There was a time—a long time—when every new science fiction TV series raised the same question: Is it as good as the first Battlestar Galactica miniseries? 868 more words


Bookends: A First Peek into he World of the Expanse

By Dan Davidson

February 17, 2016

– 785 words –

Leviathan Wakes

By James A. Corey… 769 more words


Kick the temple bell

Shy at the gate,

toss your head, flip your tail,

switch ears, twitch nostrils-

a fine tension builds,

keep with it.

Shimmy your skin and whinny, yes, 98 more words


part three: expanse, project three: landscape

exercise three: 360° studies

I have become completely weather obsessed since starting this part of the course. The day might creep up to 3° if we’re lucky but add the wind chill to that and we don’t get out of negative numbers. 398 more words


The Sovereign God Separates the Sky, the Sea and the Land

Genesis 3:6-10 – More Separation

  • The word “vault” in verse 6 means heavens or sky in Hebrew. The ancients who read Genesis understood the sky as like a dome or vault.
  • 301 more words

part three: expanse project three: composition

exercise one: developing your studies

Of my project two sketches this appealed most for its atmosphere. Is this someone venturing out or peering out? Are the gates safety or restriction? 697 more words