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The Expanse at New York Comic Con: What to look forward to in season two

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The Expanse is the best new science fiction series in yearsNEW YORK COMIC CON—When The Expanse was announced by Syfy as a television program adapted from the book series (there were five in the series at the time), the news was met with some excitement, along with a dose of skepticism. 525 more words



Wide is the expanse of the universe
Insignificant we are, a mere dot
Do not even register in the big scheme
E… 114 more words


Great Pacific Garbage Patch is worse than researchers expected

❝ The Ocean Cleanup, the Dutch foundation developing advanced technologies to rid the oceans of plastic…presented the initial findings of its Aerial Expedition — a series of low-speed, low-altitude flights across the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the plastic accumulation zone between Hawaii and California.

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When "There Are No Shadows In The Dark"

There Are No Shadows In The Dark

Part 1

There are no shadows in the dark.
Just a never-ending expanse of black.
No matter where I turn. 318 more words


Research Point: Landscape in Series.

I initially researched what working in series involves, and why it is important. I learnt that when submitting a proposal for an exhibition, it is so much better for an artist to create a unified and cohesive group of work following a similar theme, as opposed to a selection of singular paintings with various different meanings and ideas. 2,494 more words


Project 2, Exercise 3: 15 min landscape studies 

Just behind my back garden, there is a field, used for playing football or rugby, overlooks houses, trees, a park and a main road. I thought this would be perfect for this exercise. 906 more words


Project 2, Exercise 2: Sketchbook walk 

I took a walk around my garden one evening and found four views I wanted to draw. It was around 5pm, not dark yet, however the sun was hidden behind a multitude of clouds, resulting in no shadows or intense light and shade contrast. 877 more words