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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 113: Mysterious Object and the Expanse Before it

Always at ten and across the green desert lies an object of distinct desirability.

Many people have come and tried to conquer the grand expanse that lies between them and this object, but none have been able to get anything that could be considered far. 514 more words



318, Actor Thomas Jane as Detective Miller, from the tv and book series The Expanse. Painted in #krita (3h30).



Auschwitz II

The fading sun

The fog, the expanse

The expanse of the space

The expanse of the meaning

The expanse of the weight

And the sadness… 10 more words

Journeyman Reads Grey by E. L James

I can’t go into a bookstore anymore without seeing a title in this lady-porn series lined up at the optimum viewing level for anybody five feet tall. 765 more words


Staring in Disbelief

I went to the edge of the universe and beyond.

I saw a grid.

How strange there was no space, no life, no kid.

Just me alone staring at a grid, 28 more words


TV Review: "The Expanse"

The Expanse

OVERALL: I have no idea what is going on and I never miss an episode. It is that good. Hubby and I love to watch it. 299 more words

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