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Mayors try to find solutions for Namur-De La Savane sector

Politicians of two municipalities and two boroughs around Decarie Boulevard are collaborating to come up with a transit plan for the area.

The mayors of Côte-des-Neiges – NDG, Town of Mont Royal, St-Laurent and Côte Saint-Luc are creating a joint committee to try to find transit solutions.  402 more words


Independence is an Illusion. (Oneness Series)

We live in a universe that echoes oneness. This means that no one is actually independent. Every one of us is dependent on eachother to get our needs met whether that be a person or that be a thing or that be an animal. 375 more words



Keep moving and the answer will be there when you get there.


what is the universe expanding into?

if the answer was “nothing”, then nothingness can’t be a repulsive “force” (actually an effect that seems like a repulsive force due to the impossibility of something to collapse into absolutely nothing). 54 more words


Knowledge and remembrance

Baba says, ‘knowledge and remembrance are two different things‘. Remembrance cannot be called knowledge, He explains. We think that when Baba says, ‘ 534 more words

The Self And The Supreme


In my previous post (Fixing the Playoffs) I touched on MLB expansion. It’s definitely happening at some point. In that post I discussed the playoff implications, and I’d be very excited for that format. 781 more words