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Building Roots

As a recent college graduate I decided to pursue a new life abroad.  Graduation came and passed and I awaited my new adventure in Italy.  February arrived and I excitedly packed my suitcase with my most precious belongings.   495 more words


Check list for potential expats

As we just finished our relocation from CZ to UK (which went more or less fine, if you don’t consider four months that we had to spend apart with my husband), I would like to draw up a list of things every expat has to face to some extent. 981 more words


Want to move abroad? Check out expat.com

Photo by  Dariusz Sankowski via unsplash.com

Seventeen years ago when I first moved to England, there weren’t many places you could visit to find information about your new country of residence and get help if you had any problems. 457 more words


Three Days in Hong Kong

For Australians living in Europe or New York, a visit home unfortunately carries the burden of the epic thirty-hour slog in a small, upright seat. It never gets easier. 518 more words


All the things you didn't know you didn't know...

Well there’s a title that will do absolutely nothing for SEO! But you know what, I don’t care, because this is my blog and I’ll write what I want to!  970 more words


Expat Advice: Benefits of the new inheritance rules

There is finally more flexibility on offer as to how you choose to distribute your estate.

Succession planning has been made easier for Britons with homes or assets in the EU thanks to new rules that came into effect this month, because dealing with the last will and testament of someone is never easy. 324 more words

The (Seemingly) Obvious Advice

I thought I was a seasoned traveler.

I thought I was great at this.

I thought I was invincible.

I’ve flown dozens of times, and never did I ever think I’d end up the victim of the dreaded cancelled flight. 595 more words