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5 ways living abroad changes you for the better

As I’ve previously discussed on this blog, I didn’t do a huge amount of preparation for expat life. I didn’t give too much thought to the practical difficulties, the language barrier, or indeed the many positives that would emerge from such a big life-change. 784 more words


About me

In 2014 I got a case of the seven-year banking itch and my longing for a career change became all too consuming. No regrets; after all, banking got me the golden ticket (ie. 550 more words


Just call me Tante Bitterbal

I have a confession to make: I have a superpower. It first started when I was aged 17, on the bus to college. A friend of a friend began sitting next to me on the bus – a very friendly chap – but even at the time I could tell that his bubbly personality was all bravado and he had more issues than… 826 more words


Why Paris Part 1: It all started in St Tropez

Even as late as September this year I was far from certain that I would be moving to Paris the following month. Whereas moving to New York (for a job), and Sweden (for university) entailed almost a year of planning, this move played out with utter spontaneity. 1,023 more words


Learning French Update II: Would I recommend the Sorbonne?

I am proud to share that after two months living in France and six weeks into my beginner’s course that I can speak (albeit somewhat broken) French. 1,035 more words


I just want to mail a parcel!


I was working on a long, drawn-out story of my experience trying to mail a package today. I decided to keep it short and sweet… If I were feeling more creative I’d write a haiku. 216 more words

Day To Day

Living in Paris is a dream, right? So why do I feel as insignificant as a miette de pain?

Please forgive my unplanned hiatus from this blog over the past two weeks. Not only have I been suffering from a bout of writer’s block, but also from a case of the blues. 880 more words