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When there is a death at home and you are living abroad

It’s something most expats don’t even consider when planning to move abroad and hopefully for most it doesn’t occur. However if you end up living abroad for an extended amount of time you have to be ready as it may just happen. 1,152 more words


Alphabet challenge: F & G !

(Welcome back to my short series on following the alphabet every time I & partner eat out in Paris. Today: F and G.) 163 more words

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Alphabet Resto Challenge: E !

Last night we ticked off E as part of our alphabet restaurant challenge by discovering Ethiopian cooking! Big success… 131 more words

Things To Do In Paris

Most of the valuable life lessons from Dubai

I don’t know if you can tell from my blogs but I love being an expat here. I mean aside from the usual missing family and friends, or missing your little home comforts – I really feel blessed to have this opportunity to live here. 694 more words


What is the hardest thing for you as an expat?

The past week has been a roller-coaster of emotions and it’s taken me a while to write this blog as the topic so close to my heart, however I realised I am not the first person to be in this position and I definitely won’t be the last. 784 more words


How to find a job in Dubai, the easy way!

When you’re ready for a new challenge and decide to look at jobs abroad, it can be difficult to know where to start. Trust me when I say we know how hard it is adjusting to the way job hunting works in Dubai. 1,249 more words

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My experience of severe dehydration and why it is no joke!

I know I did a blog post about it not being fun and games in the desert (read it here) – but there is one major factor I totally forgot to include – the risk of dehydration! 528 more words