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My experience of severe dehydration and why it is no joke!

I know I did a blog post about it not being fun and games in the desert (read it here) – but there is one major factor I totally forgot to include – the risk of dehydration! 528 more words


Top 5 Tips for Landing a Job in a New Country

Expats around the world share the feeling of dread that comes with having to find work in a foreign land. Cultural differences, language barriers and company protocols can quickly make you feel like you’re drowning in information, or even worse, not enough information. 1,287 more words


Preparing For The Big Move

So for the first “informative” post, I thought I’d start from the very beginning. Preparing for that big move overseas.

Preparing for the big move can be very overwhelming. 2,320 more words


What is it like to be an expat woman in Dubai?

After answering the most asked questions in a previous blog, I realised how many questions we get in regards to women and how they are treated in Dubai. 813 more words


Great Ramadan deals not to be missed!

I’m sure by now most of you are aware that Dubai loves a good sale, with that in mind you can’t be surprised that there are extra special deals on a whole range of things during the holy month of Ramadan! 493 more words


What are the most asked questions about Dubai?

Dubai is one of those places you either love or hate. It’s a place that you really need to understand before visiting or moving here, and it’s a place that¬†really divides people for a number of reasons. 800 more words


Overcome the feeling of isolation as an expat

I know when people read this title they’ll be a little confused – how can people living the amazing, luxurious expat life ever feel isolated. I mean expat life is all about those picture perfect snaps on Instagram, ¬†great food from different cultures, meeting all these fun people from different walks of life and partying every weekend… Right? 722 more words

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