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Chronicles Of A Three-Day Trip To Dubai: "Food Trip at SOY in The Dubai Mall"

Considering how hungry we were by the time we entered the mall, we would have opted for fast food but we wanted to make the eating experience a bit extra considering the occasion. 430 more words


Poem of the Week

The Leafless Garden

by Mehdi Akhavan Sales

The cloud with its cold and damp skin
Has embraced the heaven tightly;

The leafless orchard
Is alone day and night… 134 more words

Expat Life

Three Word Thursday

The last day….

of Barack Obama’s presidency is today.

I’m so sad. This country has become my second home and even though I don’t love everything about the US (neither do I about Germany), this president and his family has become a part of my home here  and my heart. 226 more words


Why I prefer working abroad over travelling the world

Do not be mistaken, I still would love to travel the world. Or at least part of the world, mostly the countries inhabited by Muslims (well, you either are a Middle Eastern Studies major, or you are not), but places like Canada or the US are still on my list as well. 752 more words


Writing, Thoth help me; Photography; Expat Life; Friends and Family

I originally thought that my new exercise regimen would help me dedicate more time to writing and less to couch surfing. It is with deep regret that I am unable to report a lot of success on my word counts this week. 740 more words

Living In Lima Peru


One of the many challenges of raising a family in another country is getting used to an educational system that’s totally different from the one you grew up with. 917 more words

Crazy New Year

Yaaaay~ Happy new year! The start of the year was very exhausting for me. The surgeries and emergencies took most of my weekend, even the eve of New Year. 85 more words