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Fifty-Two Weeks of Adventure # 17: New Do, New You

Hi, I’m Lily and I take my feelings out on my hair. For my entire life before I went to college my hair looked exactly the same – straight, dark blonde, all the way to my butt. 713 more words

Fifty-Two Adventures

Almost summer!

I’ve started running in short sleeves. And the sun is finally out and warm ish on a regular basis! Everyone tells me to keep my expectations for a British Summer low, but when it’s nice out, it has been really nice. 311 more words


Africa After All 1. Local Advertising

“What does it say on all those posters? Please slow down so that I can read one of them.” This is just what you want your mother-in-law to point out when she’s visiting isn’t it? 202 more words

Expat Life

Sights in Yosemite: Life is Sweet

God is good. I had always wanted to go to Yosemite, and to stay at the Ahwahnee. It was a dream come true, but there can be a fly in the ointment – everything can go well, but if you have rain, or fog, or heavy clouds, the views don’t present themselves. 415 more words

ExPat Life

How I change up my favorite recipes to work overseas & Macaroni Salad

Oh where to begin?  Making my favorite American recipes turn out and taste half-way decent has been one of the most difficult things to tackle.  In the past I used to follow a recipe exactly, like if I was doing a science experiment.  345 more words

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How to Renew a Tourist Visa in Guatemala

by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

There are tons of great things about living in Guatemala: high quality of life, kind people, fascinating stories, gorgeous natural scenery. However, one downside to living or traveling in Guatemala for an extended period (and not having a work, volunteer or student visa) is that the tourist visa here lasts just 90 days. 461 more words


Day two of a Czech adventure

There is something magical about spring, maybe it’s the fresh warm air, the sound of the birds chirping or the flowers blooming. Whatever it is though I love opening up the windows on my day off and letting spring flow through our flat. 1,108 more words