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Searching for Swedish Filmjölk abroad

Being an Expat there are certain things from my home country that I just miss and kind of want to have here. Good quality knäckebröd is one such thing. 233 more words

Another blog about Frenchies

Let me be clear. I am not idealizing the French. I don’t think they are perfect —I’ve seen more than one French person put ketchup on their pasta. 187 more words

American Culture

Difficult Days

For those who haven’t lived overseas, expat life can sometimes appear glamorous, with endless adventures and explorations, what with constantly meeting new people and trying new foods and doing new and interesting things. 535 more words

Expat Life

I Will Buy You

A social critique of post WWII Japan, I Will Buy You shows how baseball became corrupted and how athletes became commodities in the 1950s. Directed by Masaki Kobayashi, … 220 more words

Expat Life

Sepia Saturday

This week’s prompt sent me searching for nostalgic photos with mechanics. I was surprised that my Flickr Commons search yielded so many women fixing cars and planes. 25 more words

Expat Life

Our next adventure begins...

After two lovely years in the U.K. We are off to where it all began in Doha, Qatar. Mr T will be teaching at The Swiss International School… 35 more words

Words I Would't Write

This year, my personal writing has been one of my most valued souvenirs. Through it, I’ve been able to document my memories, build community, and process the ideas swirling inside my mind. 364 more words