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Heard this morning on the radio while I was driving to downtown Singapore: Today will be a little cooler with 32C.

Meanwhile my Facebook feed is full of my European friends talking about the heat wave and how hot it is there… 33C!!! 26 more words

Life In China

A few acts of god

We’ve now been here for two weeks, and a couple of things have happened. Any adjustment is difficult, but ours has been made a bit more so by a series of misfortunes visited upon us. 516 more words


Auf Wiedersehen, Vienna

The time has come: We’re leaving our European home. Matt has lived in Vienna for almost two years, and for me, it’s been about a year and half. 2,196 more words

The European Adventure

Global Mobility: Moving to Mumbai

German companies are discovering India’s enormous market potential. At the same time the country is a difficult terrain for joint ventures, cooperation, or investment.  Having taken the first hurdles, the expatriate manager faces challenges that can only be mastered with profound know-how of the host culture. 226 more words


The stresses of home

I sprained my wrist cleaning a cupboard. I’m not normally one to clean cupboards but a layer of mould had permeated our house while we were in Australia. 809 more words

Written By Tamie

Are You Building Your Own Soil?

Have you ever heard of the Aran Islands?

They are a set of three small islands off the west coast of Ireland, famous for their rich wool sweaters and being a heart of Irish cultural preservation. 826 more words