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El triángulo de los sueños

Primero fue Lima (PE), luego Zaragoza (ES) y ahora Puebla (MX): La primera me vio nacer, crecer, hacerme hombre y ser padre; la segunda fue mi incubadora de sueños en donde mis ilusiones más grandes nacieron, se empezaron a alimentar y me formé academicamente; y la última me nutre de ilusión, robustece mis sueños y me da dirección para alcanzar un paso a la vez todo aquello que me propongo. 234 more words

Aventuras Personales

Tel: 302-766-2673 IRS Lawsuit

“We had a phone call from the IRS,” I told AdventureMan as he headed upstairs for reading time with the Grandson.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you, I got one too, this morning,” he replied. 132 more words

ExPat Life

Keep Me Posted by Lisa Beazley

Over the long weekend, I read a breezy and entertaining novel, Keep Me Posted, by Lisa Beazley, a fellow American writer in Singapore. In it, Singapore-based luddite Sid challenges her New York City-living, social media-obsessed sister Cassie to write real, old-fashioned letters to one another, rather than use email or Facebook to stay in touch. 199 more words


Birthday Week 2016

This year, thanks to my darling dear, family and friends, my birthday has gone special compared to the past birthdays of my life.

I’m never a celebrator of my own birthday even though I love the feeling inside me during the day – calm and happy. 59 more words

Bella Life

Being an expat: struggle #109

My goodness. It certainly has been forever. These past months life has mainly been spent on managing a new job, growing a long-distance relationship and surviving the (hopeful) end of winter. 566 more words



This is the rant that is going to be my downfall. I just know it. And yet, I have to say these things…

You can’t shoot someone without a gun. 393 more words

Angry Rant

The Strangeness of Everything

A few weeks after moving to Bangkok, I started to get desensitized to the strangeness. What once struck me as bizarre and exotic – monks collecting alms in the morning, an entire family plus the dog on a motorbike going the wrong way down a one way street, green tea flavored Kit Kats – became part of normal life.  212 more words