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Right now China is having a huge government meeting which happens every five years. You may have heard on the news that Pres. Xi wants to raise himself up to the level of Mao or Deng Xiao Peng. 169 more words

Expat Life

Running - The Breakdown

Hi guys,

Welcome back to my blog! It has been a stressful past few weeks, but I have finally got down to writing this post, which I hope you enjoy and find useful. 1,089 more words



Released in 1966 Wings, a story of a Russian female heroic fighter pilot long after she’s been able to fly sounded like an intriguing film. 179 more words

Expat Life

Breaking into Film

One honest answer to the eternal question, “How do I break into Hollywood?”

Expat Life

Speaking the local language: To be or not to be?

When someone randomly speaks to you in the local language out of nowhere.

Because you are there.. standing in the mechanical stairs of the metro, going up, and someone turns round and they speak at you.   392 more words


Catalonia Crisis

Living in Spain, it is impossible for me not to write about the current crisis in Catalonia. I am far from an expert on politics, but I have tried to get a broader view by reading news from different English sources (my Spanish has a long way to go!) and speaking to Spanish friends here. 354 more words

Life In The Sunshine

And yes, taxes for expats actually can be easy.

There are certain topics that strike fear in the heart of every amateur expat. “Amateur” being anyone who hasn’t been in their new country for long or one who just simply chooses to lead a life of blissful ignorance. 1,481 more words

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