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Past - Present - Future: It's interesting how my life has evolved and changed.

Past – Present – Future: It’s interesting how my life has evolved and changed. I was born in Taipei Taiwan – I was so young I don’t remember much, it felt like 1,000 years ago. 127 more words

Living Abroad

Emancipate yourself so you may grow. 

I was raised in a large family. Mom, dad, four brothers and two sisters. I’m the second youngest, out of all my siblings, but the youngest girl. 688 more words


We're lost without a community

The other day I was meant to be going to a welcome party thrown by our new High Commissioner who has recently arrived in the country. 1,097 more words


Going Dutch - Life as a London escapee

Hello, whoever’s reading! I haven’t written in this blog for a while, in part because of time constraints, but also because when your life is changing very rapidly it can be hard to know how to frame it. 751 more words


Living as an expat

It has been a year since I moved here in Brno. And I can still remember the first day when I finally arrived here.

But before telling my story, you might wonder, where is Brno? 351 more words


Use your vote

To the readers of this blog who are eligible to vote in the British General Election, this post is for you! For everyone else apologies, meh, maybe you’ll learn something. 301 more words



loneliness and home-sickness, and exclusion。。。

I’m the forgotten sugar crystal at the edge of the saucer,

Once eligible for the tea party, but now just ant food. 186 more words