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Eesti Vabariik 100

Viro täytti eilen 100-vuotta. Juhlahumuun emme oikeastaan osallistuneet, vaikka tapahtumia olisi ollut aivan kotikynnyksellä. Nuhaisen taaperon, paukkupakkasten ja laiskojen vanhempien vuoksi päädyimme seuraamaan juhlallisuuksia TVstä ja katsomaan ilotulitukset olohuoneen ikkunasta. 433 more words


I'm anxious to hear from the lawyer.

That’s a sentence that I had never said before in my life.  Which is ironic, since I am a lawyer.  We considered buying a restaurant in the U.S. 808 more words


Moving to Europe: The Why

I grew up with a love of travel. My mother went to high school in Brussels, Belgium, and my grandparents lived there for 15 years. Both my parents were avid travelers and my first trip to Europe was when I was 8 months old.

184 more words
American Abroad

Working in Germany

First off, can I get a hooray! I finally found a job that is full time, pays well, has a schedule, AND is in a field that I love! 388 more words

Expat Life

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Deciding to live abroad?

I say pick the furthest place possible to begin your expat journey.

In 2012 after two full years working in the USA post graduation from University, I decided to move to… 112 more words


Indeed.com - Proud of Discrimination?

So, as most of you know I’ve been scouting around for a more permanent job and as such have been visiting the regular job platforms like… 623 more words

Olympic Obstacles

I was very lucky this year. I just happened to be conveniently located in the same country that the 2018 Winter Olympics were being held. I was also lucky because it was timeously placed over a four-day long weekend. 992 more words