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The building up of excitement or something to happen- Anticipation. But for me Anticipation is mainly followed by disappointment due to the building up all this excitement and thrill, the expectation of the event never exceeds.



the pulse inside of her is

the delicate song

woven between two lovers




upon the mysterious Divine



deep inside



And they asked him – even after all these years why does he wait, for what he sticks around; why does he keep hanging on this fine thread of hope of being with her; why does he weave these fanciful dreams in which she loves him, adores him, care for him and in process immerses so deep into this ocean of false hope that he forgets that in spite of all this, this is and will remain merely a dream, a naive one, in fact, which is far far off from reality; why does he let his life gets ruined in futile expectations when he can be doing so much and so good in his life; and in all this why does he forgets that there are other things in life which are important, which holds meaning for him, for them and for all the others who are attached to him in one way or the other….. 131 more words


"Everybody Hurts." -- R.E.M.

As I sit here at my computer waiting for two more Advil to eliminate sinus pressure that’s squeezing my head with the power of iron forceps, I glance over at my daughter who’s tilting her own head to one side so swimmer’s ear drops can work their magic, too. 786 more words


Failed Expectation Breeds Disappointment and Discouragement...but we should move on

Failed Expectation Breeds
Disappointment and Discouragement
…but we should move on
By Apolinario Villalobos

Honestly now, disappointment and discouragement can really result from failed expectations. However, this should not hold us from moving on. 239 more words

Apolinario Villalobos

Give him a break!

James went back to boarding school after a week of midterm break. The Rainbow Loom charms that he made during his break scattered on the bench. 767 more words


You NEED More Than College


This article sums up the adversity most kids expecting to graduate this year are facing. From what I’ve seen, my friends are really starting to realize that a B.A. 360 more words