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How the sausage gets made

When looking at some erotica author blogs, most of what I found seemed to consist solely of announcements about new stories. While I plan to post about that too, I hope to offer other content. 713 more words


Dating Expectations vs Reality

Keeping in the dating series of blogs I just had to share one of my most recent dating disasters with you, my readers who like to hear about my misadventures in dating. 437 more words

My Life

June 6th 2018 - Take us to the Mardi Gras

It’s been a busy couple of days. But it’s not letting up any time soon, as we’ve now made our way to New Orleans. And there’s a lot to tackle… 745 more words


Expectations vs. Reality

We make judgements and predictions, about situations, based on movies and other sources of information.   However, most of the time, these situations are fictional and often mislead us. 244 more words

Novelas: Romanticizing a Whole $%^#load of Things

Okay, I’m going to rant for a bit. Just a warning, but there may be a tad of rambling with some errors because yeah, that’s me. 1,375 more words


May 26th 2018 - We Can't Stop Here, This is Nut Country

So, this is day 26 of our Adventure and we’ve spent eight of them in Florida. At this point, we either need to buy a timeshare or move on. 516 more words


Five tools for Adventure planning success

I’ll level with you here. Lewis and I can be pretty indecisive at times. We can also be impulsive, over-excited, and distracted fairly easily.

These aren’t particularly the traits you want when you’re undertaking something like, I don’t know, planning a road trip around the United States? 1,105 more words