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Thanks, Motherhood: I can handle rejection now.

As I’m rummaging through my desk drawer looking for stamps, my fingers brush against a small stack of envelopes, joined with a paperclip. It takes a moment to place it. 1,363 more words


There Will Be Time

I sweep into the room in that way that I do, purposefully putting forth a sense of being easy-breezy to cover up the anxiety I feel because I’m running late again.   1,676 more words


Expectations vs Reality: first day at the beach

Tens es billets d’avió comprat i te fas es planning: natació, peses, quinoa i tè verd. I es primer dia de platja arriba i no és ben bé com havies immaginat, com hauries de saber per s’experiència de cada any. 50 more words


Take a back seat feminism! – because Bryce Dallas Howard wore heels in Jurassic World

I was skeptical walking into the cinema to watch Jurassic World, I am a big fan of Jurassic Park and I have been anticipating this new one for a while. 897 more words



Hey guys! It’s exam time for me and probably a lot of you and I know I’m struggling! Without fail, I sit down thinking I’ll get so much done and learn so much and it never ever works that way. 130 more words



Hello there!

So I just came home from school (the usual) and I was freakin’ late this morning. 😂 (a total wtf moment and it was my first time, ever.) I’m a student council officer at the school for almost four consecutive years since elementary, and they expect me to be perfect and punctual, BUT NO. 458 more words

High School

Squad at school

Hello there!

So this is part II of my blog and this is my story of me and my friends during our first day.

Firstly, we were told that we were split in our sectioning (yes, this is the sad reality) however, we always see each other during our vacant time and make the most out of it. 138 more words

High School