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A trip down memory lane

One clear constant in my life is music.

Whether I feel good, bad, lonely, excited or angry, I know I have a few songs I can listen to fitting or improving my mood. 973 more words


Working Out: Expectations vs. Reality

So you’re going to start working out, good for you and you should! It will change your life, I promise. But you should know what it’s really like. 2,252 more words


Halloweekend Expectations Vs Reality As Told By Mean Girls

Halloweekend is the most infamous weekend that will occur each year in college and you of course, have some pretty high expectations. Now that we aren’t kids anymore, trick or treating is out of the question and it’s time for some wild Halloween parties. 161 more words

What Girls Secretly Wish Guys Would Do More When Making Plans

Sometimes all girls want is for men to make decisions. Prove that they put a little thought into it. Keep their word and follow through. 15 more words

College: Expectations vs. Reality

Hey everyone! How many of you are just starting college this fall? I have seen that a lot of people in the bookish community are college freshmen this year, including myself. 660 more words

Expectation vs. Reality

1)In movies, when you crush on someone long enough you either get them or more likely, find someone better.🎬

I find someone better, and that’s where it ends! 265 more words


I can’t possibly be the only person that notices how few smiles there actually are at supposedly “happy family” places and events.

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