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I turned thirty-three last week.

When I was a child in Sunday School, I reflected on being thirty three a lot, because that was how old Jesus was when he was crucified.   1,477 more words

Listen To Your Mother

When in doubt fixate on something totally unimportant

This week I started to read a few blogs about effectively packing to travel with children for extended periods of time.  I read the words ‘ 449 more words

Traveling Europe With Children

MTV's Spring Break: Expectations Vs. Reality

First things first: before you ask “but Molly, isn’t Spring Break just a trash-cation for college-aged garbage people?” Yes. Yes it is. I should know – I used to be a college-aged garbage person. 1,233 more words


Operation Chuck it out Tuesday begins

I hate moving house…..

I’ve moved house a bit.  Certainly not my-husband-is-in-the-Army-we-move-every-two-years or we-live-in-crappy-rental-houses-and-have-to-move-again-to-avoid-cholera kind of moving house, but enough to know I really, really don’t enjoy moving house. 1,331 more words

Expectations Vs Reality

Lessons Learned. Round 1.

Otherwise known as; pick up the phone and talk to a person….

This past week I spent nothing shy of twenty five hours online trying to find out the intricacies of keeping our children educated whilst we’re traveling overseas.  2,088 more words

Traveling Europe With Children

Sexy Expectations VS Reality

There is so much difference between how people are taught to behave in order to be “sexy” and what actually turns people on. For girls for example, I’ve had so many friends tell me that even a girl in her pajamas with her hair everywhere can look sexy, It’s not so much about the make up and the lingerie, it’s more of a mindset and the attitude of that girl.  226 more words

Wisdom And Inspiration

Spring Break is upon me . . . 

As always, my list of things-to-do is easier to visualize than it is to carry out. Cleaning happens far more effectively in my head than in reality. 1,144 more words

Life -- The Universe -- And Everything