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I can’t possibly be the only person that notices how few smiles there actually are at supposedly “happy family” places and events.

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One Year Post-Partum: What I Wish I'd Known

Our Lady Jr will be turning one next week(!!). So of course I’m thinking a lot about the last year. I have a lot to say and I’ll try to spread it out over several coherent posts. 764 more words


The End.

This is a post that I didn’t think I’d be writing, to be honest.

Today, Lorna and I had our application for U.S. visas denied. I’d be lying if I said that we weren’t a bit shell-shocked as we hadn’t even considered this eventuality. 159 more words

Expectations Vs. Reality

Beginning Thoughts

I moved into my college dorm three weeks ago. For privacy sake, I’m not going to say where I’m going, but I do live in the south and attend an SEC school. 938 more words


Before I worked with Amani, I was my own boss. The decisions I made only impacted me. Now, as African Operations Coordinator at Amani ya Juu, each decision that I make impacts the entire organization. 434 more words

Always Here

I know there are a lot of things I worry about that I shouldn’t. I know there is a lot of weight I voluntarily carry that I should probably put down. 508 more words

Writing Prompts

Life As We Know It Is A Puzzle

The purpose to life is something that we constantly are questioning and is almost like a puzzle piece that can never be fixed. We believe that we will find these pieces through the celebrity figures that we idealise or the movies that we watch; but, I feel that nothing is being developed in this picture. 27 more words