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My experiences in Georgia part 1 of 2

As I get ready to leave to move back home. I thought that my experiences in Georgia (Ga) would make a great post. So this is my experience with learning more about myself, love and my life experiences here in Ga. 1,885 more words


Starting is the Hardest Part

I have slowly been working on my procrastination. I actually feel good, like I have made some real progress. It may be slow but it is happening, more so in my life than in my writing. 937 more words


Friendship - part 2

Returning with a palm full of tiny wet rocks, she ceremoniously presented five to me,
Then raced away to join her sisters.
Pebble collecting done. 418 more words

Expectations Vs Reality

Friendship - part 1

Many years ago, at the height of what I like to refer to as my tackle-depression-with-self-help-books-instead-of-therapy period, I read that human beings are incapable of sustaining more than 30 to 50 close friendships at any given time. 547 more words

Expectations Vs Reality

Life at 25 - Expectations VS Reality

In less than two months, I shall be saying goodbye to life at 25, which for me, like many others, marks an important milestone in life. 571 more words


Expectations vs. Reality: Online shopping

Online shopping. The root of all evil, the trigger to my anxiety. I don’t shop online very often. When I do, it’s because I need a specific item of clothing and the anxiety that unleashes itself on me when I type in “black skinny jeans” and get 371 search results is immeasurable. 351 more words


My Average Day Off...


Thursdays are my day off from school, and I usually spend them listening to my favorite radio station, drawing, e-mailing my friends (sometimes), blogging ;), writing FQC (First Queen Chronicles), or other random stuff. 56 more words

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