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Always Here

I know there are a lot of things I worry about that I shouldn’t. I know there is a lot of weight I voluntarily carry that I should probably put down. 508 more words

Writing Prompts

Life As We Know It Is A Puzzle

The purpose to life is something that we constantly are questioning and is almost like a puzzle piece that can never be fixed. We believe that we will find these pieces through the celebrity figures that we idealise or the movies that we watch; but, I feel that nothing is being developed in this picture. 29 more words


seven facts i wish i had known before i began blogging

you may or may not know, but july is my blogiversary month. that’s why i decided to focus this month on everything related to blogging, and end it with my blogiversary post (july 31st). 895 more words


Your expectations vs reality

It’s just reality, a reality that does not agree with our expectations.

Yes, it’s true, we never get it our way, if we like it or not, reality can be a pain. 308 more words


How the sausage gets made

When looking at some erotica author blogs, most of what I found seemed to consist solely of announcements about new stories. While I plan to post about that too, I hope to offer other content. 713 more words

June 6th 2018 - Take us to the Mardi Gras

It’s been a busy couple of days. But it’s not letting up any time soon, as we’ve now made our way to New Orleans. And there’s a lot to tackle… 745 more words


Oh, The Naïve Writer’s Rude Awakening

Bonjour mes amis!


I’ve been on a steep learning curve lately. Being a writer is one thing and being a published writer, apparently, is another. 740 more words