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The beginning is always the hardest.

It took me quite some time to finally finish setting up this blog, and it wasn’t because it was difficult. 269 more words



She looked down at him,

She looked around the room;

pictures suspended;

perfect setting.

The ring shining,

dancing glares at memories.

Pictures taken,

smiles faked, 139 more words


LAW SCHOOL | Expectation Vs Reality

So I’m starting this new series on the blog which I’m sure will go on for a decade (because that’s how long it’ll take me to get my degree). 183 more words

Law School


With prom season upon us, I know all you senior kids are worried but excited about what you can expect on your big night. Let me tell you before you get your hopes up – sure, it’ll be fun for most people, but don’t expect it to be like High School Musical (I know, I was disappointed at my prom when it wasn’t like that). 502 more words

Expectations vs. reality

“Expectations vs. reality” is a nationwide campaign in Poland carried out by the Chief Sanitary Inspection within the framework of the project “Program for the prevention of addiction to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs”(www.zdrowiewciazy.pl). 35 more words

My Dream Date, First Kiss, and Guy❤️

If a guy even gets close to this I will be the happiest girl ever!

I am a sucker romance… And money, let’s not forget money.🤑 Just kidding. 835 more words