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Waste away. 

I’m tired. My brain feels ill, my body is rejecting itself. I haven’t eaten anything because I’m scared to. My skin feels like it’s crawling and maybe I have a fever. 71 more words

Expectations Vs. Reality

Webster’s Dictionary defines expectation as a belief that something will happen or is likely to happen. It also defines reality as the true situation that exists. 789 more words

Tickle, Tickle

RumiNation: Comic Strips on Parenting

I’ve always loved drawing and sketching but I had stopped doing it after being told how bad I was at it in school. Starting this blogging journey has been very liberating, where I have realized that it is important to have fun and to just try my hand at doing all the things that I have ever dreamed of doing, and enjoy the process. 116 more words

Multicultural Parenting

Popin Cookin Expectations vs Reality

A few weeks ago i found myself roaming through my local Asian grocery store, when i stumbled across the holy grail of weeaboo fun. I found a wall full of  Popin Cookin candy sets!!! 302 more words

This Was Supposed to be About Gilmore Girls...

Originally, when I sat down to type, I was going to write about Rory and Dean, and how he is The Worst, and even how though I’m only halfway through season 2 and Jess is being a little shit, I am still convinced that out of all her boyfriends Jess was the one best suited for her. 1,424 more words

Expectations vs. Reality

You will be put in situations like this many times in your lifetime. Below are some recent stories from friends:

Finally watching that overhyped Superhero vs Superhero movie that you’ve waited for many months, and then feeling “meh” after walking out the theater that you booked a month in advance, you can’t help but ask – what the heck happened? 672 more words

Sleepover With Bestie: Expectations VS Reality - POPxo Comedy

We get excited and make plans for our sleepovers and get togethers, but do nothing when we really meet. Watch this funny video and we bet you will relate to the situation!! 78 more words