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#24 Pros & Cons Of Being Transported To Another World/Summon To Another World (More Cons than Pros)

I have thought this through and is just my opinion plus these are my reasons why I don’t want to go to another world at all unless it is quite similar to our world in some ways. 946 more words


I started a tradition with myself where I ring in the new year with a word. Maybe it sounds weird, but every year it feels more like the word chooses me than I choose it. 749 more words

Expectations vs. reality - Tourism Destination Development Master programme

When choosing and applying for a programme there are many questions arising and everyone has different expectations of the programme and studying in Sweden. Therefore, I asked a couple of my classmates from different countries all over the world (Uzbekistan, China, Russia, Italy, Lithuania, Romania, France…) to summarize what you might expect and how it actually is in reality. 443 more words

Dalarna University

Hair Tutorial: Expectation VS Reality - POPxo Comedy

Girls, isn’t this exactly what happens when we try to do a hair style that we watched in an online hair tutorial?? Comment below if you agree! 95 more words

Diet: Expectation VS Reality - POPxo Comedy

Cos whenever we try to diet… we end up failing miserably! Isn’t this so true, girls?? :P

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Expectations vs. Reality

I want to start off by asking you to watch this video. The following devotion won’t be as complete without it. 

“For I know the plans I have for you…” 522 more words

Waste away. 

I’m tired. My brain feels ill, my body is rejecting itself. I haven’t eaten anything because I’m scared to. My skin feels like it’s crawling and maybe I have a fever. 71 more words