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Expectations VS Reality - DATING!

When it comes to dating, we are all secretly looking for the same thing…that one person you can be yourself around, the one who won’t judge you for being ‘HARDCORE AF’ but never misses the X-Factor, the one who won’t run and tell all of their mates you have got a tiny cock, and of course the one who suffers in silence anytime you let one rip. 40 more words

Mammoth Magazine

Expectation Vs Reality: Singles on Valentine’s Day

We all have spent Valentine’s Day with or without a real Date. It is pretty much just another day but for some of us, it is a great day of love. 669 more words

Chaotic Thought

Expectation vs. Reality

My boss sent me an article about why Gen Y kids are unhappy. Because they are, beneath the veneer of contouring and Instagram filters. 365 more words

Daytime Wanderings

Expectations vs Reality - Introduction

I had a conversation with some fellow film critics/bloggers/snobs in the Seattle area today. We were bantering about the upcoming screening for Deadpool, the new non-Disney Marvel movie about the Merc with a Mouth starring Ryan Reynolds. 360 more words

What's in your bags...

Sure as eggs the quickest way to jinx your packing mojo is to tell people what you’ve put in your bags – before you’ve actually had time to work out if what you’ve actually put the right things in your bags.  1,514 more words

Travel With Kids

Crooked End Farm

Gloucestershire, October & November 2015

It’s been nearly six weeks since we left Crooked End Farm*, in the Wye Valley west of Gloucester.  Finally I’m feeling the sharp edges of our experience smoothing off.  510 more words

Expectations Vs Reality

The Unexpected


when we get into our heads that we want something,

we will not let it go.

We plan,

and plot,

and manipulate

so that what we want will come true. 84 more words