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Διαγράφησαν από το ΑΚΕΛ Ανδρούλα Γκιούρωφ και Ανδρέας Φάντης

Η κ. Γκιούρωφ [ένθετο], σύμφωνα με πληροφορίες, έχει εξοργίσει την ηγεσία του ΑΚΕΛ με την αρθρογραφία της στο προσωπικό της ιστολόγιο. 

Στη διαγραφή αριθμού στελεχών προχώρησε το βράδυ της Δευτέρας η επαρχιακή επιτροπή του ΑΚΕΛ Λευκωσίας, μολονότι η ηγεσία του ΑΚΕΛ είχε διαβεβαιώσει ότι όλες οι περιπτώσεις πειθαρχικών παραπτωμάτων στελεχών θα εξετάζονταν από την Κεντρική Επιτροπή τον Σεπτέμβριο.


Students involved in militancy will be expelled: Malaysia govt agency

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

KUALA LUMPUR: A Malaysian government agency that provides scholarships to thousands of Malaysians on Friday (Jul 8) pledged to dismiss any of its scholars involved in activities of a militant nature. 226 more words

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I Dropped Out

She dropped out of school between 16 and 17 (Depends on what year she wants to pick for interviews)

Did YOU know after September 11, 2001 a little “YOU MUST TELL US” thing happened? 155 more words


My Hero Academia Episode 5


Amazingly enough, life is not fair. That, and Midoriya’s homeroom teacher is a jerk. First day of school and already threatened with expulsion. This would have a lot more emotional weight if not for the fact that given the title of the series he probably isn’t going to be expelled and they’ve used similar ploys in many other books and shows at this point. 38 more words


Renowned Tajik Theater Director Barzu Abdurazzokov Expelled from Russia

On His Way to Meetings in Russia, Director Expelled from Country
Radio Ozodi
April 13, 2016

Seeing stamps from Ukraine, Turkey, and Georgia in the passport of famous Tajik director Barzu Abdurazzokov, Russia border guards denied him entry to Moscow.  541 more words


The Voice Of Dora The Explorer Is In Trouble! & She Got Her Friend Expelled From School LOL

There isn’t usually much in the way of “Dora the explorer” news, but now the girl who voiced the cartoon character is in a bit of trouble! 52 more words


Little Scamps

At the age of 8 or 9, I ran away from home. I vividly remember packing my suitcase and thinking ‘I only need one dress: I’m coming back tomorrow’!! 1,509 more words

Past Pupils