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Nehynúce brownie-cheesecake combo muffiny

Trench: “Hey, why don’t we have dinner?”
Barney Ross: “Sure. When?”
Trench: “In a thousand years?”
Barney Ross: “Too soon.” 439 more words


Arnold Schwarzenegger is pushing Stallone to write 'Expendables 4'

So Expendables 3 fizzled out of the box office in August 2014. Big deal.

Arnold Schwarzenegger still wants another bite of the icon-heavy action franchise. 370 more words


Retro Review: The Expendables 3

If there is one word to describe The Expendables 3 it would have to be disappointment. The movie has so much potential to be fantastic, but ends up being a hollow action movie with lots of flash and very little substance. 125 more words


Issues with action movies...

Do you remember the days when action movies were awesome not because ONLY the action?  For example:

  • Terminator was awesome as it was the first to introduce a bad ass storyline of mankind building an AI that goes haywire in the future and then they come back in time to kill a specific individual’s ancestor.  
  • 237 more words

Click, Click. Are we Machine or Are we Human?

I was planning on drawing again, but then I wandered upon this beauty by Flickr user Tobias Higbie.

Although I indirectly blogged about it last week, I didn’t make it quite clear.  953 more words

Cheshire Cat.

Bruce Campbell Is Writing A Script For The 'Expendables' Of Horror Films

Most horror films follow the genre’s traditional format — a group of people goes somewhere they shouldn’t, disturbs something they shouldn’t, then are maimed/killed/eaten. In the end, a lone survivor defeats the antagonist, escapes the location he or she never should have gone to in the first place, and the credits roll. 178 more words