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First Week budget

This is a personal list of my own budget for my trip. It is made so I can keep track of my expenditures and see what it costs to live in Denmark without rent. 55 more words


Business Equipment: Lease v. Buy

One of the things you may not have considered as a business owner are your equipment needs. Will you buy it outright? Or lease it? It’s a question you’ll face and an answer that’s not easy (did you expect anything less?). 610 more words

Entrepreneurs & Startups

What is Expense effective tooling china?

by dcmaster

Expense powerful tooling china is where manufacturing firms in China charge minimally as compared to firms in the west. This can be attributed to the firms relying on the most contemporary technologies and utilizing an energetic labor force. 391 more words

A Tear Falls On The Back Lawn

“I wish those damned kids wouldn’t play on the grass because keeping a nice-looking yard is hard enough not to mention the expense involved.”

Yes, I remember the days when the looks of the lawn and keeping up with the neighbors was more important than Life itself. 432 more words

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Skill with the drill

Returning to the dentist and her scary drill,
a visit on a day that tested my will.

Whiled away an hour, cause she was running late, 228 more words


Final Expense Insurance Orlando FL | JW Insurance Group - YouTube

Final Expense Insurance Agent in Orlando FL – JW Insurance Group – https://www.jwinsurancegroup.com – offers all types of insurance to the state of Florida. … 8 more words

Breaking Up With My Oncologist

I’ve decided to ditch my oncologist (gyn/oc = gynecological oncologist).

The protocol for high grade serous epithelial stage 3B  ovarian cancer is 5 years of follow-ups.   1,064 more words

Wake Up Gurl!