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WHOLE FOODS CEO: We focused on employees at the 'expense of our customers'

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Over the years, critics of Whole Foods sardonically coined the nickname “Whole Paycheck,” highlighting the steep prices of its high-end, organic fare.  398 more words

Money Matters

Why do books cost so much?

I spent $500 on books my freshman year of college. Why? Because I was foolish and bought new books from the campus bookstore. Never again. I don’t think we should buy books at all. 40 more words



How much does it cost for an EP to go on exchange with GT/GE? Here is the most popular locations and the initial expenses, pricing from 2016. 360 more words

Value Delivery

It’s been a long week …

I’m referring to the holiday my wife is on at the moment. As I’ve not posted for some time, I’ll get you up to speed. Around the middle of April, K****s sister and daughter, returned from a week away in Gran Canaria. 524 more words

Just Another Day

While you were sleeping

Vivian’s New Year’s Resolution

Vivian was helping his daughter with some math homework when he pulled out a sheet of scrap paper from his desk. It was mostly blank on one side but when he turned it over, he saw that it was a credit card statement from eight months ago. 908 more words


Is Lasik Surgery Right for You?

All of the maintenance and hassle of wearing glasses or contacts over the years may have finally gotten on your nerves and left you looking for a better solution. 375 more words

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