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Upcoming Expenses - Budget Planner

Gone are the days where you get a ‘surprise bill’ that you had just plain forgotten about! Keep track of your upcoming expenses for each month with this gorgeous black and gold color-schemed printable Upcoming Expenses Budget Planner. 16 more words


Hong Kong Disneyland Vacation

My wife and I have always wanted to take our children to Disneyland but wanted the perfect timing to do so. If they’re too young they probably won’t remember the experience, too old and the magic would have already faded a little. 1,524 more words

HRC: Double It

When estimating a homesteading project or task, double the time and money you think it will take.  If you do, more often than not, your estimate will be much closer to actual than you can imagine.  16 more words


3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Community College

It’s 2013.

I’m 17 and I have a microcrush on Hayden Christensen. I know one thing for sure: community colleges are not for me.

It’s 2017. 813 more words


Do You Understand Money and Finances

Ask yourself, do you understand money and finances?  Did you know there are over 400 terms used in the Accounting/Bookkeeping field?  If you answered no to either of the questions, you are not alone.      222 more words


Marriage Expenses- A flush of Money!!

A girl close to my house was married off in a hurry to a NRI because he was ready to bear all the marriage expenses. The girl did not like the guy, she said he was suspicious but she was reprimanded, having said that marriage is not a play. 688 more words


For a Zume Pizza delivery truck that uses a combination of robots, AI, and GPS in pizza preparation and delivery, what will be capitalized versus expensed?

Zume Pizza uses a combination of robots, artificial intelligence (AI), and GPS in its food trucks to deliver pizzas to customers’ houses just as the pizza is finished baking. 443 more words

Teaching Accounting