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Totally Normal: Dolce & Gabbana's Embellished Jeans Cost $12,500

Spending upwards of $200 on designer denim these days is basically de rigueur, but $12,500? That’s how much Dolce & Gabbana’s jeans—the light-washed embellished boyfriend style from the label’s Spring 2015 collection—will run you.  153 more words


Guess Which States Have The Most Expensive (and the Cheapest) Haircuts

Square—the mobile device payment system started by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey—recently compared the cost of haircuts for both men and women in major cities across the country by gathering data from thousands of transactions from the last six months from purchases that were categorized as “haircuts.” 325 more words


Whoa: J. Crew Is Selling $2,500 Winter Coats This Season

In July, J. Crew CEO Mickey Drexler agreed with some some disgruntled consumers and admitted that the label’s recent collections had ”strayed too far from the classics” and were—in all their mixed-print glory— 530 more words


Acne's $3,000 Leather Overalls Are Actually Selling Out; Get the Look for Less

Let’s start out by getting two big facts out of the way: 1. We’re fully aware that anything made with high-quality leather is going to be expensive. 274 more words


10 Random Luxury Goods That Are Clearly For The 1 Percent

It’s a given that when buying designer goods, you’re going to cough up some serious cash. As crazy as it might be to drop hundreds—even thousands—of dollars on a top designer’s dress, bag, or shoes it’s not totally unexpected. 507 more words


Champagne: So much more than a bubbly wine that's fun to mispronounce

I have a horrible habit of thinking it’s hilarious to pronounce Champagne like “Champ-Ag-Nee.” Regardless of how you want to say it, Champagne is weird stuff. 1,148 more words

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Blink Concert

I was at the Blink 182 concert and all I could think about was the Camaro. The Camaro is fixed. It’s been fixed for a few days but it couldn’t pass the state emissions inspection. 204 more words