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Dil to Bachha Hai Ji: the Art of Mental Highjacking

We spend so much time and resources on our mental conditioning, or what is commonly known as ‘Training’. As soon as we get hold of our senses, we are exposed to a number of courses and programs, to make us a suitable candidate for the various roles that we play during our eventful lifespan. 575 more words


Tiny buds withering away.

Okay so something has been troubling me for some time. Something which I have been observing here, on my visit to Pakistan.
Kids. Kids who are meant to be like delicate flowers, who have a heart so big you could fit so many elephants easily (metaphorically speaking) who have the innocence of a cute little rabbit or a kitten, who talk such beautiful and meaningful things, that was the image of them in my mind. 581 more words


My thoughts on becoming an adult: Resistance is futile by Olivia Smith-Fallon

If you know me well you know that I am the type of person who is often in proud possession of a large pile of unopened official looking letters. 765 more words


Last Friday

Hey guys,

so today in TOK (for all of you not familar with the IB, that means Theory of Knowledge and is kind of Philosophy) class my teacher said that if my friend wrote my biography, it would be two sentences long. 610 more words


A garden without beer is just a waste.

I think I am ready to admit to myself that despite my best efforts to the contrary, I am not a gardener and nor will I ever be one. 774 more words


Internet trolls: what motivates them?

Known for displaying high levels of psychopathy, narcissism, and sadism, internet trolls get a rise out of distressing others. In fact, they typically feel no remorse for their actions. 81 more words


Baby Bonding

I was lying on my back and my 1 month old baby was sleeping face down on my chest when maghrib pray time came. So I gently told her “My dear, let papa put you down for a while on the bed, because papa needs to pray. 359 more words