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Feeling Alignment

Alignment, if you haven’t noticed, is my new favorite subject of focus. The thing is, the pursuit of alignment can be confusing. What exactly is it? 305 more words


Alone again

And here I am,

Alone again.

Nobody around to keep me warm

Or smooth my frown.

Nobody around to care,

Almost to silent to bare. 24 more words


Loving Vincent

Today I went to see the film Loving Vincent, ‘the world’s first fully oil painted film’. I was aware of this film a couple of years ago, when the film was in the production phase. 320 more words


My heart

My heart, my precious, vulnerable little heart,

Sometimes I feel as if I can hear it breaking,

Hear the moment when it finally cracks,

When the pressure becomes too much. 84 more words


Break down!

People think I‘m joking when I say that I have friends who scheduled in time to have a cry every few days during the busy times of the year. 226 more words


Ganpati Visarjan at Mumbai - A Photo Story

After having spent almost this entire Australian winter here in Melbourne, we flew to Mumbai just when spring was about to set down under. The temperature in Melbourne on the morning of our journey back to India was 2 degrees Celsius. 291 more words


a realization through pain

From its beginning, this week has been heavy. On a national scale – Las Vegas and Puerto Rico. On a more personal scale – pain in friends’ lives, transition, and my own bitterness towards others. 712 more words