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Stairway to Heaven

I have always enjoyed working out on my own where I feel like I can go at my own pace and mentally push myself.  My favorite place to distress and analyze life is Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook.   73 more words


The Least of These

Good Morning Brothers & Sisters….I just had an amazing weekend with a brother…..the best part of the weekend was hanging out with those that we would label the least of these….the homeless….the mentally ill….etc……I meet this man named Rick on Sunday……he was collecting pop cans…..I invested about a hour of my life listening to this man…..the whole time God was like…” just show this man his value by listening to him……loving him & showing him respect……” this man loved his cat…..towards the end of our conversation he said….” all I have in this world is my cat…..” and I replied….” that’s not all you have, you also have God….” the man’s eyes lite up….he got a big grin on his face and he agreed…then he told me about his prayer life……I can still see his eyes glimmering…..as most of you know my vocation challenges me emotionally & mentally….it is quite stressful for me and not very satisfying……however I am content with it if it is God’s place for me….and since I am here now, right now it is God’s place for me…..yesterday I said a simple prayer….” God, show me my purpose here…..do you have anything other than this for me….if so show me….make it clear…..if it is here I will be satisfied….if it is other I will accept….”  then I resisted the temptation to answer the prayer with my own thoughts…..this morning God brought the eyes of Rick back to me…..and told me that my purpose is to love on the least of these……not to have a agenda or even to try to fix them…..just to give them the living water of their creator……I have no idea how God intends to bring this into being……and I do not wish to even try to figure it out…..but I am sure he will show me the path……if you could pause and pray that I would receive God’s guidance in this I would appreciate it…..have a great day with the Father of lights….Shalom MyFawkers…….. 135 more words


Premiers Jours à Libreville

Je descends de l’avion, je récupère chienne et bagages et cours rejoindre mon mari dehors, on lui a proposé un poste ici, on s’est dit OUI et me voilà à Libreville!! 161 more words


Strive :: Cherish

Everyone, to my broad and thin knowledge, wants to grow in at least one area of life. Hopefully the desire is for a holistic approach, but since we’re human and have trouble keeping perfect measurements of every aspect of life, we tend to tip the scale of holistic-ness. 333 more words


Good Samaritan in Training

Over the past 5 months I have been training as a listening Samaritan. I knew the training is thorough and in depth, what I didn’t realise was the true intensity of the training. 388 more words


How Exactly are you to get Experience?

So, here’s my first post. I considered a bog standard introduction, but decided that’d be too boring. So, instead, I’m going to write a rant and what could be done to change what I’m talking about. 1,385 more words


4. On Bravery:

As a little boy I was afraid of the dark. I’m not even sure what it was about the dark that terrified me as much as it did. 944 more words