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[5] Favorite Season

I spent 22 years lived in a tropical country where you could see sunshine almost everyday and everyday feels like summer. Finally, I get a chance to experience 4 seasons. 208 more words

Spill Out

Alone 20.01.2017

I really have been trying to live with contentment and optimism every single day but how did I end up feeling like crap once again? 693 more words


[1] My Middle Name and How I Feel About It

My middle name is “Ria”. In Bahasa Indonesia, it means happy, cheerful, or merry.

I don’t particularly dislike my middle name but I will easily get irritated when I heard people call me with “Ria”. 248 more words

Spill Out

Missing the Twicca features, dearly!

During pre-smartphone life, I was using twitter to an extent through the mobile web. It was filled with lots of mis-tweets. Some retweets turns out to be favorites, on trying to unfavorite it will become retweet of some other in the timeline. 354 more words


When life gives you lemons

I’ve had exams this week, 2 in fact. I stopped functioning as a normal human being prior to these exams. Passing was my first priority, everything else apart from some minimal personal hygiene was on pause. 766 more words


Extreme Jet-Lag

I left my home this morning at around 6 and walked to the beach to see the sunrise. I can hardly believe that in the year and a half that I’ve lived here, I hadn’t done that. 512 more words


Diam Sejenak, Kemudian Berlari

Part III

Kehidupan saya setelah dipindahkan dari SMP Negeri ke SMP Swasta mungkin terlihat layaknya anak SMP lainnya, tidak ada yang spesial, bukan anak OSIS, tidak pernah berprestasi, bukan atlet, masuk rangking 3 besar pun  tidak pernah, karena memang saya rasa ada yang lebih fundamental dibandingkan hal-hal yang saya sebutkan diatas yaitu “memperbaiki” diri saya sendiri. 445 more words

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