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Comfortable being disliked 

“Don’t ever let someone define you based on your past. We grow and change daily!”

For years I’ve always been trying to make people like me or prove my love to someone .I’ve realized how much stress I put on myself worrying about people that never worried about me or going out my way for people when I can .

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I look at the world and I see pain and grief and all the other things that keep me from falling asleep at night. I look at the world and instead of seeing all the good, all the friendship and love and happiness and laughter, I see fear and sadness and fights and hate and tears. 261 more words


Conquer that group interview

You get the email or call. They want you to come in for an interview. BEST NEWS EVER, till you find out it’s a group interview. 508 more words


A Small Step for a Man

My baby took her first step last night.

For several weeks, she could walk already, but always needed someone or something to hold on to. Last night, though, after hesitated for several seconds while standing upright, she moved her tiny left leg forward. 175 more words



11 – 12 – 13.06.16

Mình quyết định phải viết một note riêng về mục này, vì đây có thể là một bước ngoặc lớn của bản thân trong thời gian tới. 1,709 more words



If you ask I will say I am waiting for the silence to disperse,
most oceans can be crossed without dissolving to a mist.

If you wonder why I say this is no salt story, 78 more words


Being a Creep: A Love Letter of Sorts

From Sarah Barnes

Hi everyone, I have decided to break the mold as being a pathologically non-particapatory observer of our wonderful class bonding activities like this newsletter, curated by our dedicated class reps, the eggs in our batter, the caulking on our tub, the thing that hold this whole admixture together. 1,100 more words