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Spring Break #4 (London)

Hey guys,

part four of spring break pictures. After Nottingham we went to London, where we stayed for the rest of our holiday together. So this is the last part in my spring break series. 74 more words


Customer Centric Quiz

Ok, let’s do a quiz:  How far would you go to be customer centric???

a) as far as my budget allows me;

b)  as far as my boss allows me; 665 more words


Sharing (Coaching) Wisdom: Installment 4 featuring Darrin McBroom

If you’d like to read the first three installments of this series, you can find those herehere, and here.

For my fourth and final installment, allow me to introduce you to… 946 more words


Level One Elf Training - Complete

My main goal in life is to become some kind of fantasy warrior. I’d love to be a rogue or an elf specifically. So, to help me achieve my goal, I learned how to shoot arrows from horseback. 385 more words


Spring Break #1 (Bath)

Hey guys,

so I have a series of photography posts coming up from when I was traveling through the UK with my family in spring break. 36 more words


The Minibus

I sit in the minibus on my way back from dunes and moors and seas and lakes and all the wonders of nature that my teachers like to exaggerate. 133 more words


+10 to Blacksmithing - Forging my own weapon in Gifu

Japan is a country known for its beauty, as well as its deadliness. Ninjas, Samurai, Karate, these things are always what I think of, when someone mentions Japan. 525 more words