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Somewhere Between Riffs and Beats

Here’s the story for my first ever band performance in a new school.

                                              Somewhere between riffs and beats, I wasn’t ready.

     I was supposed to go get my clothes changed for the soon-to-be performance, only to realize they were already waiting for me to come so that we could start it. 316 more words


The devil is not so black as he is painted.

The ultimate truth we all know. With a silent respect for the old wisdom in all the proverbs I must say I am once again relieved. 525 more words


2. On The Journey:

Airport regulations had determined this was as far as we could travel together. I put down my carry-on bag, kissed my mom, and hugged my dad goodbye. 1,004 more words


Welcoming All Web Users

Welcome to my first unofficial official blog. I have done the blog thing before, but not with much success as my writing commitment often wavered and got the better of me. 223 more words


Love, around the World! | Introduction

Today, we are starting our new article series: “Love, Around the World“. And in this 2-week project, we will be sharing some great real-life user submitted love stories with our audience. 135 more words


Afternoon light, 2 o'clock

A sun-blessed street dance:
Whirling antics, figure eights.

Wafting years have fled, leaving
Recognition, nostalgia, dreams.

Glance youth’s free-lit days:
Laughter beats back night
Bears boundless hours where… 31 more words


Three Mile Monotone

There is a notion that we don’t like being monotonous. Being Monotonous is a bad way of leading life. Or so they said. It is associated with words like mundane and boring. 800 more words