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Just South African Things

Okay, well actually maybe just Cape Town things, considering that’s the only part of South Africa that I’ve seen or lived in so far! Regardless, there are some truly  2,409 more words

Le grand adventures tour

Riverside trail of the ganga

Getting in touch to gathering detail of my ancestors land

Pond (baoli) near Shiva temple 17 more words


Animal  Lifestyle 

Animal life in a zoo

Spotted deer

Gathering for a lunch

Black buck

Stalking in the dust


Eating leaves from the branch of a tree… 63 more words


Strong people

There is something so incredibly sad about seeing a strong person cry. Whether that be a real person or a character in a book, movie or play, once you have seen these people go through so much, stay so stoic for so long, it is incredibly hard to finally crack and break down. 303 more words


2017 Journey: Part I

Learning in life is as indispensable as breathing in running. As my wordpress title, I realized Life is truly series of learning. Dan Islam mengokohkan itu dalam Hadits Rosulullah SAW, yaitu bagi siapapun yang menuntut ilmu, akan dipermudah jalannya oleh Allah menuju surga. 5,441 more words


Five easy ways to eat healthier

In case you want to learn a bit about how to keep on track with your healthy eating habits for 2018, go and head on over to my feast.media post (didn’t post it here cause I didn’t know if y’all would be interested, but definitely let me know if you want to see that kind of stuff!): 16 more words