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Experience Design: Experience-Oriented Review

About the exhibition:

Shoes: Pleasure and Pain aim’s to explore the extremes of footwear from around the globe. While considering the cultural significance and transformative capacity of shoes, this exhibition examines the latest developments in footwear technology… 880 more words

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The Oldest Methodology In The Book: Adaptation

That’s a 30,000 foot view of Damien Newman’s process of design. It may be crude, but it’s absolutely clear: the unknown heading into Research… 2,842 more words

Achtsam und respektvoll im Straßenverkehr

Kai Eckoldt erklärt auf dem World Usability Day in Siegen, wie man mit sozialer Assistenz das Verhältnis von Fußgängern und Autofahrern verbessern könnte.

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Basic Principles of Design: Similarity

There are hundreds upon hundreds of design principles that every designer has to consider when they decide to sit down and start creating new content. All of these principles serve their purpose in their own ways by allowing designs and interfaces to become more easily usable and more pleasant for users to navigate through. 179 more words

World Usability Day Siegen

Kai Eckoldt ist eingeladen zum World Usability Day am 12.11 in Siegen. Er wird einen Einblick geben in unsere Arbeit zum Thema „Möglichkeiten zur Förderung respektvollen Handelns im Straßenverkehr durch soziale Assistenzsysteme“ 14 more words

Experience Design

3D Touch Posing Issues for Certain Users


When the iPhone 6s was created Apple incorporated a few new interesting features, one of the most important features being 3d touch, an evolution on the force touch feature found in the Apple Watch. 265 more words

Why UX Needs to Come Before Design


Dribbble.com is a website dedicated to allowing designers to show off their designs to their peers and get feedback from others. Most of the designs of Dribbble are stunning and beautiful and do an incredible job of catching the attention of users. 242 more words