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a rhapsody for disneyquest

There is a nondescript blue block of a building in a corner of the newly-reimagined Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort. This unremarkable structure contains five floors of arcade games, virtual reality experiences and interactive exhibits. 1,830 more words

Game Design

Van Parity

2 Volkswagen Vanagons, 1 camp site, 10 people and a guitar. The challenge was to create an intimate social gathering within a public campsite. The solution was to corral the vans, pop the tent tops, park them parallel with sliding doors open–creating social space between and within the vans. 39 more words

Experience Design

Experience Design

Experience design is a way of designing websites that are focused on the quality of the user experience. Businesses must accept the limitations of placing blind-faith in innovation and brand; instead, they must focus on keeping customers engaged, without sacrificing the quality of the experience, while developing new products and grow into new markets. 99 more words

RECM Team Doesn’t Let Opportunity Escape

Time was running out as a team of BYU recreation management students rushed to diffuse a bomb in the office of a Russian spy. Though the stakes felt high, the students were in no danger; this was just an intense escape room game. 511 more words

Recreation Management

"Less is More" in User Experience Design

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When talking about designing user experience for millennials, easiness, straightforwardness, and simplicity are some keywords that I always want to put in center. 364 more words


YouTube's Material Design is About...

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YouTube has announced that everyone is allowed to preview its new designed website, which is opted in Google’s material design. 352 more words


Millennials Requst UX Design Stratey

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User Experience (UX) design has existed for decades and there are many well-established researches and discussions. While talking about UX design especially for millennials, it is always open to new ideas as well as new challenges. 415 more words