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Experience Haiti

Project Description: An opportuntity for the world to get to know Haiti by experiencing it first hand. To read an account of the experiences of those who participated, view  HERE


Experience Design

What's In A Title Change?

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightening and a lightening bug.”
– Mark Twain

Our titles mean so much.

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Hird & Kvistgaard wrote “Oplevelsesrum. Turisme, kulturarv og oplevelser – et krydsfelt” in 2010. Sadly, this book has never been translated into English but with permission from the authors, I will share a few of the main ideas from this excellent book with you. 755 more words

Heritage Management

People Aren't Perfect, Design Around Their Biases

Every day, people are faced with innumerable choices, and methodically weighing the pros and cons of each one is not only unnecessary, it is also mentally draining. 438 more words

Customer Experience

Is it time for zero-based customer insight?

There’s a debate in marketing about the merits of zero-based budgeting.

It doesn’t necessarily mean spending less. What it does mean is figuring out, from scratch, what you need to spend in order to achieve specific returns. 305 more words

Experience Design

Design Lesson From... MA Department of Transportation

As you read the title of this post, you were likely thinking that there’s been a typo. Departments of Transportation (DoT) around the country have been called a lot of names, but good designers isn’t a common label. 511 more words

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Service Design Fringe 2016

Reports indicate that 51% of the work run by Service Design agencies is never implemented (Design for Service Innovation & Development Reports, 2015). How can we hence deliver services that bring together the proposed ideal experience and actionable strategy to support businesses and users alike?  273 more words