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10 Reasons Why My Tattoos Are My Greatest Business Asset

“You better wear long sleeves and cover that neck.”

I’ve been given a lot of advice about my tattoos, especially when it comes to landing a job. 1,104 more words


an afternoon at the musée mécanique

Back in 2015, I wrote an article about arcades becoming archaic, based on thoughts on a visit to Dave and Buster’s. I thought it was time to revisit, or perhaps reimagine the topic, with thoughts on a recent visit to an arcade of a different sort. 1,500 more words

Location-based Entertainment (lbe)

Ash into art

Art meets experience design meets ash. And a nice bit of motion graphics to boot!

ASH TO ART – Animation from Sharon Liu on Vimeo.


To become truly useful, trainers must move from instruction design to experience design.

Jef Menguin

Filipino Inspirational Speaker

d.school Crash Course in Design Thinking

Good old d.school. A 90 minute introduction to design thinking in the form of a real-time session. Perfect for 222.358 #coca3.

Experience Design

How Pokémon Go Cracked the Augmented Reality Code

Three years ago, everyone thought Google Glass was going to be the future of augmented reality. But by 2015, Glass had been pulled from the market and… 35 more words

Experience Design

How Our Brains Respond to Different Content Formats

An interesting article … well, interestingly it’s mostly an infographic actually … about how we digest different formats of information.