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Time to Hit Refresh on Customer and Employee Experience Design Efforts?

What Matters And Is Missing In Those Who Are Working On Improving The Customer/Employee Experience?

I’ve worked with folks working on improving/transforming the Customer Experience.  I’ve also worked with folks working on improving/transforming the Employee Experience. 981 more words

Customer Experience

App concept prototype

App prototype video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXCyhz0kR1g


Designing Better Events

I wasn’t always able to attend conferences and summits. I was healthy, able-bodied, and had no children or any of the other major personal obligations that make it especially difficult to attend large events. 1,194 more words

Wien, 5. Oktober 2017: Customer Experience Symposium – "Design Thinking als Chance im Tourismus"

Eine hochkarätige Runde mit Dr. Barbara Neuhofer diskutierte im Hotel Schani in Wien den Stellenwert von Inszenierung im Tourismus und den Einsatz von Design Thinking im Erlebnismarketing. 193 more words


Bringing the emotion back into the property experience

Buying a house is an emotional experience. And I’m not just talking about the eye-watering cost of stamp duty. No, I’m talking about the first conversation you have with your partner about making the leap onto the ladder, the weeks and months of frantic saving, the difficult financial conversations with family, the homes you fall in love with and then lose, the hours of negotiating on your non-negotiables, the packing up of childhood belongings, the decisions on what goes in which place, the first celebratory glass of champagne. 1,001 more words

Customer Experience & Digital

Together, Fast, Forward!

At the College of Extraordinary Experiences (CoEE for short) we went through a trans-formative experience to internalize a seemingly simple principle… Work together, work fast and work forward. 181 more words


Useful Dialectics, Part Two - Design vs. Tradition

“The opposite of design is tradition.”

– Johanna Koljonen

In the last post, I talked about the distinction between change and transformation, and how the former feels more finite and time-bound while the latter is bigger in scope and more ongoing.

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