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AICEX: Un post con temi ancora Super attuali

By Kyra Friedell

Recently I went to the UX Roles and Titles: What do they mean? panel hosted by IxDA TC ( 631 more words

Customer Experience

COLLECTIVELY | There’s a Career for That #2: High-concept conference organiser

A stuffy hotel room, bad coffee and death by small talk – these are the usual makings of a conference, but Sally Hill knew there was a better way to spark interest in complex sustainability and social change issues. 22 more words


Narrative Experience Design Basics

Larpmaking is not just game design. This is actually not a very strange proposition. For instance, producing video games also involves other disciplines than game design (like music composition, film direction and community management), since the gameplay is embedded in audiovisual storytelling and takes place in a wider entertainment context. 298 more words

flowers for moms 

as i’m not a mother myself and my own mother has passed beyond the veil i’m always searching for new and needed ways to celebrate motherhood come every second sunday in may. 1,069 more words


It's about time.

Refer a friend is a great idea because it ensures your app will go viral and other unverified claims.

But to simply drop the refer a friend feature anywhere into the user experience usually proves to be problematic, as you’ve probably guessed. 245 more words


From digital to drive through

I’ve been an independent user experience (UX) consultant for well over 18 months after spending a few years with a large consulting firm, primarily as a digital producer. 752 more words


The Rise Of Social Show And Tell

By Forbes

Sometimes it takes a while for entrenched and fundamentally unproductive business practices to die, but it’s safe to say that traditional advertising, with its focus on “one way” communications to the consumer, emphasis on TV and radio, and reliance on fuzzy consumer data, is closer to death’s door than ever. 214 more words