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We Are Hiring

When someone talks about teamwork or job opportunity, they used to talk about “Skills” but now they talk more about states. However, no one searches for behaviours. 1,621 more words


About the vibe

I have never been good at making friends fast or engaging number of people into discussion. But what I have discovered during a year of studying abroad and now in DF is that: there are people who you do not exactly need to ask any specific questions, nor get into their biography to get a topic for a talk, you just somewhat magically get a connection with them and things flow their natural way. 236 more words

Swiss train etiquette 1

There are few countries where so much of the country is connected with trains as in Switzerland. They are frequent, punctual, clean and easy to travel on. 958 more words


Hitting the Bottom

People were given chances to sort which are fake friends and which are real. Hitting the bottom will be the most effective way to do so.

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Lesson Learned

In hindsight, i shouldn’t have done what i did. If i was capable of regrets, i’d say this would be my biggest of them all. But i’m not; so like everything else unpleasant that happened in my life, this would also be filed under the “lessons learned” part of my brain and do what i do best – move on. 677 more words

The supprise at Tin Can Bay

I love spending my weekends getting away and exploring. Just throwing the tent in the car I find gives you the most freedom, and a mere weekend with a change of scenery can easily make you feel rejuvenated, without the stress and hassle of a flight or time off work. 456 more words


The Set Aside Prayer

Dear God,

Please allow me to set aside everything I think I know about myself, my disease, The Big Book, The Steps and especially you and for an open mind and a new experience with myself, my disease, The Big Book, The Steps and especially You.