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What it feels like sleeping on a bed after 2 months

After a series of crazy events and such, I have been blessed to feel well-rested and not sore after waking up this morning, couldn’t be more ready to take on the day and difficulities of adulting . 390 more words

Movements and Moments

Life is all about movements and moments. We keep moving from place to place, from situations to situations, from people to people, from this to that, creating moments. 103 more words


How To Be A Good Traveller

It’s easy to be a “good traveller”. Here’s a few ways on how you can make sure you are one.

Respect local traditions and customs… 708 more words


Comfort Zones: Don’t Let Them Hold You Back

By: Olivia Carrara

Everybody has their limits, their boundaries that keep them from taking risks and doing things they view as uncomfortable. Whether the boundaries stop them from trying a dangerous activity or attempting something embarrassing, they secretly exist all around us. 439 more words


What Is Music?

“An art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions insignificant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and colour“

– Dictionary Definition of ‘

1,388 more words

One Auspicious Morning

It was an auspicious morning many years ago
When all the world around seemed to lay low
And fade till life was like some waking dream… 142 more words