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Deja Vu (I have been here before)

Leaves brown and curled
Fall on my backpack
Dusty summer roadside
I see you now, Footpath

Look once, twice, thrice
Up close and discerning
Cut-outs, forms, lines… 43 more words



“My son was always playful, even during his death.” Those words of my friend’s mother still resonate in my ears.

“We had bought new plants and photos to show him as a surprise. 926 more words

A Writer’s Course

Being a writer doesn’t mean you can type all the different words every day with genuine fresh ideas. I recall the struggle I faced back in college when I have to write an essay or articles, even for a formulated one, the hardest part is to… 744 more words


I was over at the KL Bird Park yesterday for the press conference of Sempoi Charity, a self-funded multiracial volunteer group, and I just realized it has been a while since I was last in the KL Bird Park… in case you did not know, the KL Bird Park is the World’s Largest Free-flight  Walk-in Aviary located at the Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens, just 10 minutes away from the city center and home to over 3,000 birds… and so yes, a visit here is overdue for me… 815 more words

 THE CONVERSATION — Fake it till you make it

“People always want someone to tell them what to do. They may pretend they don’t but they really do. That’s why Agony Aunts, clueless motivational speakers, ‘How To’ and unending listicle writers, fucked up therapists, and phony preachers keep thriving. 1,074 more words


You are...

Who do YOU think you are? Are you happy with yourself? Do you wish you could be a different person? Do you love yourself enough? Are you actively trying to change? 268 more words

My Makrab My Adventure

Have you ever been gather with your class mate and did something fun with your friend until at 2 am o’ clock?. Makrab is the one of another way to make greater relationship with your classmate friends, have you ever thought that is difficult to talk with someone you want to talk to but he/she is too introvert when in a classroom?, the answer is Makrab also, you must be wondered Why i post this theme? 1,004 more words