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Couchsurfing in Mexico? - Sure, why not?

Maybe it was youthful carelessness, maybe curiosity, truth is that my best friend and I decided to travel across Mexico for four weeks. Yes, two women all alone in Mexico. 804 more words


Tortured writers and the appeal of tragedy

And sometimes we write simply out of necessity.

It’s not that we have groundbreaking points to make or ideas to share but instead that we feel drawn to putting pen to paper or tapping away at keys. 171 more words

6 Strings.

We were only kids back then,

In a family dominated by men.

Mom gave us her savings,

To fulfil our guitar cravings.

We were about to leave the house, 130 more words


let it go..

let it flow among

the currents of


soon, the youth will fade

with those

wrinkles of worldliness


Reliving highschool.

Things are weirder then I can imagine. After meeting a few people that I went to high school. Which were excited to see me. (Which wasn’t weird at all because I didn’t think that they even knew I existed.) 201 more words


If I Had What You Have


Ronan coughed until his throat dried up. His condition was deteriorating. A man walked up to him. He talked about Ronan’s health. Ronan ignored him. 202 more words