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Learn to roll with the waves...

Saturday 28th of February, 2015

Many times when life is too overwhelming for me or I feel the need for inner peace and calmness, I find myself going for walks by the beach or finding a body of water of some sort whether it’d be a lake, pond or river. 463 more words

The silk road home

Sight, in city streets,

in every view sights and sounds

too full to comprehend,

like mirror shards each

reflects brokenness from

a different angle.

Walking, like a dance, created… 244 more words


More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine

I thought of maybe writing about a film like “Inception,” “Matrix,” or “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” However, because this class talks a lot about identity as well, I thought I would write about Star Wars because this film franchise (specifically A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi) talks a lot about the identities of its characters, both the good and the bad. 382 more words


Forgive Nice Young People for their Costly Mistakes

I have had made some mistakes that were minimal, but have learned from it. This time is for you to forgive some nice people who have made huge costly mistakes who have changed for the better. 268 more words


Week 5-7: PwC Birmingham Exclusive Office Visit & More

In Week 5, around 30 Women in Finance members headed to PwC Birmingham’s office in Cornwall Court for an exciting day finding out about what PwC do and who they do it for. 273 more words


Bestial experiment

Acceptance is a
miracle, when you embrace
what is here and now.

But I am faced with
many dark things rearing heads.
No way but forward. 194 more words

Coca-Cola visit February 24th

On Tuesday, February 24, our Women Lead in Business class visited Coca-Cola headquarters and heard a panel discuss their journeys in the workplace. As discussed in class, a common misconception is “doing it all.” Every class session reinforces how gender stereotypes affect everyone, and how awareness and discussion can lead us in a positive direction. 196 more words