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Quote of the day (15-Dec-2019)

I never keep the money as an emotion. Instead, I handle money as an experience. The nature of money is movement. When it moves it gives experience. 97 more words

Pearls Of Wisdom

Pengalaman Mencari Pekerjaan Lewat Usia 25

Lewat jauuuh… wkwkw

Kenapa milihnya angka 25? Yagapapa, biar pas seperempatnya seratus tahun. Kenapa milihnya seperempat dari seratus tahun? Yagapapa, pengen aja, ah… blog aing kumaha aing, ceunah! 1,059 more words


Night hikes

Feeling like a 5 year old, night hiking in Costa Rica.

Lori Taylor Personal Fitness loves Outdoor Adventures. Hiking in the Rainforest at night, is pretty spectacular.


I’m Only Here for the Experience

Guggenheim, New York City, summer 2019

Dear Reader,

Have you ever been part of a big production, like for theater, a workshop, or an exhibition? These sorts of projects are similar in that they usually involve a team, a lot of prep work, and months of planning for a relatively short event. 345 more words

One-way Ticket on a Westbound Plane

The very first cassette tape I ever owned, was “Blue” by Leann Rimes. I listened to that tape so many times, that to this day, if I ever hear one of the songs from it, I still know which song comes next on the album from pure, ingrained memory. 796 more words


Porto - Experiences you cannot miss

Port Wine Cellars

Porto Wine is a dessert wine traditional of this part of Portugal. When you walk close to the river Douro, in a part of the city called “Ribeira” you will see cellars of different brands on the other side of the riverbank, in Vila Nova de Gaia. 447 more words



Last week I wrote about how no two people walk away from a piece of art with the same conception of what they just saw. I mostly couched that in terms of older media like visual art and film, but this idea applies to games in an especially interesting way. 954 more words

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