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My First-Time Ever Experiences After I Started Earning

As humans, we’ve got the wonderful gift of experiencing many things in life even if it is for a shorter or shortest period of time. First-time experiences are something which we always remember in spite of the passage of time. 578 more words


Beautiful Venice 

Work life is keeping me busy right now and it looks like it will be another couple of days until I will find time to write. 154 more words


Collaborating with fellow artists (Twine)

I know it’s been a little while, you can call it a ‘sit back and enjoy your accomplishments’ vacation, but just know that I am still working on songs for my next project.  234 more words



Incessant beeping and beeping–someone’s next to me. What was her name again? She’s putting shades over my eyes.

Oh, me? No, I’m not a nurse, but I want to be. 251 more words

Kansas City

The Arrival of Autumn - Renaissance Faire and Apple Picking

Is there a better way to welcome the official start of Autumn than by going apple picking? or attending a Renaissance Faire? I can’t think of one. 309 more words



It was a beautiful morning in the spring of 2015, pleasantly sunny indicating wonderful days ahead. It had been about two years since I had seen my brother and due to all the work pressures my father was rarely staying with us, touring almost twenty days in a month. 685 more words


Medical Appointments and Post-Depression -a few thoughts

For those of us who deal with various chronic illnesses, regular medical appointments become routine. For example, for 26 years now, I average spending somewhere around 10-20 days a year at the hospital (the University of Texas M.D. 319 more words

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