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Heart and Soul

Just being here is happiness.

You’ve chosen to incarnate in this vessel so treat it the way you would treat the most delicious palace in your heart creating room for growth is the challenge at hand.

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A monotonous crawlin' back: a ticket to nowhere

It’s been a while, and i decided that, since i’ve been talking too much about existential matters and i also exhausted my beliefs to the root, that i can take a fucking break and try to recollect and organise instead my memories in a low grammar quality. 866 more words


Hidden Beauty

Have you ever looked at a group of random weeds on the side of the road, or in the middle of a field? Really looked at them? 303 more words

A Very Full Day

Today started off full steam ahead, with running the Stripey Oss Café in the morning, and a family event in the afternoon.

RyRy had a great time cooking and calling out orders around the kitchen. 392 more words


To Jump Or Not To Jump


On a fishing and crabbing pier lay a group of Asians and a White man. One of the asians is a talented woman in her late 50’s who’s talent is crabbing. 705 more words


Weekend Read - Real Entertainment

I fight a constant battle, in my house, prising the children away from their preferred screen based entertainment and making some attempt to let them really experience life first hand. 562 more words


Misery is an addiction
Once held captive in it’s grasp
It is difficult to break free
It becomes a comfortable place
Even with the pain it brings… 206 more words