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Boys vs Girls...

Who is better to live with? Boys, or girls? Males, or females?

They both have their pros and cons and I have experienced living with both. 1,174 more words


Little Victories

Hello all <3

I find it so fascinating how life can take a quick turn and surprise us all from time to time. That has definitely happened to my family and I this summer, and there is a meaningful lesson to learn with our experience that I thought I might share. 1,321 more words


Military Training for Chinese Students

Having grown up in Canada and not being too familiar with Chinese education and their curriculum. I was curious when I saw what looked like students in military uniforms, both females and males. 229 more words

No. 90: Build an epic sandcastle

Sometime in December 2016

I have always been the same when I go to the beach – sit in the dry sand, get into the water when it’s gets too hot and then… 443 more words



Today was quite a day. From the pre-check-in jitters, to the massive amounts of questions from parents. Today was something I had never experienced. I am tired, sweaty, and my feet hurt, but I have fifteen residents in their beds ready for the next two weeks. 175 more words


Raven's wedding

It’s hard to believe we have reached this point, but we traveled to Utah for Raven’s wedding. This is us before Raven took out her endowments at the Draper Temple. 112 more words


My Soul-Being


It’s been 10 days since my e-decluttering and to be honest, there were really times when I wanted to get back on Instagram to check out images. 389 more words