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"PTSD": A label I can cling to

When I learned I had PTSD, I felt something like relief for finally having a label for the symptoms I had been experiencing since it happened. 489 more words

Monterey, CA: Whale Watching

Spring in California is an incredible time to go on a whale watching excursion. The whales are still migrating at this time which makes for an active outing. 270 more words


Ten Ways to Travel Smarter

Recently on my trip to Argentina I was mugged on my second day in the country. While scary and stressful, the experience taught me a lot about how to travel smarter. 1,280 more words


I’ve worked in the service industry for a a few months, and it’s interesting to me how quickly my personality shifted from reserved and awkward with social interactions to lively and, well, at least I’m a… 104 more words


Lest We Forget

The commemoration of the ANZAC Centenary for all of Australia and New Zealand’s fallen soldiers started off with a Dawn Service down at Broadwater Parklands. It was a time for everyone to be proud of the country those soldiers sacrificed their lives for and celebrate it. 304 more words


Sundry Sunday Challenges Part 1

I was about to write a post complaining about how I have absolutely nothing on today’s Sundry Sunday challenge via Occupy Daily Prompt. And then I read… 744 more words

Daily Prompt

A bit of this and that!

This is a place that i will probably use as an escape route, a place to vent or just say things out loud. Don’t get too worried, for I’m not here to dump my worries on you. 461 more words

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