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Keep Climbing

Sherbet-colored skies adorned with fluffy clouds stretched for miles. Blood pulsed through my veins as pieces of my hair scattered wildly from the wind. Taking in a huge breath, I exhaled with rejuvenation. 280 more words

Kids and summer news

We have been basking in the glorious summer weather in our part of the world. As we cross the halfway mark, I remind myself not to get too used to this warmth. 333 more words

Cheers to New Experiences

New experiences: the most gratifying feeling. If done right, it will make you smile ear to ear and give you that accomplished sensation inside. For me, I love being challenged with new ideas. 694 more words

The Mayhem of Men

I understand that there is always a line between two people. Who gives, who takes, and where that line begins and ends which falls on them in that particular moment. 928 more words


:: Weekends :: Not in this Lifetime

I have an embarrassing a confession to make: I have been a huge Guns┬áN’ Roses since the early ’90s. My sister, who is 8 years older, was going through a break-up when she brought home Don’t Cry. 278 more words


Poem #9

He spoke about all the ways he loved her,

And all the reasons why.

The list seemed so endless,

All spoken with a smile.

Of course she is all that and more, 119 more words

The Nectar List: Part Two

Okay. So the movers came today to take my stuff from Tampa back to Boston. As I watched them load up their truck with my boxes, I was flooded with a bagillion different emotions. 1,913 more words