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Your Digestive System is a Beautiful Snowflake: Biochemical Individuality

In case you aren’t the reading type, or my post is just too long (yeah, that happens a lot), I have started off my post today with a summary of the subject as presented by our newest Holistic Health Advocate: Urban Cave Baby! 1,206 more words



Last month I followed a training course on resilience. All participants were asked why they decided to take the course. I went first. It was out of curiosity I said. 608 more words


Bra Size 'G for Gorgeous '

I was a C cup in middle school and by 9th grade I was a D cup. In 9th grade I got dress coded on a regular basis anytime I wore a shirt that wasn’t a crew neck. 2,397 more words


The Time I Rode Swings & Celebrated Kings

The Dutch have this fantastic holdiay called King’s Day which is celebrated around the country every year. But the biggest party, is in Amsterdam. It begins on King’s Night, April 26th and goes essentially all night continuing into King’s Day festivities. 1,980 more words

A Dot

     Stars are one of the most beautiful and fascinating creations of God. I like looking at stars because it makesyou wonder and think that there is a vast of space and no one can even measure. 248 more words



The glimmer of the sun hits the pavement my toes clutch. The glow heats my seasoned skin as the wind whispers against my silhouette. The scent of summer encases the fabric surrounding my being. 9 more words


This Is Very True, I Do This All Of The Time:

And, no one still notices, except for Loki, who doesn’t use his phone as often as mortals do, haha!