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Easy DIY Green n' Clean

Where to even begin! I’m writing to you on my sofa that has been freshened up by a spray of witch hazel, tea tree, lavender, peppermint, lemon and eucalyptus. 1,039 more words

Event Planner

When Life Hits You Real Hard. 

See eh,

Life is beginning to hit me real hard. I am learning that all is not as easy as I thought it to be. From the price of kerosene to cook in school, to people trooping into your room after you must have spent the strength you do not have to cook, to everything. 192 more words


Friday the 13th.

I had been wanting to get a tattoo for a while. I knew what I wanted and had a meaning behind it, just never had the guts to go and get it.  323 more words


When Style Grows And Changes With You

People go through fashion phases periodically throughout their entire lives. Once you get past the age where parents can stop choosing what clothes you’ll wear, we do a little experimentation with styles and combinations. 593 more words


Extending The Avenues Of Performing Testing

Last Wednesday afternoon I anxiously asked my boss for permission to make changes on our application code repository. I said I wanted to try fixing some of the reported bugs listed on our tracking system, if there are no other resources available to pass them to. 454 more words

Software Tester

Day Twenty Nine.

Tried out some Tai Chi on Saturday, which required a 8:00 start and I’m still amazed that I got out of bed. It’s a much calmer martial art than the others, which is nice, but it does also have some self-defence elements. 265 more words


Uncovering Violence

Human beings have been trying to find fulfilment in Life.
That “effort” has brought intrinsic division: What “I” want, someone else also wants. There is competition, conflict. 565 more words