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Just Dance.

It’s been one of those days.

Everything in the world seems to be going wrong, and what grace I had, spilled on the floor with my toddler’s milk earlier today. 404 more words

An Oxbridge journey (Day 55)

If I were ever forced to choose between Oxford and Cambridge, I would choose Cambridge for obvious reasons: I have lived there on and off for 5 years and spent many summers there before that. 531 more words


My Art is My Baby (and an Update)

I am someone who loves babies. They’re so cute and the purest expression of joy can almost always be seen in the bright smile of a… 316 more words


Moose Blood

February 23, 2017

Last minute shows are always the best. That literally was me when I went to go see Moose Blood at the Glass House in Pomona, California. 615 more words


Ordinary, yet extraordinary

It is indeed strange how certain thoughts always reside in the recesses of your mind and come back to life, as soon as anything even remotely connected to it occurs. 1,245 more words


Who Are You?

If I were to ask who are you, what would your response be? “I am an American” or “I am a manager” or “I am a Christian” etc… All these examples are only monikers of… 190 more words


Recurring gift

With an endless greed for supremacy and will to conquer, wars have been fought.

Whatever  the cause of war was,

Sunset brought peace asking the undead to retire for the day. 131 more words