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Three Kids and A Hernia...or How We Finally Got Family Travel Right

The day you’re about to leave for a nine day vacation is not the day that you wake up, turn to your husband, and say, “Honey, I’ve got some uncomfortable, unusual, sort of alarming pain. 1,535 more words

Release the Need

This painting has been haunting me ever since I started it in December. I’d do a little bit here and there, taking long breaks to free my consciousness and let it flow instead of trying to make it as perfect as I saw it in my mind. 148 more words


Sonoran Days and Nights

Last night, we closed out the Sabbath with our church outdoors by the bonfire and it was so beautiful! The sun setting over the Sonoran Desert was phenomenal. 136 more words


New Beginnings

After almost two years of unsuccessful job hunting (read: The Dreaded Job Hunt) I have finally landed myself a job!

After countless rejections I was beginning to think I’d never get a job. 914 more words


The day my bus was canceled

By Andy Christian Castillo

The day my bus home to Massachusetts from Rapid City, South Dakota, was canceled, I crashed in a Panera Bread and gorged myself on breadsticks, washing them down with cups of Doctor Pepper. 730 more words


New house (Days 84 and 85)

Day 84 was a quiet one in terms of new things. I finished one of my planning days (for the Year One project) and started on the Year 3 project and I cobbled together a slightly odd dinner of sweet potatoes, tomatoes, onions and parmesan cheese in an attempt to use up as much food as possible in preparation for Day 85, when I moved house. 217 more words