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Ano ba ang meron sa ating buhay?
Mga bagay-bagay
na inihanay ng tadhana
upang tayo ay matutong magsumikap
madali man o mahirap
mapait man o masarap…

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I Don't Have to Smile, I Choose To

I decided to meet my husband after he got done with work today and because the walk there is under 2 hours I walk there often. 767 more words

My Life


After hours of friendly banter about everything under the moon.

Everyone is finally asleep.

Its pitch black and the only sounds I hear are the pitter-patter of rain, gentle snoring and an occasional thunder. 151 more words

~*~ Anxiety Group or Social Gathering? Eh... Who Cares ~*~

Hello, My Dear Fellow Bloggers.  Hope this finds you well this Friday Eve.

A couple weeks back, a small group of us from our mental health facility decided to start our own little anxiety group, because we found our old one was not serving any purpose anymore.  222 more words


My Blog Post of Summer

My Summer Adventures.

  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Boating
  • Tubing
  • Concerts

Public service

Exactly a week has passed since I got involved in a more or less foreseeable consequence of an unpredictable, tragic event. The worst is over; however, there were a few things which made an impression on me. 479 more words