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Thought of the Day #8: Annual Reminisence

It’s strange to look back at how far you have come in a mere year. The nostalgia is quite odd and makes you wonder why so much changed in only 365 days. 174 more words

Thought Of The Day

King of Asses

Have you ever been in a situation where you were put under pressure, and you knew for a fact that you would regret your decision later, but you continued doing it anyway? 778 more words

There's always a first time

One of the things I told myself when I embarked on this, my American Adventure, was that I wouldn’t impose my expectations and itineraries on my trip. 380 more words

Sound Spirit

Open Mind, la magie d'ouvrir son esprit.

Je ne serai pas tant du genre à parler de mes activités et sorties sur ce blogue parce que ce n’est pas le but de Portraits, mais je ne peux passer sous silence l’expérience puissante que j’ai vécu au Festival Open Mind le weekend dernier. 2,065 more words


Mindful Living.

The glow of the computer screen illuminated the surrounding dark space. Melodic beats drifted through my body, as insightful words settled into my soul. The verses were authentically intriguing. 408 more words

Bagaimana Rasanya jadi TKI ?

Kerja di luar negeri? Jadi TKI maksudnya? Iya. Kalau kerja
di luar negeri jadi white collar sih nggak masalah ya, tapi
yang penuh tantangan lebih itu yang blue collar. 753 more words


Overcoming Rudeness of People

Some people are just rude, don’t they? Let’s talk about why are they just simply rude and why it makes us angry at times. First of all a person is rude because of what happened in the past, he/she might encounter the same experience of rudeness of other people..

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