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No. 82: Visit the zoo


This trip to the zoo was another one of our more spontaneous plans. That morning our only plan was to drive back to Sydney from our trip out of town and over breakfast had decided to go visit the zoo. 229 more words


Life Has Been Exciting Again!!

Since I last posted, I have gotten more productive, and I have been joyously progressing in my life! What have I been up to, you ask? 633 more words

Learning To Be Patient...

Greetings everyone!!

So today I wanted to write a post about something I have learned in the beginnings of trying to start streaming, recording, and bulding a follower base. 551 more words



A couple of days ago a friend posted research regarding success and high school grades on Facebook.  The research cited indicates that there is no correlation between high school grades and success later in life.   161 more words

Boy With Disheveled Hair and Pajamas

Boy with disheveled hair and pajamas, I lost you exactly 23 days ago.

And your loss makes me wonder if I really went wrong somewhere… Whether it was expecting too much of you or being selfish and only thinking about what I wanted for myself. 627 more words


When I Met Death…

It was not a perceptual experience or a hallucination nor any feeling of detachment from the body; it was the sensation of being aware that ‘this is the end’…‘its all over.’ 584 more words


Portland, Oregon (72-hour Trip & First time visiting)

If you haven’t visited Portland, I say make some time to do so. Last Weekend was my first time visiting – and they have amazing food selections, really awesome beers, and the vibes are SUPER friendly. 1,607 more words