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I don't want to forget

Once upon a time I remember crying to my mother over the phone, ‘We are so poor that I can’t even buy a tea cosy.’ 940 more words


Interesting Exchanges/Dialogue in The Phase

This article provides snippets of my experiences which contain exchanges that I found interesting.I am not discriminating between d-state or dream experiences, or entitative or higher self contact herein because, among other reasons, I find they don’t factor in to how useful or interesting or informative the exchanges are.  3,657 more words


A Woman Who is "Me"

Note: I found this in my book and it looks like I forgot to publish it on my blog. So here it is.

I spontaneously popped out of my body and found myself in my bedroom. 159 more words


Taking Things Seriously

I once heard Tom Hiddleston tell a story about how he started getting professional work. He said that after graduating from drama school, he didn’t get cast much for a while. 1,573 more words


Food: Friend, Foe, or Fuel?

Diagnoses may provide a name and general symptoms of each disorder, but an individual’s Ed is unique to each person. The reasons behind why a person turns to (or away from) food varies. 654 more words

Eating Disorders

Rewards in Gaming

Rewards for consuming entertainment is a novel invention that is unique to the medium of games. By investing time into them and achieving certain goals players are given various gifts within the games to encourage further investment. 1,216 more words



I have this irrational fear of wasting my youth away.

I believe that I should experience as much as possible before age and career limits everything. 316 more words