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Unabating Suffering

What do you tell someone who is suffering emotional pain?
Someone may be pleading for a way out of her insurmountable pain.
Pain has the characteristic of making someone focus, concentrate, or unwillingly give its full attention to suffering. 364 more words


Cancelled Flights and Airport Floors — A Travel Story

Whenever we talk to travelers, travel “horror stories” always seem to come up in conversation. Admittedly, we love hearing about them, these unique tales that you never truly forget … that become part of your travel memories. 1,974 more words


"It's Not My Fault..So?"

Forgiveness was always something difficult for me to grasp when I was younger. I never thought I needed to say sorry or ask forgiveness from someone, even if I was right. 1,221 more words

The opposite views of sex in my life

Ever since I was little people have given me their opinion on sex and what it should be and its meaning, or to some the fact that is has no meaning. 452 more words


Gurus and Mentors - When to leave them and their advices behind

By: Heero Yuy


So… Here in my backyard guy Tai Lopez is pretty infamous on the internet for his “proven steps” on how to not be “materialistic” with his new Lambo because “knowledge” and “books” are so much better to get more “fuel units.” Don’t be a cynic! 411 more words


Björk Digital: A glimpse of the future for modern music videos?

The above video shows a trailer for “Family VR” which is the next track lifted from Björk’s 2015 album Vulnicura to receive the Virtual Reality treatment, and from the snippet it looks to be yet another visually captivating and intrusive piece of art.  398 more words


My top six favourite places to drink coffee in Vienna:)

Anyone who has been or knows anything about Vienna is aware of their famous coffee houses and the delicious Viennese coffee they serve. Whilst there are plenty of coffee houses to choose from, if you are on a whistle-stop tour of the city and don’t have time to look around for options, yet wish to experience the coffee culture of Vienna, then read on. 771 more words