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I see as the river Jhelum,

Gushes out through the chasm

Cutting across the two Mountains

Severing the land into two

As the first ray of light… 160 more words


Negative Transformation


I have heard many say experience is the best teacher however I am of the view that sometimes it doesn’t just teach, it transforms negatively. 509 more words


The Power of the Words You Use

‘A picture paints a thousand words’ as the saying goes. I guess some pictures do exactly that. For me I look at it the other way round. 720 more words


I wrote this because I was bored (Read this in Nas' voice)

It started 2012, the day was June 11 and

That was my birthday, I just turned seventeen

I remember standing on the queue for registration… 554 more words



Sit. Don’t talk. Observe. Everything that surrounds you has a story. Try to listen to what they have to say. The trees, the clouds, the wind that takes with him yellow leaves on a journey of self-discovery, the annoying pigeons that just won’t leave you alone… Listen and be grateful that these precious elements of Nature share their story with you.


Being an ESL Teacher

As you all know, thee reason I did this trip to China, the reason I am here (other than wanting to get out of Bristol), was to teach English to kids. 571 more words

Another Meet up with Wine

This last Thursday I went to another one of Wine Connects Meet up at Gorge Krammerville. One this lovely warm evening, we were invited to sit on their upstairs area which overlooked the whole of Sandton, if you were sitting at the right spot. 411 more words