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Though Much is Lost, Much Abides

The Mumbai-Nagpur Duronto Express on 23rd June did not come even to the starting station until it was well over an hour late. Expectant passengers passed their time looking from the announcement screen to the digital clock hanging all along platform number 18. 194 more words


Naked Camping Advantages

Some things I have found to be advantages to camping naked versus camping with clothing.

  • (Obvious) Fewer clothes although this is replaced by towels you will need two per day one to dry off with and one to sit on; possibly a third for showering at the end of the day which may be optional if you make do with one of the other two.
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First time camping and this blog...

So in my first two posts I talked about a who I was a little bit and what nudism is about; in this post I will talk about my more recent experiences which have led to the creation of this blog. 809 more words


The Training, The Trainer & The Trainee

I know very few people who do not like being selected for a training program. There are just too many positives about being on training that far outweigh any qualms one has. 1,471 more words


A world filled with somebodies.

The world glimmered around her. Everywhere she went, she saw happiness. She’d see couples who so clearly loved each other, their eyes were filled with wonder like a child on Christmas morning. 386 more words


Wellcome one, Wellcome all.

The traffic buzzing outside makes no noise on the third floor of the Wellcome Collection. It is silent, but not uncomfortably so, more like the secret flutters of pages turning; bird wings in a cave. 977 more words

The Traumas of the Past

“You” or “I” is a water pipe. The experiences of Life will go through the pipe, through us. As time goes by, some experiences may have “dirt” in it. 649 more words