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Growing copper sulphate crystals

Growing copper sulphate crystals. This involved us filtering the solution with a funnel and filter paper and choosing the best place in the room to let the crystals grow. 10 more words


Noi and Terra

The concept I intended to use for Mittelmoda 2016 is Native American, unfortunately I did not send my work to the competition. Regardless, I would like to share it to the readers. 270 more words

Fashion Design

Secrets Within - 20

Thirty-three, all armed with crossbows or short bows, each with a longsword. Most wearing leather armor in varying states of disrepair. Not a crossbow is wavering, these men and women know their business, … 2,118 more words


Dye Day!

My guild (the CU Spinners and Weavers Guild) hosts an annual Dye Day each spring–in addition to the Natural Dye Day in the fall. I should say, more specifically, that the excellent, awesome, and amazing Beth hosts Dye Day . 371 more words


The Max Hydration Method---Day 1

Hello everyone and welcome to the blog (for new and returning readers)! Summer is creeping on us! Hot weather and more days that we are wish were free to sit at the pool. 950 more words


#YourNextFavoriteAuthor Weekly Prompt

It’s funny how the writing prompt from one of my Facebook groups ties in so well with the post I’ve been working with for the S. 1,018 more words


The Wonders of a (Partial) Internet Blackout

Last week, I decided to do a productivity experiment/challenge that included living for a week as if I had no wifi at home (though I live with three other people, so I couldn’t actually turn it off). 931 more words