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A geometry puzzle

Here’s a fun problem I came across when trying to analyse some data, which I thought I’d write up to illustrate the kind of interesting puzzles I get paid to solve as a physicist. 926 more words

Pick your poison

AIM OF THE EXPERIMENT: To prove that coffee was poison

King Gustav III of Sweden believed that coffee was poison.

And to prove that this theory was true, he sentenced a criminal convicted for murder, to drink coffee every day until he died. 179 more words


memory of futurity


spreads before me:

a map

of unmade memories,


in an unfamiliar


a vague arrangement

of salient moments;


which await

the mercurial… 21 more words


Making Use of Stellaris/Tiva Real-Time Clock

If you’re at all like us, or like , you’ve got a stash of development boards in a shoebox on a shelf in your closet. If you’re better organized that we are, it might even be labeled “dev boards”. 238 more words


Watercolor & Kitchen Stuffs Experiment

Here’s another experiment for texture that yielded some interesting results.

The color I used was Indigo. For the bleach & water, I used a separate container for water and used a little over a cup of water with a few drops of bleach using an eye dropper. 217 more words


Watercolor & Herb Experiment

I’ve been wanting to experiment with herbs for awhile now to see if I could get a neato texture and I finally did it. Below I’m using Rosemary, Fennel seed, Chives, Dill Weed, Curry, and Paprika. 188 more words