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Embracing a little ambiguity

I am indebted to a fellow student Stan for the following clear and simple articulation of the continuum of how artists can intentionally make their work ‘accessible’ (or not, as the case may be): 719 more words

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Randomised tests make sense

People Have A Hard-To-Explain Bias Against Experimental Testing of Policies And Interventions, Preferring Just To See Them Implemented

Randomised experiments (also known as A/B testing) are an absolutely critical tool for evaluating everything from online marketing campaigns to new pharmaceutical drugs to school curricula. 67 more words

Behavioral Economics

NASA Testing Method to Grow Bigger Plants in Space

By Danielle Sempsrott of NASA – Re-Blogged From WUWT

In an effort to increase the ability to provide astronauts nutrients on long-duration missions as the agency plans to sustainably return to the… 822 more words

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Dark issue search at CERN: Will the LHCb experiment untangle the basic planetary secret?

Dark issue shows up to determine the gravitational impacts of turning galaxies and also holds a bulk risk in deep space at huge. Physicists approximate as much as 85 percent of the universes is constructed from the secret compound whereas baryonic or average issue– the kind we are constructed from– just represents around 5 percent. […]


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Dark issue BREAKTHROUGH? CERN experiment hounds dark photon fragments

Dark issue continues to be among the greatest secrets of scientific research, which researchers have actually thus far been not able to understand. Dark issue is thought to comprise 85 percent of all issue precede when contrasted to typical issue– the exact same things trees, people as well as cars and trucks are yet from. […]


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The Love Guru

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     She’s Back!!!!

The Love Guru has been receiving questions about love, life, business, struggles and success.. She may have not experience it all yet but people keep on coming back to her and asking her about her advice and opinion. 30 more words