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Stories from The World's Biggest Trust Video

What many people don’t know about this heart-warming global trust video are the stories that happened behind the scenes. So in this blog post i’ll describe some of the most touching moments from the 3rd of May, 2015 when more than 45 brave people from 9 countries participated in our first global trust event.  490 more words

Peter Sharp

Mise en Scene: Part 3

Film: Aynoa Alvarez

As part of this year’s Unit X first and second year Interior Design and Creative Multimedia students collaborated with the RNCM and Transport for Greater Manchester to devise environments for the performance of operatic pieces.  22 more words



KAMPALA – I wonder how inevitable grouping according to race is. In the Netflix series Orange is the New Black (2013), the female prison finds itself divided along lines that are racial and ageist, described by red lip-sticked lady with a lovely Brooklyn accent as “tribal” (and absolutely not racist): there are whites, blacks, hispanics or latinos, and elderly, and although people mix, there is a certain sense of home and familiarity within these tribes. 790 more words

An Hour of Darkness

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

One step forward
One step back
At least we broke even

The earth shocked and boats rocked, but the boulder that tumbled disgracefully from the mountaintop is only temporarily lodged in the muddy bottom of the pond. 329 more words


Day 7: a new day, a new result and a new approach

The result

So just as the six days before, it was pretty  easy to achieve my set goal as the table below clearly shows.

Day… 266 more words