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nothing is more painful than

the scars breaking,

those scars, the memories

previously stitched by hope

right before my eyes.

the collapse of your face, 43 more words


Operation: Don't Eat Foods that Make me Poop Myself

Hot off the heels of my “#change” post, I have landed on my first course of action!

I will be starting an Elimination Diet.

I know, I know, it sounds like another crackpot/roundabout/pseudo-committed attempt at weight loss, but I assure you, that is only…. 416 more words


Cooking With Cambridge, Part 4

Have blender, will blend.

Today’s experiment was to try and make a thick milkshake like the ones you get in high-street shake shops. I used a chocolate ready-made shake, an orange chewy bar, and some ice. 98 more words

Ultimate insult

The air crackled with the static of her quiet fury. Their once paradisiacal relationship now a thick, briny, broiling ocean between their respective islands, through which the bellicose fish of their mutual antipathy swam. 310 more words

Gin Neo Bistro & Wines: Experimental Gastronomy

This restaurant was chosen by my boyfriend and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything special from it because he picked it so last minute, but… 306 more words


Decomposers in Action

For the past month my Garbology 101 class has been engaged in a scientific experiment to see how composting differs depending on 3 different conditions. It began when we took organic waste and broke up into 3 different glass jars with air holes drilled into each lid. 101 more words