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Expectations for IT

In my IT class, I am hoping to learn about how I will be able to come up with new ways of working with technology as well as learning better ways to communicate with others with technology. 58 more words


From the Delights of being a criminal: Scenario Musings: Shadowrun

When playing a rpg you deliberately choose to be someone else, some characters lean heavily on oneself, some don´t, but in the end it is about trying something new, doing what you can´t or won´t do in real life. 1,274 more words



As a part of my #TheGoal30 challenge today, I tried a new vegetable(??): Alfalfa sprouts! I’ve always thought they looked completely weird, but they’re supposed to be some kind of superfood right? 164 more words


A Kitchen Museum of Electrical History

Since Easter I have been reading about electricity. I think it is the hardest topic to teach. Circuits are often frustrating: bulbs blow, cells run down, connecting wires have loose connections, one group takes all of the good wires…. 112 more words


Social Classes!

This is a fantastic experiment which investigates one of the principal characteristics of social life.

It seems society discrimination to several classes is intrinsic. But we should be careful about conclusions: 81 more words

How to share VR

The Perfect VR Headset Is Actually Just A Hoodie

Oculus is shipping its first VR headset this week. It’s a big moment, but virtual reality is still loaded with usability problems that will delay its uptake to the true mainstream: You’re often tethered to a giant PC. 51 more words

Virtual Reality

Mumbai gets public bike share programme

Public bike share programmes, which helped major cities around the world fight traffic problems and reduce pollution, made a debut on Monday, August 15, in Mumbai with a project to rent out bicycles starting in the north eastern suburb of Ghatkopar. 118 more words