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Are you proud?

After all these years of living your life in your own way, after acquiring habits, ideas, skills and knowledge and creating the person you are now. 438 more words


What are your personal core values?

Welcome back! Either you are determined to run a values-based company, or you’re plain simple curious, or it’s your first visit to my blog (which is OK, but stay tuned!). 479 more words


Parable Journals

We are currently studying the Parables of Jesus in our third and fourth grade class. Every year the children have wonderful comments and ideas to share. 480 more words


Eye-popping Experiment: Molten Aluminum into a Fish Tank of Beads

I have seen a lot of videos showing experiments online and I should say, this is one of the most amazing. Science offers a lot of wonders that make everyone appreciate it. 25 more words

Collective Branches

Branches that connects us all
with no leaves or flowers to spare.
We simply stand, rise or fall
wherever there’s love to care.

If full of leaves and flowers to bloom… 143 more words


Artist Books

My latest project at uni is to create an artist book – what I would define an artist book to be is a piece of art that takes on features of a book, e.g. 28 more words