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Reflections on Food Advertising and How It Affects our Intuition, Plus a Little Experiment

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Hi everyone!

How many times have you bought a type of food because you saw an ad for it?

I have been thinking a lot lately about intuitive eating, and my quest to be able to become an intuitive eater. 1,500 more words

The self inquiry

Here ‘I’ am, my physical and current ‘occupant’ state,  far removed from the rest of the group also partaking in this two-day spiritual retreat.

Yes, this is the self typing and yes, that is her, looking perplexed in the image attached. 354 more words

Diary Entry

Here-There: A Science-Fiction Experiment

Writers Note: Happy 2017. The year I started re-branding this space (2015, I think), my resolution was to use wordpress to better my writing anyway I could.

906 more words
Short Stories

My Skinner box

Presenting my version of a Skinner box. After learning about Skinner’s animal experiments of reinforcing certain behaviors in my psychology class, I decided I wanted to try it out on the smaller of my two dogs, seeing how long it would take him to learn the trick. 71 more words

Kite Notes

Read : This is an open envelope to all those rebuilding themselves

As individuals, we have grown up to be so by ourselves, liking the time spent in adding meaning to our daily existence that any kind of encroachment on this personal space induces a reluctance to interact, a reluctance which borders on repulsion. 252 more words


COLLAGE/ book page ideas

SO, I was having a load  of trouble with thinking of a sort of visual language for my activity book, and so I had a tutorial with Darryl and got some good ideas to get going with. 296 more words