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Day 29 - The Morning Demon

When at first I hear the sound
That seems to come from all around
My eyelids lift and I stretch my arms
And reach to turn off my alarm… 568 more words



At the Children’s Science Center Lab’s experiment bar, Hope Hughes, her brother and her mother were busy with slime and magnets. 428 more words


Crazy Toddler Schemes

Brontë keeps demanding I put milk in her wading pool. Not sure whether she views all liquid as milk or if she has some kind of luxurious, Cleopatra-inspired spa experience in mind. 141 more words

The Solar Refrigerator ... that's been around for ages !?!

Yep, I’m talking about Vapor Cycle Refrigerators.  Just what you were thinking right… I know.

Get this, early in the 20th century, absorption refrigerators were widely used across the country in all sorts of applications.   372 more words

Absorption Refrigeration

Days 26, 27, & 28 - The Bradley Interview

When I moved to Seattle, I lived out of a hostel for a week while I looked for an apartment. It had been impossible to line something up from across the country, and it was a huge point of stress for me, moving here without having a place to live yet. 1,536 more words


First post to this new blog!!!!

Welcome and Experience, Explore and Experiment and just be as Extraordinary as you are NOW!

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