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Music box -prints to objects

Four imaginary musical instruments are now complete. It has been a journey of discovery, several ‘aha!’ moments, and as many ‘oops’ moments. On my desk are a number of shapes cut from my prints which haven’t gone together in the way I intended, and they are now waiting for a new approach. 190 more words


Fight off: Tony Moly Snail Mask vs. Eunice Collagen Mask

Welcome to the first episode of Product Fight Off! In this episode, we will find out how Tony Moly Intense Case Snail Hydro Gel Mask (what a long name) performs in comparison to Eunice Collagen Mask (what is the brand). 1,024 more words

Dream Weaver

Is it possible to have a dreaming problem?  I am starting to run out of song titles containing dream or dreams. I know I have mentioned my increase of dreams this past week and I think I might have the perfect example. 344 more words


Grzyby i Ayahuasca dla więźniów

W 1961 roku Timothy Leary, wtedy jeszcze profesor departamentu psychologi na Uniwersytecie Harvarda, rozpoczął nowatorskie badanie, które do literatury naukowej weszło pod nazwą Concord Prison Experiment… 599 more words

"Sandbox" Paintings - An Exercise in Creative Play

In mid 2015, I listened to a podcast interview with artist Elle Luna. In her interview she talked about this idea of sandboxes. How they are places children play, play without worry or care. 157 more words


Mummy, look!

Traffic was crawling along the A322, and Melissa had been stuck there long enough to have found 27 different evil forces to blame. Primarily the government, naturally, and various departments within it, but also the people who would make money out of this delay. 633 more words


11th Hour

Twenty Four has been a strange year indeed, and I find myself almost at the end of it. One month to go before I reach the looming ahead. 770 more words

Twenty Four