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Daily Prompt: Atmospheric

Close your eyes, draw your sight inwards, and let me take you to an alien world located right here on Earth.


You stand on a beach by the edge of the sea. 1,167 more words



The movie review is running behind. In the meantime, I present you this half-baked tale.

Gus had a habit of seeing dangers in everyday things. Sidewalks, nachos, dry grass, anything. 780 more words


Virtual innovation summit

I look forward to participate in the virtual innovation summit later this month. It was through Paul Hobcraft that I learned about the crowdsourced virtual innovation summit, an event co-created by corporate innovators for corporate innovators. 443 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Experimental

One of the best things about purchasing a new camera is getting to experiment with the many settings. My camera could not be considered “new” anymore, since I’ve had it almost a year, but I may never stop learning the various features and capabilities that it possesses. 549 more words


Wordpress Weekly photo challenge: experimental#2

Life is quite smooth,

Either it’s crimson red,

Or midnight blue.

Via wordpress Weekly photo challenge: experimenting


Psychology is not in crisis?

We are witnessing a renaissance in psychology

There’s been a lot of talk of the crisis in psychology. For decades, and often with the best of intentions, researchers have engaged in practices that have made it likely their results are “false positives” or not real. 88 more words

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