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21 day life hack - day 8

3 gratitudes – spontanious meet ups, running water, acupunturists

Journal – went in to a charity shop and got a great pair of shorts and a shirt for less than £10

Life Hack

Experiment 1

Thought experiment:  How would I feel tomorrow if I woke up in a physically female body

This was suggested as a small way to help check my gender identity.  568 more words

My Story

Nutritional labeling: numbers or colors? A new paper

Bad eating habits have negative consequences. We have always known as much. But the rise of obesity in the last decades is impressive and apparently unstoppable. 1,324 more words


Lust, Romantic Love & Attachment

These are three brain systems of ours. Lust is the sexual drive you feel towards an individual, romantic love being a more complicated concept to grasp is the deep and blind love you feel towards an individual. 503 more words

21 day life hack - day 7

3 gratitudes – dogs, colours, silence

Journal – cooked dinner with my sister and chilled out with her. My sister has an amazing attitude and talking with her made me feel even more positive.

Life Hack

#nopoo one month on

It’s been a month since my last post about going #nopoo.

The facebook NoPoo group is brilliant with lots of really helpful group files which explain and link to all the different methods of #nopoo (and #lopoo), trouble shooting, advice and photos. 773 more words

Comment Piece

Round One...Or Maybe The Only Round

This is a writing experiment.  The style of writing is called streaming consciousness.  I will be writing about a specific piece of music that I am listening to.   405 more words