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That Awkward Feeling When...

Hi Everyone,

Lately I’ve been very much into fine arts again. When I say lately you have to understand, as a child my first love was reading, my second was art. 440 more words

Amazon Mechanical Turk Income - Week 1

A good first week of trying to see what the earning potential is for Amazon Mechanical Turk. My goal this week was to spend a minimum of 1 hour each day and work as many HITs as I could during that time. 132 more words


Inov8 boot experiment – part one

This is not entirely your usual blog post, but I thought it would probably be worth sharing this experiment with everyone in one shape or form. 501 more words

Zero Carb Trial Results, Reflection, and Aftermath

30 days!  Wow, that felt like a long time.  There were some things I liked about going Zero Carb, and there were some things I hated.   768 more words


Dystopian Factions: The Prags

These aren’t “for” anything yet, though I might incorporate them into some kind of Starfinder product at some point.


The Prags, or Pragmatics, believe that whatever produces the best end result, as defined by the self, is morally good. 421 more words


quantifying perception of visual fields and environmental value

People who are open to new experiences can take in more visual information than other people and combine it in unique ways. This may explain why they tend to be particularly creative. 350 more words


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