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Political prerogative

Latched on to what belongs
Forgetting right forgetting wrong
Keep believing it’s okay
Wouldn’t have it another way
No one’s fooled by you
Might want to trade your point of view… 28 more words


Croatian Amor's "Love Means Taking Action" Imposes Its Own Aesthetic Order

Something subtle but strange happens on the opening track of Croatian Amor‘s Love Means Taking Action. After a minute and five seconds of a woman singing sweetly of stars and angels, her voice stops abruptly and breathy reverb drops in. 490 more words


The Dreammaker

The doctor waltzed into his office with a swing in his step. His spectacles sitting on the bridge of his nose as he swiveled around once in the room. 839 more words


Phragments Offers up an Infernal Soundtrack with "All Towers Must Fall"

Cinema has long been augmented by soundtrack work. In Amadeus, Mozart’s funeral is elevated to heartrending, tear-jerking heights when backlit by his Requiem Mass in D Minor… 386 more words


The Whip Angels' "Mistresses of Theology" Is a Guide to Sex, Death, and Mythology

Jenna Kraus has been crafting lo-fi audio experiments as the Whip Angels since 2012. After an initial stint on the now-defunct Music Ruins Lives label, she’s since self-released two albums and a handful of singles and EPs. 489 more words


Sindre Bjerga & Micromelancolié's "Invisible Paths" Works to Evoke Something Undefinable

This release is darkly haunting, beautifully aimless, and full of emptiness.  The sound is rich with ambient hums like distant generators, machines in other rooms, traffic heard from deep below the surface, and the hiss of old cassette—that raw analogue sibilance that somehow emotionally taps into a feeling of space.   609 more words