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No basis in reality

The dream:
To be at peace.
With each action.
No matter
The outcome.
Even when,
Other’s disagree.



Tonight will be
Like all others
A night in a string
Of continual events
Reading on and on
Until the heavens end
And Earth’s gone… 11 more words



When the deep red world forgets who you are,
And the singular slip petals are enough to send you down,
And the cast iron smiles are enough to send you down, 235 more words


Life stream

It’s a new year tomorrow
But still just another day
In the endless stream
One unto the next
The next and the next
Keep on sliding by… 14 more words


Forgot once again

It’s been awhile
Since I was on my game
Trying to find
Something to blame
But only myself
Can be found
This is so simple
But so profound


With One More Pass, Golgotha Communications Limited's "Gatha Yasna" Could have Been Exceptional

I don’t know about you, but for me, one thing that acts like a real clear warning sign as to the likely merits of an album are glaring typos on the album artwork.   722 more words


Found in the storm

I found myself today
In a room surrounded by sounds
A blowing storm
A creaking door
The chaos of war
Yes I found myself just there… 58 more words