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California (Is Weeping Tonight)

The Harelip was lying on his bunk, dozing in and out when I came into the room. The lights were off, with only the moon illuminating his physical ugliness from a shaft of light penetrating the grimy window. 84 more words

Hyedra - Prologue

“Rocks hard
and glitters with intensity and adrenaline from a place of determination and a mindstate of positivity,

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Pawcut - Angel Dust (An Educational Audio Drama)

“A cinematic atmosphere
of beats! A real musical story rather than just a collection of tracks. Highly recommended!
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Mirage - It's Been a Pleasure

“Good old fashioned
post-pre-rock-groove-jazz-dancehall-classic-newwave-oldschool-punk-latin-soul-groove-tightjam-hiphop-chaos music orchestra choir.

You know, the good stuff.

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The Omnific - Kismet

Video of the Day:

…Bass duo and drums…

Full Album.


Nordgroove - Keeper of the Samples

thoughtful electronics with multiple iridescent facets and shades of jazz, dubstep, and cinematic soundtrack music, organically combining carefully selected samples of organic instruments and textures (which even the album’s name refers to) and live instruments: guitars, bass, saxophone, organs and Fano.

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Til death

The grind is starting
Day by day
We gruel on
Living the hours
Oh so long
But in the end
The days just pass
Until finally… 31 more words