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[Animations] WIP - Blowkiss 1

For this animation, I added in-between frames from my previous animation.
As you can see, the movements are much more smoother than before.

I do have to say keeping some details consistent is still rather hard. 98 more words


[Animations] WIP Animation - Blowkiss Keyframes

After doing the Hadouken animation (which I still need to clean up), I went to start working on another one featuring a different character, Celeste… 156 more words


How to create Double Exposure images

Double Exposure images have been around since the dawn of photography. In the days of film, this effect was achieved by opening the camera shutter more than once, exposing the film multiple times to different images. 679 more words


[Experimental] Hadouken Animation WIP

I’ve been rather busy with school, but I’ll show some WIP of an animation I’m doing for a project.

Here’s a rough animation of TOON TIMBO doing a hadouken. 226 more words



Learn from the past
That the future is uncertain
It may not exist
For you or I
We must cease what we have
Be glad for what is… 30 more words


Dream Journal Excerpt

“…Lastly, standing in line at some weird competition, some pervert leaps forward and begins to suck the top of my bald head. No jokes please. I begin to beat him in the face, and he then falls backward–seemingly unconscious, possibly dead. 92 more words