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Exclusive- Premiering 'I'm Not' the New Video from Iugula Thor

Iugula-Thor has never been what you’d call a household name, even within industrial circles, and yet Andrea Chiaravalli has been spinning a web of intriguing sound since the early nineties, when he turned heads with two astonishingly original releases on  277 more words


Grinding away

One day
People will stop
And realize
There daily grind
Is just wearing them
Down and down
Until a small stub
Is left
To try and enjoy


First Look: Jason Walton (Ex-Agalloch) Finds New Life With His Latest Project, Snares of Sixes

Even only at four tracks, it is not surprising that it took Jason Walton five years to make this first Snares of Sixes album. It’s not even because of his more pressing obligations with Self Spiller and the recently defunct Agalloch, although that busy schedule probably played a part. 543 more words


Screenslaver's “The Common Signs”: A Ten-Minute Jackson Pollock

Challenge: Write three hundred words describing ten minutes of experimental sound stretched across four tracks. Congratulations, that’s fifteen words right there, but what to say next? 448 more words


Todd Anderson-Kunert's "When There Is Nothing Left to Say" Finds Consciousness in the Unsilent

Until this album, I was of the firm opinion that I hate those experimental albums where they use super-high-frequency tones.  I am a huge fan of Otomo Yoshihide, for instance; yet, despite this deep and abiding love, I can barely listen to those albums of his that utilise the frequent application of super-high sine waves.   755 more words


War time sorrow

The marching orders
Come down the line
Screaming generals
And following swine
None quite sure
Where to be
Sure of one thing
They’ll set us free… 26 more words


Rapoon - Wanderlust

During the cold and eerie autumn season, the best thing that could happen is a record which could easily transform bad weather and dark emotions into something dreamy and wonderful. 572 more words