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Lorenzo Carrano - Musicarium

is my second solo album. I wanted to give a personal tribute to Music, in generic sense of term.

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Once again

The day I grow up
Is the day I give up
Chasing dreams
Without a plan
Carefree shouldn’t
Become careless
Just because
The Earth
Orbited the Sun

Once again.


Connecting the dots

A wise man once said
There are no wise men
Only fools who
Strike lucky with their thoughts
And connect some dots
They don’t even see themselves.


Different truths

You want to know
What really happened
The objective truth
Of the subjective scene
Transpiring before your eyes?
The objective truth
Was lost in the subjective… 21 more words



There used to be a time
When the news
Told stories
Of good fortune
Of luck and hope
Of peace and dreamers
But now it’s just… 24 more words


WiR #1: Adela…

‘Adela…’ is the first of a series of texts written by Amalia Iavazzo as part of the CtC Writer in Residence (CtC WiR) Programme launched in October 2017. 1,168 more words

Miriam La Rosa

Kings and Queens

I wish it were a year ago
And things had happened
I wish the Democrats
Would have voted
And left our neighbor
Out of misery… 24 more words