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Latitudinal studies show
Lying and a bad hair piece
Are all it take
To be successful
In the US presidential election
In the era of selfies and snapchat… 6 more words


Kevin Hufnagel - Kleines Biest

For some, context sometimes can give clarity to abstract artworks by giving the listener/viewer a narrative to understand a framework of tonal patterns that otherwise wouldn’t stand out from the massive outpouring of experimental work being created in copious amounts all over the globe.  441 more words


Mätisse Displays Experimental Cut-and-Paste Verve on "Kairos"

There comes a point, I think, where experimentalism can work against itself.  It’s a point where the creative process overtakes the creative product; where the how becomes more important than the what.   489 more words


The many worlds of the mind

Have you ever had a thought
That ballooned up, up and away
To the outer limits of what you could say?
Have you ever had a belief… 61 more words


Northern Winds & Descending Days: An Interview with Siavash Amini & Zenjungle (+ Review of "Topology of Figments")

Siavash Amini and Zenjungle (Phil Gardelis) have both secured their own recognizable niches in the halls of modern drone ambient, with several acclaimed solo and collaborative releases as well as appearances on various compilations. 2,936 more words



He watches
As Fat fingers fumble
At the silver foil seal
Keeping the stale cigarettes fresh
And protected
From yellow teeth and get lips… 13 more words


V: Suicide Room

IV: Suicide Room


This file is not a pre-approved Suicide Room Case. However, it has become available to the public. It was discovered, and has been encrypted in such a way that hacking attempts have only managed to reveal unwilling words that do not work within any context. 135 more words