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Into sleep

It’s time again to go to sleep

Over the moon I’m counting sheep

Off to a land of lives I’ve lived

Workout a plan I travel. 26 more words


Laboratorio de Interactividad Corporal

Blog acerca de la experiencia y el proyecto del grupo residente del Laboratorio de Interactividad Corporal en el Centro Hipermediatico Experimental Latinoamericano (cheLA), conformado por Constanza Casamadrid, Myriam Beutelspacher, Juan León y Ezequiel Steinman. 2,305 more words

Electronic Art

2018 Spring Music Preview ~ Experimental

Some of the most creative sounds come from this section, ranging from the intriguing to the out of this world.  This season’s crop includes improvisation, electro-acoustic works and all-out noise.   1,418 more words

Richard Allen

Stick Men - DEEP

“Great band.
This album is chock-full of tricky syncopations, groovy bass lines and ethereal guitar work.

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A Plea to the GCoA

In wake of recent events
I’d like to call a hearing
Of the general council
Of apathetics.

On this twenty second day
Of this second months… 109 more words


Gun Control

When will the guns
Be treated like sticks
That are taken away
When children are bad?
When will we band up
And decide to fix… 27 more words


California (Is Weeping Tonight)

The Harelip was lying on his bunk, dozing in and out when I came into the room. The lights were off, with only the moon illuminating his physical ugliness from a shaft of light penetrating the grimy window. 83 more words