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Scientific Method and Upcoming Quiz 9/7-9/8/17

Today, we ended our scientific inquiry unit. We completed the Filbert Does Science exercise for a grade and took notes on the different types of variables that can be found in a science experiment. 19 more words

Pre-test and Pea Plants 9/5-9/6/17

We spent the first half of class completing a pre-test. If you missed the test, please schedule to take it. The rest of class was spent preparing a pea plant lab. 18 more words

Postdoc position available

Another short post, just to advertise a postdoctoral research associate (PDRA) position available to work with me. It’s a two year position, based at the… 218 more words

Drug Action


Many innovative ideas and products fall at the first hurdle as a result of improper design and development. There is more to coming up with a new product than just conceiving the idea. 285 more words

Talking Graphics

Mystery Powder Lab 8/28-8/29/17

Today, we attempted to answer the question, “why is it important to use experimental design when studying phenomena?”, by determining the identity of a mystery powder. 63 more words

I Wonder If Life Smokes After It Fucks Me

I Wonder If Life Smokes After It Fucks Me

A handmade poster/installation which visualizes the sarcastic quote “I wonder if life smokes after it fucks me”. 54 more words




A carefully selected collection of hand made photogramms. The photogramm is a technique that combines analogue photography and illustration.

The following images are one of a kind and were made to visualize two subjects: 89 more words