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Federal Funding Priorities: What is the Effect of the Arts on Academic Achievement in Disadvantaged Populations

I am now working on the four-year compendium report: “Measuring the Effect of the Arts on Academic Achievement in Disadvantaged Populations.” Through a rigorous, randomized, experimental design including two trials, one three-year trial and one four-year trial, we have measured the effects of arts integration on student achievement in Rochester, NY’s disadvantaged population. 364 more words


Does reading a story affect the way you talk afterwards? (Or: do linguistic tasks have carryover effects?)

So tomorrow is my generals exam (the title’s a bit misleading: I’m actually going to be presenting research I’ve done so my committee can decide if I’m ready to start work on my dissertation–fingers crossed!). 918 more words

Future. Vision. Polaire.

We’ve seen enough Science Fiction to imagine how the future will look like when it comes to living, transportation and communication technology and I’m cool with that image. 141 more words


A Church Illusion

From many angles, this structure is a simple, quaint church. But peek from a different vantage point, and something entirely different comes into view.

Containing more than 100 layers of stacked steel, they are equidistantly staggered to change appearance depending on your viewpoint. 15 more words


Marketing Analytics for Forecasting

Binkley, Christina, “How Fashion Retailers Know Exactly What You Want,” WSJ, 4/30/2015


[1] What types of questions would bricks-and-mortar retailers like to ask in order to improve their financial performance? 699 more words

Data Acquisition

How does experimental design impact the GMO debate? A review.

This was one of the first studies I read when I first approached this project. Needless to say, it may have changed the way I approached many of my further readings–critically. 632 more words

Imaging SmartFlares +/- DMOG (Live)

This is a final repeat of the basic SmartFlare experiment. HeLa cells are loaded with the three variants of SmartFlares and imaged 18h later. 104 more words