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Transgender congruence

This paper was done for PSY 280, Experimental Design.  It proposes an experiment to look for geographic variation in the amount of congruence transgender people feel with their identity and appearance.

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If you don't know ABLE yet, you should

I just got back from the 2016 conference of the Association for Biology Laboratory Education (ABLE). If you teach biology labs at any level, you really should check it out. 345 more words




Hurricanes are colossal water storms that can cause major devastation in the area it hits. Rated on a scale known as the Saffir-Simpson scale, these aquatic catastrophes can range from a category one, being the least damaging, to a full-on category five, being the most damaging. 326 more words


MDM4U Reviewing Experimental Design 2016-05-25

We looked again today at how to design good experiments, and I was pleased to hear some of that thinking coming out in your work on your questionnaire tasks. 17 more words


How to read an academic paper?

How to read an academic paper?

It is beyond me why juries  on thesis, Masters or Ph.D, insist on producing voluminous books.

Probably, to initiate the candidate to learn Job’s patience for writing? 317 more words