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Keep On Going

This was a week of meetings.

On Monday, I scheduled one with my PI a week in advance to talk about methods for upcoming experiments. 491 more words

Phd Problems

Day 84 - Drawing Conclusions

Science 9 – This is a result from one group’s experiment with yeast budding. Their experimental variable was water pH, and it looks like they may have made a mistake. 57 more words

Science 9

Extrapolating to humans?

There are numerous problems with animal studies and with extrapolating from other animals to humans. Maybe it is time we finally say it clearly: we cannot rely on animal models. 41 more words

How to check hypotheses with bootstrap and Apache Spark?

There is a featureI really like in Apache Spark. Spark can process data out of memory in my local machine even without a cluster. Good news for those who process data sets bigger than the memory size that currently have. 1,135 more words


Animal research sufficient evidence?

Benefits of animal studies remain unproved. These studies may not only be insufficient evidence, but they can direct future research in wrong direction.

This is costly and harmful for humans. 18 more words

Regents Earth Science: Engineering Challenge

As part of our earthquake unit, I had my Earth science classes try to build “earthquake” resistant structures out of toothpicks and masking tape.  Different groups had different substrates to build in – dry sand, wet sand, or dough – to model the effects of different types of ground on building stability during earthquakes. 357 more words


About Time: How Temporal Construal Changes Customer Satisfaction

Time works wonders–it’s a familiar saying that speaks to the fluid nature of an individual’s experiences, and how, as time passes, perceptions of those experiences often change. 326 more words