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How to read an academic paper?

How to read an academic paper?

It is beyond me why juries  on thesis, Masters or Ph.D, insist on producing voluminous books.

Probably, to initiate the candidate to learn Job’s patience for writing? 317 more words


Musings about statistics by a statistics-phobe

By B. Staffan Lindgren, Professor Emeritus

A while back, a paper accepted by The American Statistician entitled “The ASA’s statement on p-values: context, process, and purpose” was posted to the American Statistical Association… 1,360 more words


Psychology experiment

PSY360 final paper jbooker

This is the term paper for a psychology class on experimental design.  It describes the scope of a small experiment to investigate the connections between mothers and daughters with regard to eating habits and eating disorders.

Research Paper

Fighting Extreme Poverty

Half a billion people live on less than 75 cents per day.  Termed the “ultrapoor,”  they often have too few resources to send their children to school or to save any money. 127 more words


Getting Going to Fight Poverty

Imagine that you are managing a health clinic and need to recruit health workers who not just know their stuff, but are genuinely interested in helping the community.  252 more words

Research Ethics

A.6 Ethology

Testing a hypothesis—experiments to test hypotheses on the migratory behaviour of blackcaps have been carried out.

In the 1950s, blackcap warblers (Sylvia atricapilla), a small European songbird, began to be observed wintering in Great Britain, instead of North Africa. 289 more words

What Is Science?