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SMBE satellite meeting on evolution of microbes in natural and experimental populations: synthesis and synergies

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to be invited to a Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution (SMBE) Meeting aimed to bridge the divide between scientists studying microbial evolution in the lab (mainly through experimental evolution) and scientists studying evolution of microbes ‘in the wild’ (mainly through genome sequencing). 181 more words

Cool Science

The case of accidental evolution in HeLa

How does one accidentally evolve a population of cells? Quite easily it seems. 

This story begins in 1951, when Henrietta Lacks went to see her doctor at Johns Hopkins Hospital. 1,229 more words


The life of a pea aphid, and why you don’t want to be him

Aphids live pretty simple lives, suck up some plant juices, find a mate, and make some babies…sounds quite chilled, right? Wrong. In fact, the life of a pea aphid or… 1,476 more words


Biologists Awarded Grant to Study, Teach Mutualism Between Species

Three Syracuse University biologists have received a $710,000, three-year grant from the National Science Foundation. Led by Associate Professor Kari Segraves, the researchers will investigate mutualistic species. 38 more words


Optimizing the product of the wow factor and the beneficial mutation supply rate

This post follows up on my post from yesterday, which was about choosing a dilution factor in a microbial evolution experiment that avoids the loss of too many beneficial mutations during the transfer bottleneck. 274 more words



Every day, we propagate the E. coli populations in the long-term evolution experiment (LTEE) by transferring 0.1 ml of the previous day’s culture into 9.9 ml of fresh medium. 1,436 more words