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Change accelerates stalled evolution

Evolution can get stuck. When no mutations are available that can improve the fitness of an organism, evolution cannot proceed. However, using environmental fluctuations that are ubiquitous in nature, evolution… 544 more words

Molecular Evolution

63,000 Strong

Ever wonder about those big numbers posted in a window in that tall building on the east side of Farm Lane, across from the entrance to the MSU Dairy Store? 388 more words


Keeping Up with the Thuringiensis: "Cry" Baccilus "Cry"

“Infectious diseases kill more people worldwide than any other single cause,” quoth the US National Library of Medicine. With climate change and rise of antibiotic resistance these days, infectious diseases are becoming increasingly threatening to humans. 510 more words


Worms Provide Insight Into Evolutionary Responses to Pollution

Human industry has had a devastating impact on ecosystems around the world. These anthropogenic disturbances have caused pollutants such as heavy metals and pesticides to alter the environments of countless species. 902 more words


Window Dressing

The window to the lab has been updated, courtesy of Zack Blount.