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Duo Modular Synthesizer & Flute

Free improv set with modular synthesiser (Ruben) and Flute (Tiziano) for the Sonology Show Lab

Experimental Music


Free Impro set with modular synth (Ruben) & laptop (Stefano) for Ephemere Studio Loos

Experimental Music

Godspeed You, Sufjan Stevens

On occasion, this blog concerns itself with music rather than writing. And today is such a day. March 30th is a special day – well, for me it is, at any rate. 223 more words


Laws of Motion confirmed as lead single for Spring EP

A final update before the mixing, mastering and promotion of the upcoming spring EP gives us both a lead single and an EP title. Laws of Motion will lead the collection of the same name – more will follow on the form this single release will take, which is likely to feature an accompanying video and extra track.

Tom James Parmiter

Moth Electret's Album “Dawngazer” is a Phantasmal Dreamscape

Moth electret‘s album “dawngazer” sounds like nothing you’ve heard. It’s ambient, to be sure, in the sense that the music occupies a very deep aural space, with sounds panning left and right, moving forward and back, but it’s also glitchy, designed, with stuttering buffer effects and shimmering granular trails; it’s not aleatoric or chance-driven, but thematic, controlled, liquid. 415 more words

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