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The Orlando Weekly's Review of Midaregami

I wanted to post this review of the Tangled Bell Ensemble‘s performance of Midaregami here as I am very proud of that piece and it is a stellar review. 347 more words

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Boogieidol - Radio Days(ジングル公募企画・投稿音源集etc..)

Radio Days(ジングル公募企画・投稿音源集etc..) is a self-released 2013 album by boogieidol. This release consists of 15 vaporwave tracks, the longest being 34 seconds.

This is an interesting album since the entire thing sounds like clips from Japanese television shows and commercial jingles. 196 more words

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the cut tummy - Drug music freak

Drug music freak is a three track 2014 EP by the cut tummy released on the Japanese label mayoware record. And no, I didn’t typo the label name literally has no “s” at the end of record. 189 more words

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ピーターフェアリーベーコン×生須芳英 - ピーターフェアリーベーコン×生須芳英 2015年1月20日高円寺sound studio DOM

ピーターフェアリーベーコン×生須芳英 2015年1月20日高円寺sound studio DOM is a recording of a live performance by ピーターフェアリーベーコン (Peter Fairy Bacon) and 生須芳英 (Namasu Yoshihide) recorded in 2015 and self-released by Peter Fairy Bacon. 211 more words

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1956 - Stan Kenton - Cuban Fire

Cover Critique: Instead of some Les-Baxter-style cover art (Stan Kenton does exotica!), we are given a tasteful burnt umber closeup of a drummer in ecstasy. Good use of staggered font, with an exclamation mark betraying the excitement (and hey, it IS pretty exciting). 539 more words

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Otto Von Schirach - Escalo Frio

Escalo Frio is a 2001 album by the eccentric Miami musician who probably came from Mars, Otto Von Schirach, on the label Schematic. This release is actually one of the reasons that drove me to create this blog. 208 more words

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A quick update to let you know that I am trying to finish up the mixing & mastering of my latest Studio Album Moonscapes by the end of the week.  55 more words