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Three Evenings with Cerridwen’s Cauldron

While I did do a Tarot reading for what work I am to be doing with Cerridwen I really didn’t interpret it fully because I got distracted. 1,752 more words

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Experimenting with Alternative Approaches, Practices and Methods: an ELT Chat Summary

Although I wasn’t able to participate in this chat directly, the monitors kindly allowed me to write the summary, which meant I had the opportunity to experience the idea exchange, albeit post chattum. 1,176 more words


Psychic Development Class

(Note: I meant to post this last night but I was a slow writer and go distracted easily. So I am posting today, but I am too lazy to change the tense and references to time.) 1,206 more words

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Devotional Art

I decided to attempt to draw Lugh today while taking a break from the bracelet. Plus, since I have a picture I drew of the Morrigan I figured I should do one for Lugh too. 59 more words

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Weaving Some Devotional Magic

I had the urge the other night, after talking about the box I am going to be painting and decorating, to use the thread I laid out on my altar space and make a bracelet with them. 613 more words

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Devotional Magic Box?

I got a box today. I know I want to do something semi-devotional or witchy-related with it. I just don’t quite know what yet.

I am considering something related to Lugh, because, well, I’m supposed to be working with him. 769 more words

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Shrine Sprucing

So I wanted to do something in my altar/shrine space which is a flipping mess now honestly since I need to start working with Lugh… 379 more words

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