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Research on 3rd project

The object is a bowl of the “Woods and Sons Ltd.” (1865-2005) Iris edition.

The company was specialised on pottery and possessed four lines of pottery ware, each had its own aesthetics and design. 386 more words

Experimental Practice

The Folk Museum trip

The other day we went to the Folk Museum, the place full of different objects once were used on everyday basics by multiple people in the past. 219 more words

Experimental Practice

T-shirt design

To kick off the theme of collaboration and working together I got paired up with Borey to design a slogan for a T-shirt.

Step one: read through newspapers to get inspiration for a slogan  809 more words

Experimental Practice

Branding Daniil

During Anya’s class we learnt about Branding we got set the brief to brand a person.

Our person: Daniil.

We started by asking him questions, letting him talk and just listen to his answers and how he identified himself. 300 more words

Experimental Practice

The slogan T-shirt makes a statement without saying a word

Since this task had to be quick in creating and fulfilling it, Fern and I asked a question on what immediately might get people’s attention to? 271 more words

Theory & Research


‘Psychogeography’ was invented by Guy Debord, the Marxist theorist (Tate, 2017). It is a term to explore how different places make us feel and behave. It is about using the method in order to change our perspective on the world around us. 850 more words

Art & Design Futures

The Concrete Journey : Step Two : The Experimental Practice

MA in Photography, Falmouth University, Module 4, Sustainable Prospects; Week Four : Practice Development

Having established my research I prepared myself for some practical experimentation in making concrete and fusing images to the curing surface.  877 more words

Sustainable Prospects