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Incoherent Archaeology Manifesto

Incoherent Archaeology Manifesto (draft)

(to be used or not used, adapted, edited, abandoned or recycled. Incoherent could be replaced with disjuncture)

 Archaeologies of Incoherence (disjuncture) in a digital age: 139 more words

Contemporary Archaeology

Oh! What a Tangled Web We Weave

My method of spellcasting is different to say the least. At least certain types of spells. The main reason I bring this up is because I recently did one of these tonight and it just gets me thinking about my methods. 611 more words

General Practice

New Year Resolutions, Reflections, and Plans

I have already mentioned part of these things with my study schedule plan but I figured as a way to keep me more on top of things I would mention them all again more specifically. 1,136 more words

General Practice

Witchy/Pagan Study Schedule Part 2

I got things planned out for myself enough that I think I can be fairly successful with my study schedule. ^_^

I have set it up a weekly/daily schedule where I have my class stuff worked in plus drive times and sleep/prep/meal times. 540 more words

General Practice

Witchy/Pagany Study Schedule

I am going to attempt to set up a study schedule for myself again. I have done this off and on in the past when I have had the time and want to give some dedicated time to different aspects of my path and craft, but I would often fall out of the habit. 514 more words

General Practice

The Enigma of My Existence

On and off for a while now, I had started contemplating and wondering more about what my path really is meant for. My roommate and I talk about various things all the time and one discussion that mentioned purpose triggered me to think about what my purpose was more. 1,370 more words

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