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Pet Magic

My cat has been sick this past summer. He has what is called hypercalcemia where he is producing an overabundance of calcium in his system. Now, there was noticeable enough high levels as a kitten when I had him fixed but not enough to stop us from doing the surgery. 635 more words

General Practice

Devotional Poetry: Your Wings at my Back

Your Wings at My Back

When you black wings unfurled,
I felt them at my back
as if they were my own,
warding away all the dangers that I faced. 116 more words

Dealings With Deities

Owls on My Dash

I have been seeing owls on my dash a lot recently. Several are images in combination with crows or ravens. There are always owls on my dash here and there, but not often with the crows and ravens so I took note. 472 more words

Dealings With Deities

Father's Day and the Summer Solstice

Today was Father’s Day and the Summer Solstice (Litha). First, I went to visit my dad today and had lunch with my parents. It was nice. 1,014 more words

General Practice

Flowers for the Morrigan

I am in a chatty mood today apparently. Two posts in a short time. Haven’t done that in awhile.

I picked up a miniature carnation plant at the store last night. 391 more words

Dealings With Deities

Devotional Prayer Beads for the Morrigan

Since I mentioned my prayer beads in the previous post, I figured it would make sense to show them off.

    I used garnet, hematite, amethyst, red tigers eye, and onyx for the sets of nine. 113 more words

Dealings With Deities

Devotee, Daughter, and Warrior of the Morrighan

I felt it appropriate to go ahead and mention that I did a little devotion and dedication to the Morrighan last night. I think it was semi-necessary to do something more formal for it than just say, “Hey, I’m your devotee now.” So I did a short little thing. 837 more words

Dealings With Deities