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today's presentation on project 3

Today we had a final presentation of the project 3, Entangled Objects. I did 7 layouts presenting my object which is a bowl, the research on the company who produced my object and the pottery itself. 233 more words

Experimental Practice

The Earthlinks

Today’s pitch was about branding, thus we had to do a quick campaign in half a day in order to show our research skills and how quick we develop conception in a clear and precise way. 552 more words

Experimental Practice

Project three: final crit and idea development.

Today we had our final crit on the third project. When I first presented they liked the idea, but after a while discussing the idea they felt as if something was missing. 1,176 more words

Project three: entangled objects. Idea development.

Concept – first crit:

While doing my research I was really inspired by the fact that cork grows, just like nails and hair, to be de dead and it is harvested. 1,024 more words

Project two: personal evaluation

In this blog post I will be discussing my personal evaluation of project two.

The specific research we did for this project is interesting for my practice in the sense that I learnt more about how I can make people participate and what social interaction does. 748 more words

Second Project: Invisible made visible. Execution.

Earlier this week we had our final crit for our second project and after our experiment on Friday we felt quite confident about it, but we could’ve never thought that Jo was this positive about our idea. 1,047 more words

Project one: final outcome development and execution

After my crit, I didn’t know how to fix my ‘issue’. As I’m not a graphic designer, I don’t always know what options are available to me. 1,015 more words