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Lecture 3.103- Types of Corrosion -I

An effective engineering lies in controlling of corrosion rather preventing it, because it is not possible to eliminate corrosion completely”

Differential Metal Corrosion (Galvanic Corrosion) 526 more words

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Lecture 1.108 – Ion Selective Electrodes

The basic principle of ion-selective electrode is that the potential developed is due to a fix ion, and not affect (actually very little effected) by the change in concentration of other ions. 679 more words

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Lecture 1.107 – Concentration Cells

“Its Natural to distribute equally “

just like in the very first lecture 1.101 (reference )We discussed the working principle of the electrode, we have a tendency which is different from metal to metal that actually get to decide what amount of electron will be collected and that is why we consider the standard electrode potential of a electrode in the Emf or nerst equation. 478 more words

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Lecture 1.106- Silver- Silver Chloride Electrode

This is another highly used Secondary reference Electrode, It consists of a silver wire covered with AgCl, dipped in Potassium Chloride solution of known concentration standard with AgCl. 297 more words

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Lecture 1.105- Calomel Electrode

Now there is a very common tradition with science teaching, you told the drawback of something only when, we have some improvement to tell you and since, we discussed a lot of issues we are having with the SHE(again, just a coincidence), we will go for some improvement, now there are several kind of secondary reference electrode, but we will start with Calomel Electrode, most commonly used. 442 more words

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pKa value using a pH meter

Similar to the Potentiometric estimation, a different electrochemical estimation method is, using the pH Meter to calculate the concentration of H+ Ion, and thus pH of solution or pKa of acid and similar quantities, so Let’s discuss one Experiment, 623 more words

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Potentiometric Estimation

Electrochemical analysis is the group of chemical analytical methods in which a potential change is generated by the electrochemical reaction involved.

What is the real picture, in simple words the chemical change here is measured by the change in potential. 699 more words

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