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The Birth of Experimental Science

by Tim Harding

To the ancient Greeks, science was simply the knowledge of nature.  The acquisition of such knowledge was theoretical rather than experimental.  Logic and reason were applied to observations of nature in attempts to discover the underlying principles influencing phenomena. 1,888 more words

Essays And Talks

An end to the experiments

This time last week I was excited. I collected the last two pieces of data. I copied all of the data onto memory sticks (two, in case I somehow lost one). 375 more words



I tried to tell my students today about the Apollo 11 moon landing, specifically the origin of the phrase the eagle has landed, but all they could think about was The Eagle, the pub where the model of the structure of DNA was first shown by Francis Crick and James Watson in 1952. 234 more words

In The News This Week

Drawing a line between quantum and classical world

Quantum theory is one of the great achievements of 20th century science, yet physicists have struggled to find a clear boundary between our everyday world and what Albert Einstein called the “spooky” features of the quantum world, including cats that could be both alive and dead, and photons that can communicate with each other across space instantaneously. 526 more words