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Zentangle #14 Answer


A fragment of answer
inside the door
stealing through
like little children


Jakub Lemiszewski - DAAAMN

[ Polish Juke, 2016 ]

Daaamn indeed! Polish electronic wizard Jakub Lemiszewski has done some evolution since HERMES and Diana and decided to go ballistic, strapping his music to a rocket and firing it all the way to Chicago to return with a hyperactive take on footwork, turning the juke level all the way up to 11. 92 more words

Artist Review: Elize Kaisser

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & David Welsh

Captivating, ambient, and a cinematic feel that can bring out your imagination in ways you’ve never experienced.

That’s the feeling you get when listening to European Recording Artist Elize Kaisser‘s single “Laid Back Love Is Life”, a song with an amazing ambient feel with an energetic beat in the foreground to give this song elements of energy, and the tender textures needed to soothe the overall mood. 223 more words

Music Review

Leaves are waterproof: autumn favourite releases

Autumn is coming, leaves are falling, cold temperatures are approaching and the option to sip a good pint outside it’s almost impossible. BUT, that doesn’t mean new music should go with the depression mood of the season. 403 more words


On Beauty

If you think something is beautiful… you are not looking closely.

The moon had been the staple of romanticism until people invented the telescope.

Every smooth surface you touch and feel elated is just unmeasured contours of thousand ultrathin creases and cracks. 562 more words