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Artist Review: MALMØ

‘If you want to find your inner peace, let these intriguingly beautiful tracks be your guide.’ 

Intro to MALMØ:
If you have already read my…

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The ACE Article and Those Confounded Effect Sizes

There is a kind of psychology research article I have seen many times over the past 20 years. My pet name for it is the “ACE” because it goes like this: 1,547 more words

Breaking the Rules: A lesson from Dr. Steve Hollyman

I always grew up on the idea that books were read cover to cover, front to back, and that was it. You build up ideas of tradition in your head and then when you are presented with something that makes you realise that tradition is predominantly led by fear of the unknown, you begin to see the alternatives. 564 more words

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I bought a painting program.

Albide I only have a mouse I will try my best at having fun with it.

The feature photo is my current flag design for my “internet” empire. 8 more words


Verb Games

Verb Games with Anastasia

1: What? / Run
2: Who? /  Eat
3: When? / Drive
4: Where? / Write
5: Why? / Fly
6: How? 469 more words