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Robin Stroop - Een atypische verhouding

Artist: Robin Stroop
title: Een atypische verhouding
keywords: delft experimental robin stroop spoken word dotje dutch gesproken woorden mixtape poedel seen. jenny hval Leiden
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Food: A Poke Theory

I think Hawaiian food is slowly becoming a thing here. After getting our hands on Spam Musubis at the recent Singapore Food Festival, we were hooked, and knew we wanted to explore even more Hawaiian gastronomic delights. 484 more words


Machinefabriek ~ Crumble

Many of Machinefabriek’s greatest works are long-form pieces, and the 34-minute Crumble is Rutger Zuydervelt’s finest release since last year’s Sneeuwstorm.  We recall that album because it seems that a piece of that work has snuck into this one: the howl & crunch of a digital storm.   322 more words

Richard Allen

Newark Athlete (1891): New Innovations, New Directions

In the spring of 1891, the Edison company conducted its final batch of experimentation with the Kinetoscope. The device would make its debut that May, and movie-making would finally wander out of the experimentation era and into the public consciousness. 426 more words


Imagine her walking around a Duchamp.

She will absolutely love it. She would sense all the feelings she kept in the back of her consciousness just to hide her character’s deformity. 72 more words

A Word A Day



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TOTAL E.T. - Solarization

Artist: TOTAL E.T.
title: Solarization
keywords: electronic experimental ambient drone industrial noise Slovakia

TOTAL E.T. does honor the title of its latest release. ‘Solarization’ it is called, and through fluent soundscapes that warmly flow over you like woolen blankets made out of alien sounds they surely sound like a sunny moment. 252 more words