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Cerbère Fait Un Rêve Lucide

Working now on a 16mm shortfilm, currently shooting.

Avec l’aide de la Région Hauts de France.


Short Book Reviews: Jeff VanderMeer's Annihilation (2014), John Sladek's The Müller-Fokker Effect (1970), Robert Sheckley's Options (1975)

Yes (I see inquisitive phantom stares), I listened to an audiobook written in this decade. And it was good. Very good. Brilliant actually. As it was an audiobook, I’m unable to write an in-depth review. 1,437 more words

Science Fiction

Jazz Music and Experimental Composing

“There should be such a feeling of love up on the bandstand, and respect for the other person and what he’s doing, that you give without thinking your support to what the other guy’s doing. 3,361 more words


On “Contact,” Pharmakon‘s Bracing Noise is a Vehicle for Self-Discovery

The Greek word ‘pharmakon,’ riddled with bizarre contradiction, refers to both a poison and a medicine. In ancient times, the related term ‘pharmakos’ was used to refer to a criminal, slave or deformed person who would be cast off from society as a scapegoat during times of famine or violence (and were often bombarded with stones as they ran from the city). 846 more words

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Soulwax have been on my radar since I chose to not go and see them at Bilbao BBK 2016, I overheard crashing drum and arty synth enhanced by a bright light show that created a shuttle bus journey full of sadness and regret. 435 more words

Album Review

As Longitude - Blauer Part EP [KH007]

As Longitude is the illuminated brainchild of Eva Geist and Laura ODL. Together they explore sonic waves in an exiting world full of spatial drum machine rhythms and sequenced riffs. 22 more words