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2. What do you do?

Expanding music libraries with my point of view.

3. Where do you often create/produce? 333 more words


Heavenly Hell I

A five-day-old ort sat inside a rusted pot. The sky was dark, starless, blackened by the deletion of the earth’s orbit, at least, this is how she felt through out her voyage into hell, hoping to redeem his treacherous errors. 84 more words

By Ori Aander

Spark of genius VI

The takers peeked through the windows of their office, tracking their activities in detail. The takers, the power seekers, governments or corporations, one of the same, abolitionists of self-worth and independence. 103 more words

By Ori Aander

Andy Warhol To Se Vrati 'BOYZ by Malga Kubiak

Artist: Malga Kubiak
title: Andy Warhol To Se Vrati ‘BOYZ by Malga Kubiak
keywords: movie, documentary, experimental

We don’t really discuss movies over here, but the three ‘Andy Warhol To Se Vrati’ movies directed and created by Malga Kubiak should be by definition be the perfect material to say ‘to hell with the rules’! 1,042 more words