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The disruptive sound of the jet engine rips through the sky, drowning out nature’s chorus as it welcomes the dawn. As the streets come to life and the buzz of traffic and sirens swallows our audio landscape, the singing is pushed into the background and we march on, busy in our own lives and lost in our thoughts. 389 more words

Digital Art

Three Poems | by Linda Wojtowick


And I am still here: the house
holds up under warring clouds and sun.
My bedroom is square and white and the hall stairs… 885 more words


Blueprint For An Existential Crisis

It’s been a while since we’ve dropped some new noise, but now you can head over to the Awareness Factory and download the newest Blk/Mas album  21 more words

Acid Mothers Guru Guru - Underdogg Express

This is the phenomenal second collaboration album between Acid Mothers Temple, the legendary psych-jam-freakout outfit from Japan that holds no bars, and Guru Guru, famed Euro-Prog group of the 60s, the drummer of which ( 123 more words

Acid Mothers Temple

Eaten by Eros Whispering Remains

Time chewer
whispers untying,
eaten by eros
love maids’ seduce turbulence.

Dolphin’s breath
edits the pine gods.
ebony celiac,
the horrific ones
pleased unperceived. 149 more words

Nano X

Katauta 52 Project #17

I changed the filter this time around to match this colorful katauta wth the lyrics I crafted.

The light demands for people to see it through as they are drowned by fake luminescence from mass deception.