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Rude, Crude, Socially Unacceptable, Politically Incorrect and Offensive; Hey, It's a Living

My site is live. It still needs some polishing, but, if you aren’t easily offended, I’ve created a site where you can purchase “irreverently tasteless cards handcrafted with impiety.” Sure, they’re rude and insensitive. 95 more words

True Stuff About Us

[Music] Dysphoria (unfinished1)

Here’s an unfinished experimental track I made using the Donkey Kong Country soundfont and samples of my friend’s voice captured from a Mumble server.

Donkey Kong Country instruments by Rare.


Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones + Witxes: Split 12" (on clear gold vinyl)

Hmm.. Now I have to say that here we have a very interesting split album, interesting indeed. Cooper’s Quartet & The Dictaphones have been one of my favorite groups since their first album, Parole De Navarre, and I have enjoyed their dark atmospheric soundscapes since then. 65 more words

New Ones

[Music] Byte-sized music scraps (part 1)

Here’s a short track made entirely out of the Halo Reach “Deliver Hope” trailer.


This is a variant of the previous track. The tempo is slower and it includes Donkey Kong Country instruments. 116 more words


Selective Attention: Heather

The latest portrait to be painted for my project on Selective Attention is “Heather“. Much like my previous painting, “Christine“, it had it’s challenges that I was interested to explore. 323 more words