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Project Production - Terrasan

Having done a design for both a popular film and game by this point, I decided to base my third design off the popular book series, Throne of Glass. 468 more words


Re-engaging / inspiration from other disciplines

I’ve been in something of a lull in my Body of Work practice for a few months, with my OCA time being directed on my extended written project for… 959 more words

Body Of Work

Inhabit: Instructions for Autonomy

Watch as Silicon Valley replaces everything with robots. New fundamentalist deathcults make ISIS look like child’s play. The authorities release a geolocation app to real-time snitch on immigrants and political dissent while metafascists crowdfund the next concentration camps.

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The Square Format

When shooting with a modern digital camera or even a phone, the image ratio of the image you capture is usually 3:2 i.e the image is 1.5 times as long as it is wide, or vice versa. 328 more words


Practical Work To Do List

  • Buy saucepan for glass wax
  • Use existing moulds to make glass wax casts
  • Use existing moulds to make jesmonite casts (plaster casts didn’t work)
  • Finish bronzes and aluminium casts…
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River Project

Studio Practices development

Recently my work has moved on from the work I created at the Arts Space Portsmouth exhibiton, Cut and Shut. Not know how to develop further with the idea, I decided to move onto something else.. 290 more words