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Target Audience

At first I wanted to my target audience to be children as there not a massive range of vegan cook books for kids, however with the idea i have in mind for the outcome of the book i think i would be better suited for a an older/ mature audience ( young adult ). 24 more words


Experimentation - Fine art layered photography

Question 2: What does architecture make us feel?

Here I have experimented with photography to create a layered photo that portrays how architecture makes us think and feel. 179 more words



My vision for this project is that I wanted my final pieces to be presented like family photographs would be. My stylistic inspiration for how I wanted my paintings to be presented were glass photo frames, where the photographs are held between two glass planes and framed by faux brass. 568 more words

Experimenting and Practice

Bookbinding –  

After completing the bookbinding workshop, where I made four books, (1 zine, 1 Piano bind and 2 stab binds) I realised that the book binding techniques are not separate techniques where only one is used to create a particular look of book but are various methods which are often combined to increase the strength of the binding, therefore what may look like a crisp and clean outward appearance may underneath use a technique which on it’s own would look messy and exposed. 250 more words


Book binding Workshop

We did a book binding workshop were we got to try different types of binding. Even though last year i made a book for my project it was still really interesting to try new ways of book binding. 21 more words


The First Successful Experiment onto Wood

I decided to source a wooden serving paddle from a company called LoveTiki that creates affordable homeware out of recycled products. As it arrived on the weekend I decided after experimenting on scrap wood to have a go on the final product before ordering me incase it didn’t work. 305 more words