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Helens Younique Party

So as people probably know I am not a make-up person, I don’t see the point in putting a load of stuff on my face and hope that I do it right so that it makes me look pretty for the day, so going to a make up party wasn’t going to be my first choice of activities, however there was also moisturisers and creams that I can use… Now that I am into! 471 more words


Doing New Things With Your Art Style

Well, for today, I thought that I’d talk briefly about developing your own art style. Or, more accurately, the puzzle-like challenge of finding ways to paint or draw things that “shouldn’t” fit into your own art style… 664 more words


Further Experimentation with Electrotyping

Getting playful and experimental after the academic rigour of the PhD.

First photograph as the artefacts came out of the electrolytic cell. They all had a total of 36 hours of electrolysis. 29 more words

Art Work

Combine your disciplines 

Do you want to be the thinker or the doer, the unifier or the diversifier, the critic or the artist?

There’s no shame in preferring one versus the other. 47 more words


In The Depths

In the Depths

Corroded Copper 21 x 38 cm

Electrolytic action on copper

Art Work

 An Evolving Anarchism

Anarchism, for me, is less about “end goals” and more about a particular ethic and outlook. It should reject the idea of “final” states of existence altogether and instead emphasize the importance of a never-ending discovery process in producing a better world. 113 more words


Paper Cutting and Layering Experimentation

This paper cutting and layering experimentation was completed as a part of the Unit 3 Design process of VCE Studio Arts. The white cartridge paper was cut using a paper cutting knife, and layered with wood match sticks to seperate the layers slightly. 54 more words