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Why Eat Seasonally?

Author: Amanda Metcalf

Often when returning from the grocery store I hear housemates sing, “the shop didn’t have any”, the dinner disruption usually a shortage in the fresh produce section. 762 more words


Bachelor's Jam or Rumtopf or Knock Me on my Ass

In 2016 I took a class on how to ferment foods.  It was super interesting.  I love experimenting and since I have a huge garden, fermenting is perfect for me. 669 more words


People Who Love to Eat Are Always The Best People

Eeeps. It’s been awhile. How did that happen?

I’ve started two or three blogs, but didn’t have anything that interesting to write about, so they sat unfinished in a folder on my desktop. 661 more words

Is the Kitchen a Science Experiment?

YES!! We just don’t think of it as one. We follow recipes and everything looks beautiful. (most of the time) But over the years, I’ve learned that recipes from friends for things they made that we… 2,022 more words

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