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OS: Experiment 6

Producer-consumer problem and dining philosophers’ problem. Print at your own risk. 405 more words


The Lake Will Not Leave Me

I have so far written much regarding the authors and poets that I admire and learn from, today I thought it apt to share some of my own work. 196 more words

STAO Safety Mindedness Teacher Training Resource


STAO’s new online Safety Mindedness resource conveys the importance of creating a culture of safety mindedness in Science (Grades 9–12) and Science and Technology (Grades K–8) classrooms. 115 more words

All Science Teachers

Experiment s

Starting the new minis…

15×15 cm

First coloured layer on gesso

10×10 cm

First layers on gesso and tea leaves
Who knows what happens next?


Pinterest cooking

So here’s my first cooking with pinterest post! I used a recipe, but altered many of the instructions ( I had thin sliced chicken breasts that needed to be cooked) . 165 more words

Natural Dye Samples no.10 of 2016

Hello everyone, today I am back with the last round of three dye tests I did and let me tell you that it was definitely a battle of the yellows and golds. 868 more words

The Heart is Not a Pump – The Blood Pumps the Heart

~This follows the work of Viktor Shauberger and the imploding (not exploding) vortex energy field.  We are electromagnetic beings. Everything is frequency, vibration and energy. Everything.

768 more words