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1 Bowl, 1 Spoon, 1 Week

I’ve been doing something “gross” for several years. I’ve been eating GERMS!
Not enough to make me sick, but enough that I’m sure some helicopter-moms (and dads) would step back in shock if they knew! 633 more words


Minions needed, and an announcement

The announcement first: Note the “Buy autographed books!” tab in the menu up there.  That’s a real thing!  You can get autographed books straight from me, until I run out of books to autograph! 82 more words


Experimenting with what else this thing can do.

Gone for a quote format.

Gluten Free Curiosity: Onion Rings

There is one vegetable that is abundant inside my refrigerator that I had little recipes to deal with: onions. I’ve had onions sitting in my fridge since nearly day one of living where I am now. 425 more words

New Post

What do you Think?

This week was an exciting one! The Midwest Learning and Brain Institute had it’s annual meeting in Holland, Michigan. This is their website where you can learn more about it, the speakers along with past years content and Graphic Recordings of all the speakers: 165 more words



Trying all the things.
Today I had the thought that I needed to use something in the back of my nail polish gems to use as filler to keep them lightweight, but also something to use to fill the space and make it easier to stick to surfaces. 313 more words


Vitamin D and Urticaria relationship

There have been researches between vitamin D and urticaria relationship. Research has conducted a placebo trial and proves that there is a relationship between sunlight exposure, vitamin d deficiency, and urticaria. 248 more words