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Questions & the Beginnings of an Experiment: A Personal Relationship With God

I have been wondering about God.

As I explore stuff about myself I am noticing I have a lot of questions about God and for God about all kinds of things and I don’t have many answers that I feel certain about inside of myself yet. 1,561 more words


Experiments in editing - August 2015

A few experiments in radical editing of live music shots taken of Thrasher Jynx, Little Lamb and The Rosemary’s and Ferocious Chode.

Live Music

Shadow Puppets!

Halfway through the new Cyrus Tang Hall of China is a shadow puppet performance gallery. From the front, visitors can watch excerpts of Journey to the West as performed by the Chinese Theater Works and filmed here at The Field Museum. 317 more words

In Progress

The History of Mercury: A Little Story

The latest peek at The Elizabeths, a collection of ministories about and by historians of the elemental world who never existed but should have, is now up on the site. 30 more words


Mobile accelerometer for robot balancing (preparation)

Finally I could complete the test of mobile accelerometer. The values (between -10 and 10) need to be adjusted but can be used for leg coordination. 10 more words

Robot HW And SW

Droplet Dance Experiment

The Afterskoolers will perform a simple and visually stimulating little experiment involving interactions between droplets of food coloring.  Based on the differences between evaporation rates and surface tension of different colours, the droplets appear to dance with each other.   85 more words


Experimenting with mashed potatoes - Part 1

Being half Austrian, I adore potatoes. Don’t get offended if you are Austrian or German or share some Germanic genes, that’s not a stereotype, my mum used to say that to me every time she presented something made with them… You should’ve seen my heart shaped eyes… 484 more words

New Ideas