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Modeling positions and facial expressions.

I have taken some photographs where I have experimented which position would be suitable to show someone’s freedom of doing what they want to do and believing in what they want to believe. 179 more words

Year 2

Blue Moon

An introduction to Andover’s new STEM-based Magazine

The Phillips Academy students have published a new STEM Magazine – Blue Moon – a magazine of student-written research papers and articles. 339 more words


It's Important. Period.

At any given moment, based on population and length of cycle, we could assume that over 250 million girls and women have their periods at any given time. 753 more words

Hands On Learning

Mind map

– First of all I need to find out who would want to model for my project, in which I have to contact others

– I need to experiment what sort of paper texture would look good in a photo and what sort of shape should the paper have and what pens should I use to draw the symbols… Or maybe should my ‘models’ draw their symbol themselves? 75 more words

Year 2

Week 13 Water Taste-Test Experiment

Today’s task? Discern which water tastes the best?

Surely the bottled. Or the purified. Or the filtered. Distilled maybe? Or Spring? Anything but the drinking fountain water, right?! 315 more words

Picture Post

Fantastic adventures in beautiful Basque Country, Spain

A wrap up of our time in Olabe

My partner and I have been staying at a farm in scenic and historic Basque Country. The farm is called… 326 more words


Product Development Day; Part Two

Though our series of experiments we found that;

  • Adding colourant effects the drying time, making it shorter than if left transparent.
  • Only a small amount of colour is needed to make a large change in appearance.
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