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8 Terrifying Experiments From Real Life Mad Scientists

You can thank science for much of what makes our world go ’round, like food preservation, clean water, and comfortable homes. But as stories like Frankenstein and Jurassic Park have shown us, the road to innovation can sometimes take a gruesome detour that can lead to some unethical… – http://dailycrawler.com/8-terrifying-experiments-from-real-life-mad-scientists/

Deer Trail - Before and After

I’m trying to practice something every day. Here’s a deer trail photo I took on Dec 26, 2014 with only a couple of minor adjustments to highlights and shadows to get a good histogram. 98 more words


Thought Processes

Thinking this afternoon I framed up some disposable fabrics. It occurred  to me that my method of working was to work the materials to see the “feel” let them talk me, will they work together, this directs the work. 84 more words


The Power of What If

I have a challenge for you. Go dig around in your kid’s school backpack (you might want to wear gloves for your own protection if your child forgets half-eaten sandwiches like mine does). 895 more words


Italy. People.

Try to look through my lenses and you will see quite the characters. I love all the people I photograph. I find them authentic and very distinct to the place: people at work and at leisure, at conversation and just wondering around-I love them all.


Exercise and Glucose Reduction, Entry 2

Today I had a craving for Mediterranean buffet and the weather is beautiful so I decided it’s time for entry two of the trial.  I caught some snaps of the typical three plate course to demystify my approximations, suspected inaccuracies of the nutrition info in Fitbit. 343 more words