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How to make hand sanitiser at home

hi everyone 🐽 guess what am i doing this time? oh yes, you are right, i am making a scented hand sanitiser!


How to start a fire in the wild

hi everyone😀 i’m doing an experiment today! Imagine you need to cook something 🍜 in the jungle but you do not have any matches or fire lighter. 24 more words


Vegan and RAWR!

After getting raw and exposed with my love life before and with Flo, what better way to wrap up the ‘raw’ series with a raw, vegan dessert I just tackled?! 718 more words


Glassblowing experiments

Glassblowing experiments.
Expériences de soufflage de verre.

Keshiki, by Hanna-Kaarina Heikkilä, Museum of Design in Helsinki, Finland, 2017.
Keshiki, par Hanna-Kaarina Heikkilä, Musée du Design à Helsinki, Finlande, 2017. 54 more words


Can Geraniums provide colour ?

I have a red and a Salmon coloured Geranium in pots outside, and I was wondering what colours their petals might give, if any, so I soaked the left-overs in a pot with water and experimented; 168 more words

Introductory Project - Further Work

Sour Flower Power Shaddock

Playing around with my signature cocktail, the Shaddock, resulted in this Sour Flower Power Shaddock.

I wanted to taste what happened with fresh citrus plus a few drops of acid phosphate.  95 more words


A little shape tracking

Food for thought…

Perhaps an eternity could be spent in a corner… in a dot…

Introductory Project - Further Work