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Experiment: Can perspective cause objects to look like they disappear "over the horizon"?

This is a great way to see how perspective works in 3D modeling.  Last time I checked there was no globe inside the computer for the object to disappear over…


Experiment: Can the sunrise and sunset be explained by simple perspective and a moving object?

So… according to The CRAP Theory the sunrise and sunset are caused by a rotating earth.  It states that the earth spins (quite fast I might add, near 1000 mph at the equator) and that the earth also moves through space around the sun.  46 more words


Creativity in the Kitchen

I’m sure growing up as a kid the phrase, “don’t play with your food” has been heard many times over. I know I’ve heard it a time or two for sure, but surprisingly enough, cooking and baking is essentially that. 848 more words


Mock Ups and Testing

I’ve started to look down avenues for e-zines and internet resources to expand my knowledge and come up with something that the whole group has access to, so everyone can change and collaborate where needed. 220 more words


A Month of Haiga - February 9, 2016

Hello Everyone!

Turns out that February is (and will be) a much more complicated month than I’d expected,  so I’m more or less reduced (blog-wise) to just publishing the haiga a day and the haiku for NaHaiWriMo and little more.   358 more words


“Writing about art is only useful when it leads to the experience of art." - Darby Bannard

February 8, 2016

Something a little different today. On December 31, my kids and I visited the Art Gallery of Alberta. One of the exhibitions was of the work of… 215 more words