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Deliciouslynell Meets Royal Icing (GF)

WARNING: As this is an experiments post it isĀ very text heavy. But bear with me, there’s some really useful info in there!

Hello, hello, hello! 2,652 more words


Chemistry workshop: pH indicators

Impressions of Simon’s monthly science workshop with John Maas, from Wednesday this week. The main topic was the pH value, acids and bases. We used red cabbage water as a pH indicator – it still smells bad in the apartment!


Learning Organizations: When Wrens Take Down Wolfpacks

What does the World War II naval campaign known as the Battle of the Atlantic have to do with learning and innovation?

Quite a lot, as it turns out. 556 more words

The Need For Architecture And Architects


Today was very fruitful in the cardmaking department for me. I actually had a reasonable sleep without waking up drowsy from medication. I also had to go to the shop early to get cat food, so I ended up staying up for a while, being productive for once. 424 more words


A Year Spent 'Press'ing!

On November 24th, I completed a year with WordPress on this account. Yeah, I had other accounts too, one I deleted months before starting this one, another one abandoned years ago. 723 more words