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today is october 22. the abstract and papers for PS3 is due on november 1. i have exactly 10 days to make my project last year sound like some ground-breaking, important research project when in reality, it was a monotonous experiment that didn’t result in much. 114 more words

Daily Journal

A man with one watch knows what time it is

There is a quote I always liked, by Lee Segall, which is actually known as Segall’s law – it seems like there’s a “law” made out of every witty saying.  404 more words


Painting Experiment 1

Painting experiment with the brief: Make a painting on an unfamiliar surface or format.

For this experiment I wanted to find the format or surface that I would paint on to create my unfamiliarity. 135 more words


An ink(l)ing of dance at HBS

Flashback to a logo I inked/sketched for Ekta, the South Asian Business Association’s annual dance performance at HBS. A night which made even folks with two left legs (like yours truly) shed any form of inhibition and perform on stage. 9 more words

Halloween tweets

(A few tweets to celebrate the season. Created 2013-2014)

Trick or treat idea – random pages ripped from a dictionary, half-used Yankee candles, ice cubes, Ipecac, mascara wands… 59 more words


Looking Back

I made the original image a while back. I reworked it last night.

But, that’s not what I’m going to talk about. You knew that, right? 573 more words

Ray Laskowitz

Best Science Books by best-selling author Michael Mathiesen

Best science books by science and science fiction author Michael Mathiesen – Greatest scientific discoveries of all time explained for the non-scientists amongst us.