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The worth of humans

In the newspaper yesterday was an article about a deadly bacteria that had apparently “escaped” the lab in which it was being used to infect rats. 382 more words

Observations On Life

Twisted Needles - 2nd November 2014

Sunday 2nd November – Sample 3 – 2 black circles Fine Pins

Round black plastic was cut on the laser – hole on centre.
Sewing down 2 with fine black wire. 79 more words


Experiments with Vinegar and Bicarbonate of Soda - Our weekly makes

The last couple of weekends we have been busy with crafts and activities, and I would like to make it a permanent thing, so I am hoping to start a new series for our weekly makes, and it should give me the perfect opportuninty to link up with Anna at… 241 more words


Banana Pancakes

Who loves Pancakes? And by pancakes I mean Kabalagala? Better yet,  have you ever tried making Kabalagala? I have many times all the way from my childhood… and I haven’t made the perfect Kabalagala. 469 more words


Going Vegetarian - Root Salad

“Critical Animal Studies and Post-Humanism” – it’s a mouthful, but it’s the class that has challenged me morally and ethically to look at animals differently and challenge the way we use them in all aspects: food, clothing, entertainment, science and pets. 630 more words


Chapter One: More than Societal Misfits

Thank you for checking out the very first chapter of the series “Probed.” It’s a science fiction concept with a Nigerian setting about five extraordinary children trying to live ordinary lives. 2,078 more words


Why Did They Punish You?

“I’m listening…,” I said.

“I’m four,” the little girl replied.

She showed me an image of being pulled across a floor. Her arms were being held above her head while her back was dragging. 415 more words