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Best SEO in Somerset?

Who’s the best SEO in Somerset? Well, there isn’t a ‘best’ but there are some sure decent SEO providers out there on the market currently in the Somerset county. 257 more words

What makes an SEO expert?

A lot of SEO’s consider themselves either a SEO consultant or an SEO expert, so the question here is what makes someone a true expert at the SEO field? 60 more words


Well, hey there.

This is our very first post on the SEO Somerset website, if you’re are new here then welcome to the blog. The team will be working hard to pump out some daily blog posts in regards to the best SEO agencies in Somerset, freelancers and consultants in the upcoming weeks. 19 more words

I heard you said you want to be breeder. Are you really sure?

You love your pedigreed cat, and you know other people would as well. She’s got a beautiful coat, brilliant green eyes, an a great temperament.   But before you begin imagining the adorable kittens you could breed and sell, it’s important to learn about the reality of becoming a cat breeder. 1,424 more words


Work Harder, Not Smarter

Why the old saying “work smarter, not harder” won’t get you anywhere.

Because it’s a cop out. We can loosely relate this to a few previous topics…speaking the truth, being honest, following through, speaking positively…but trying to work smarter and not harder is simply a way to try and cut corners. 201 more words


Your Role as a Public Speaker

Getting up in front of an audience can be daunting unless you know your role in presenting your message: are you an interpreter or an expert or a catalyst? 22 more words


Salesforce Functional/Technical Experts - Paris, FR

Positions:         Salesforce Functional/Technical Experts – Paris, FR
Job Type:          6 Months Contract with possibility of extensions
Job Location:  Paris, FR
Industry:         Automotive
Languages:      Fluent in French… 183 more words