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30 Best Travel Tips After 7 Years Traveling The World

Travel tips by Expert Vagabond

It’s now been 7 years since I sold everything and left the United States to travel the world. These are the best travel tips I’ve discovered along the way. 2,720 more words


Tips: Cheap accommodation

How To Find Cheap Travel Accommodation

Travel Tips

Cheap travel accommodation is available around the world — you don’t need to pay for expensive hotels. Check out these affordable (and free) sleep options. 2,122 more words


You might have all the answers, but you don't hold the office.

Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending and speaking at an awards ceremony for a long time friend and member of the congregation. After the formal part of the ceremony, the other guests and I gathered for a meal. 436 more words


We prefer indoor pools to outdoor ones. Here is why.

Swimming pools are classified as “indoor” or “outdoor”. Both types add to our standards of living. However, when it comes to choosing between them, indoor pools seem to gain the upper hand. 172 more words


Your Resume Is Obsolete, Says This Hiring Expert

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Absolutely no one enjoys making a résumé. It’s a painful time-suck to come up with the best language with which to sell yourself, not to mention choose the best fonts and get bullets and indents properly aligned.  469 more words

Money Matters

EXPERT Camping Q&A

Three things you tried but didn’t like with your camp setup

Rubber mats under my Adventure Kings Awning; just a hassle to carry and piece together and didn’t really offer anything useful. 159 more words