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Cues to How You Can Be an Expert in Your Feature Slowly

When reading articles or posts on the World Wide Web, I am fascinated by some authors themselves. Forget about the content of particular stories for the time being (which will definitely dissect it another time in the future,) and instead, focus on how these individuals concoct their time, effort and conviction that their wordsmiths, their “experts,” produced with both confidence and precise elegance? 328 more words


Bike #5 (or 6?) - Centurion Ironman Dave Scott Expert

As you may have already read here, I picked up another bike which means I currently have 6 in my ‘stable’ but I don’t expect that to be for long as I need to get rid of at least one of the others. 492 more words


Handling Multiple Missing Index Recommendations for the Same Table

— By Jeff Schwartz

The Problem

Many articles concerning SQL Server missing index recommendations demonstrate the mechanics for obtaining them and often highlight whether the suggested key columns are used in equality or inequality relationships. 2,011 more words

SQL Server

Get Well Wednesday: How To Get Your Mind Right

The stigma of mental illness and mistrust of the health community are preventing many African-Americans from seeking the care they need. African-Americans have similar rates of mental illness as the general population, however they come into treatment later, receive less and poorer quality of care and often lack access to appropriate care. 108 more words

Skilled or Stupid?

There’s no honor in being stupid. True, we cannot all be genius inventors, scientists, artists, or other great figures. But that does not mean we shouldn’t try. 700 more words

Personal Growth