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Should You Market Your Book, Yourself or Both? (Part 2: Marketing Yourself)

On Tuesday I looked at marketing your book and today I continue the theme by looking at ways to market yourself. It’s not everybody’s favourite task – in fact, I once asked a friend if she wanted to be the public face and name of my books because I was so afraid of the scrutiny (she declined) – but if you’re planning on publishing more than one book, establishing your identity as a writer can be just as important as establishing the quality of an individual book. 1,435 more words

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Expert Testimony and Expert Reports

Homeowners are dismayed and even claim court bias when the report of a self-proclaimed expert is barred from evidence. Or they become equally incensed when the court allows the report into evidence but gives it zero weight in rendering a decision.

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What You Should Know About Auto Repair

If you re like most people, you re probably not an expert when it comes to auto repairs. Therefore, chances are that you ll need to learn some more to adequately fix any car problems you have. 26 more words

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I'm Just Saying, Look At How Horizon's Protagonist Turns Around On Horseback

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I like a lot of things about Horizon: Zero Dawn, but for now let me just say holy shit, look how they animated her legs when you spin the camera while on horseback. 132 more words


Getting Involved on a Nonprofit Board: 4 Experts Share their Knowledge

The inspiration for today’s post came from an observation about LinkedIn profiles. I noticed that ‘join a not-for-profit board‘ seems prevalent.

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Loving Your Spirit: Tips for Being More Responsible in Life

Sunday nights the show flips and is all about Loving Your Spirit. Tonight, I thought to provide tips on taking more responsibility for your life. Check out these great tips for being accountable. 11 more words

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Blogging Advice From The Experts

When I started blogging, I had no clue on what to expect, the amount of work that goes into blogging or anything about it. I hadn’t really read any blogs before and I had no idea on the details like photography, layouts, prices and SEO. 1,007 more words