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3 Steps to Create Expertise based on K. Anders Ericsson's Research

By  now, you have probably heard about the “10,000” rule, the notion, popularized by Malcom Gadwell, that it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become an “expert” in a skill. 556 more words

Carol Dweck

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Finding More of the Real

If you can’t get first-hand experience with something, consult an expert on the subject in person  I find such an interview much more informative than just reading a book on a topic. 266 more words

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Non-Theologians Commenting on Theological Matters

Some people criticize the “New Atheists” for commenting on theological matters without being trained in theology. Many of today’s well-known Atheists come from a background of science, some from secular philosophy, so these are not totally ignorant people. 820 more words

Deliberate Practice is a technique that can make "anyone great at just about anything". So, did it improve my Dutch?

Last August, I introduced specific goals to improve my Dutch. They were aggressive for me because I wasn’t doing many of them previously, such as watching Dutch TV or they forced me out of my comfort zone, like the language café. 1,209 more words


Not everyday DIY 

Happy new year

Hope christmas and new years celebrations have been enjoyable and a fun time with family.

I am the biggest DIY advocate ever. In the era of YouTube and Google, what do you need a professional for? 210 more words

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Being White Does Not Make You An Expert On Race And Racism

I use and consume water every day, multiple times each day.  But, I would never call myself a water scientist.  (My ignorance shows in even having to look up the term, the profession of researchers who study water.) 1,774 more words

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