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Today’s experts are entertainers. That, I suppose, is why entertainers who become politicians are understood by the people to be experts.

In relation to “

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Module 5 Reflection – for EDTC6433

Question for ISTE #5 – How can a first-year teacher grow in their own tech proficiency and demonstrate a vision technology infusion in their educational setting? 1,145 more words



Hublot’s watchmaking expertise and creativity know no limits The 1st Hublot multi-axis tourbillon designed for unique visibility All-new case and movement made at the manufacture With its new Manufacture Piece (MP), Hublot is pushing back the boundaries in terms of multi-axis tourbillons. 114 more words

Networks, AI and Your Job

My pal, David Berger, gave me a call after he saw my post yesterday about jobs and networks. I always love to talk with David – he’s the kind of guy who is fun to think with. 645 more words

Why doesn't everyone become an expert?

It is clear that expertise is often confused with experience. And yet there seem to be many people engaged in a variety of activities for a considerable time who never become expert. 511 more words

Ignorance as a virtue: being proud to say "I don't know"

In order to be considered an expert in any field, you have to spend a lot of time learning things.  In fact, I’d argue that one of the distinguishing traits of someone who is – or could become – an expert is their willingness and enthusiasm to learn, and keep learning.  718 more words


The most common attitudes that lead to bad decisions—and how to prevent them

A friend told me recently that he’d started implementing checklists in his organization. Afterward, he noticed, people seemed a lot more confident in their decisions. On the surface, that would seem to be a good thing—but there are some times when confidence can go awry. 582 more words