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Ask an Expert

If this post seems underdeveloped or unpolished, blame it on Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project. I read that book about a year ago, and today I discovered her podcast, … 763 more words




Lucy Worsley

There have been quite a few instances of young women fleeing to fight the silly and exceptionally cruel war in the Middle East because they want to defend the right to the subjugation and enslavement of their own sex. 793 more words


When Do You Become An Expert?

This is a pertinent question to me because I just submitted an application to present at a writing workshop.  Something I wondered if I was qualified to do the whole time I was completing the application.  582 more words


What Do You Know? Knowledge Mapping and Management

Have you taken stock lately of what you know and the potential value that your knowledge can bring to clients? Those of us who work in the Knowledge Economy are advised to periodically examine, catalogue, package and communicate to prospects, clients and referral sources the types of knowledge that we provide and the value of that knowledge, that is, the benefits that would be received by clients who pay to receive the knowledge. 475 more words

Business Strategy

You Should Know This, But You Don't

How many different places have you worked in the last ten years?  One?  Two?  Maybe three?

This means that most of your recent experience is based on working at only a couple of places. 977 more words

Enterprise Project Management Office

#33 "I love that you share the knowledge you have with others."

I think that everyone has a certain level of expertise, a skill set, or valuable information that can be shared or passed to others. Especially as we age, spend time in our disciplines or professions, travel to other countries, take part in new projects, or experience new insights. 604 more words

She Didn't See That Coming

Have you ever been blindsided? If so, would you say you were doubly upset when you thought you had prepared for nearly every possible scenario? 462 more words