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Mistakes are Okay

Teachers make things look easy. That’s kind of their job, right? They break things down into steps and guide you through projects in manageable portions and, if everything goes right, you’ll come out the other end knowing more and having a finished project to boot. 567 more words


Horowitz weighs in

Dr. Richard Horowitz has been treating Lyme and other tick-borne infections for 28 years. When he moved from Bayside, New York, to the Hudson Valley, he never suspected he’d land right in the heart of tick territory. 313 more words


Trust is Bilateral

My daughter taught me a vital lesson about trust when she was four years old. I used to travel a lot for work, and when I would come home exhausted from a week on the road, she would run up to me and shout “Daddy, Daddy, twirl me.” 496 more words

Enabling Actions

Quick Take: Drexel Law Professor Discusses Supreme Court’s Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage

On June 26, the Supreme Court ruled that states cannot ban same-sex marriage, and that gay marriage is legal nationwide. It’s a victory in the long struggle for the gay rights movement that has established a new civil right for Americans. 218 more words

Business & Law

What Experts Know When It Comes To Home Business

You need to have a good foundation for a home business, just as you do your house. This article will help give you the information you need to consider if having a home… 557 more words

5 ways experts can help to grow your business

5 ways experts can help to grow your business

Running a small business has various challenges, however did you know that there are experts out there who can help grow your business? 491 more words