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Talking Heads

It seems to me, that
“Experts” on the news, always—
Come from out of town.



Experts, Expertise and the Wisdom of Crowds

Experts, Expertise and the Wisdom of Crowds

By: Joanne Yao; September 2015

Do experts actually know more than the rest of us? We are constantly bombarded by expert advice that tells us what to eat, how to invest and what the weather will be tomorrow. 791 more words

Trust iPhone Repair Experts to Get to the Root of Your Battery Woes

Several factors can account for why an iPhone’s battery simply refuses to charge. By that time, you typically have no choice but to bring it to someone who is trained in iPhone repairs, in Melbourne or elsewhere, as well as battery replacement (since an iPhone’s battery can’t be replaced by an average user). 86 more words

Vancouver gutter cleaning experts

Vancouver gutter cleaning experts – We clean while you enjoy what life has to offer.

Experts Reveal The Healing Foods, Herbs And Spices For High Blood Pressure

(EMAILWIRE.COM, September 01, 2015 ) Orlando, FL — High blood pressure, otherwise known as hypertension, is a condition that takes place when the arteries are subjected to extreme blood pressure on a regular basis while blood circulates throughout the body. 15 more words