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MTurk Workers Are As Good As Experts, part 782: drug label assessments

There are several studies that suggest that MTurk workers are as good as ‘experts’ in different circumstances, and this one looks at how well Turkers can understand drug label information. 169 more words


Mattress Experts Recommend the Beautyrest Line for Your Beauty Sleep

The average person spends one-third of their life sleeping. Given an average eight hours of sleep every night, that means a whopping 229, 961 hours are spent in bed. 140 more words

karlborrows2 - Weight Loss Experts In Dubai Share Some Useful Details About The LPG Treatment

The health and fitness sector is one of the industries where new technology is consistently discovered and released year in and year out. Health and fitness fanatics, of course, are glad and more than happy to invest in any new machine, treatments or procedures and even products that can help them a… Powered by RebelMouse… 6 more words

The Buffalo Bills Select?

The long awaited 3 NFL Draft kicks off tonight at 8PM.

There’s always much speculation leading up to the draft with so called “Experts”naming players they feel are can’t miss prospects. 127 more words


Roof Repair Experts Share a Guide to Important Areas for Roof Flashing

Roof flashing is an important factor that most amateur roofing contractors miss out on when repairing the roof This is why it is always recommended to work with an experienced and reputable roofing contractor in Sunnyvale. 60 more words