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Broken Links

If your links become broken and we can’t find your new website, or an article, or anything else that represents you and your work, we will wait a few weeks, but then unfortunately you will have to be removed because we really have to link to something. 145 more words

Expire- Bark

If that beginning drum roll doesn’t make you want to spin kick in the pit then I don’t know what will. Expire was the first hardcore band I listened to and it was the band that got me into hardcore. 87 more words

Daily Jams

Do Oils Expire?

Do essential oils go bad?

The answer to this, like most things, is yes. Essential oils have a shelf life and over time they break down and their chemical compounds change. 336 more words

They Expire

A reflection,
A form on the water
They no longer know.
It is capable of anything.
They say the flotsam is in the way,
The reflection is distorted, 41 more words



We all buy food products from the market like bread, butter, jam etc. While purchasing, we keep in check the expiration date. We make sure that we are not buying a rotten product. 335 more words


change Oracle user account status from EXPIRE to OPEN


Any way to change the Oracle user account status from expire  to open without resetting the password?


select spare4 from sys.user$ where name='';
select password from dba_users where username = '';
… 86 more words